Thursday, May 08, 2008

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Hey, hey. Hello everyone, whoever you are out there. Anyone actually reading this blog, by the way? Ha!

Well, anyway. It's not really a big deal to me. It's just a place for me to post my feelings online. Be it about the latest, terrorist attacks or even about my favorite pass times playing my Xbox games. Hey, life too short to care about things! Is it?

Now, people all over the world are like doing what they can to help the people of Myanmar. Around 100,000 people reported died in the Cyclone. Bodies, can be seen floating, sanitation and disease is a course for concerned. It's like the Asia Tsunamis black day all over again. But, this time though it's not a Tsunami but a deadly cyclone and worst of all it's in a country where the government are bent on destroying and killing their own people and country. How ironic eh?

In spite of this, the government are still not doing enough to elevate the suffering that it's own people are going through. Funny ain't it? People just like to kill each other!

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Well, that's it then. I'm watching History Channel on Cable. Human weapon is on!

Good day!