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What an ingrate!

I just send a couple of well wishes to some 'friends' and one of them reply with a sarcasm asking me if I knew what the day meant and that I was only wasting my time and his time at work. I replied what a freaking ingrate he was and truly only wasting my time and wish he'll died at his work place since he seems to always be at work all the time!

In response, he said, I'll in turn die in front of my laptop since, I'm always at my laptop!

Well, I just had to chuckled to myself when he send me that sms. That's friends to you!

I guess, we all have our own agenda in life. Some, work hard and all day at work trying to earn a good living. Others, just won't care or rather see life as more then just working like a robot 24/7/365!

Really, think about it. Is there life beyond our 'prison' on earth!?

You can become and do anything you want in life. There's practically noone to stop you but yourself. So, be what you want to be. Do what you want to do as long as …

Create your own mobile phone themes!

This morning, I busied myself creating themes for my mobile phone (K700i). After downloading sony ericsson picture editor, themes creator and some other programs, I realized I could create any kind of themes for my mobile phone. Way cool!

All I need is some cool pictures and edit it using the picture editor, cropping it to the required size i.e. 176 x 176. I can use it as a wallpaper or as a popup while you wait when a program is starting. You can also set the picture as an Inbox background etc. Of course, this way you can use personalize pictures of yourself or your family and friends. Got some cool pics during your holiday abroad? You can edit it and use it as a theme for your mobile phone!

I have already created some for myself and I was thinking of uploading it on my site at to share with others who have the same Sony Ericsson K700i phone. This way anyone can download it to their mobile phone for Free. If they have created some themes and would like to sha…

A nice quiet Chinese New Year

I don't know about you but it's a nice quiet sunday over here. A nice quiet Chinese New year. Well, yesterday I heard firecrackers all over the place and I'm pretty sure chinese all over the world was enjoying themselves with their families and friends.

The good thing about living in singapore as I've said before is it's always a public holiday whenever any of the major races or religions is celebrating their special day. So, it's a holiday till this tuesday and most of us will only start work on wednesday or even thursday!

A couple of days of work and it's already Saturday and more rest days. But, as soon as the holidays are over I'm expecting things to pick up. Business wise online or offline. So, it's good to prepare ourselves for more work after January. As I've said time and again, I just love working online promoting affiliate programs, products and services. Working at home is like holiday every day!

Okay, you'll have to descipline yours…

All shops closed!

Well, all shops started closing early today. And they're going to stay closed for a couple of days!

This sunday, it will be Chinese New Year and the whole place will be quiet. Okay, somewhere out there chinese all over will be tossings foods, drinking, dancing and whatever. Having a good celebration. I even got "Ang Pow" money from my work place. Hey, I may not be chinese and celebrating chinese new year but as a singaporean we all benefits from the 4-5 days holiday!

That's what good about living in singapore, we are multi-cultural and whenever any races celebrated their day, it will be a public holiday. So, if you add it all up, you'll be having a whole lot of holidays. If you're an avid shopper, you can expect great bargains on this special occasions. Singaporean, just love to shop and shops!

It's getting darker, I think it's going to rain soon. It could very well meant good luck to the chinese.

Got to go for now, to all chinese Gong Xi Fa Choi (Wher…

Watch ManiaTv online!

I found this cool site that offer live Tv online!

For more info visit this!


Found a new site for mobile phone download!

Since, I bought my new hp, I've been been searching through google and yahoo to find free java software that is compatible for my mobile phone. Some sites are crap, but 1 or 2 % are pretty good and they have a whole lot of free and cheap software.

I just found today which I sign-up as member and been busy sifting through their site. If you're like me then visit >>


Got to go myself, looking for some interesting stuff to download to my phone. C yer!

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Wierd Americans

You know, watching American Idol, I just realized there's so many wierd character in America alone!

I guess, that's what you get for being the biggest, bad ass country in the world. Doh!

Anyway, I've been busy settling some problem I've been having this month. So, I'll try to post whenever I can or when I'm not lazy. Meanwhile, don't forget to watch American Idol and have a good laugh.


American Idol New Season On!

Haha! American Idol is back and watch it if you wanna have a good laugh!

If you want to watch Simon's wisecrack, Paula's sympathy and Randy's standing between Paula and Simon then get your popcorns and coke ready. You're gonna have a blast!


Getting what you ask for's a nice quiet sunday morning. A good day for a laugh.. enjoy!

Getting What You Ask For

A traveler knocked on the door of the house where a cabdriver had told him he could be sexually accommodated. An eye-level panel slid open and a female voice asked what he wanted.

"I want to get screwed," said the man. "Okay, mister, but this is a private club, so slip 20 bucks as an initiation fee through the mail slot," answered the voice.

The man slid his $20 bucks in, the panel was closed. Minutes passed and nothing happened. He began to pound on the door insistently, and the panel slid open again. "Hey," exclaimed the sport, "I want to get screwed!"

"What?" said the voice, "Again?"

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If you have java (J2ME) enabled mobile phone and you're looking for great and free software to downloads to your mobile then go to or and download away. A whole bunch of free and trial games and software you can download to your heart contents!

I have been busy browsing through the sites for the past 2 days and there's still more to go through. The only problem for me is my mobile phone memory is gettting smaller and smaller by the day. There's simply too many of them!

Well, I'm going to look for more stuff over there right now. See you there!


Nobody believe in God anymore

You know, the day nobody believe in God anymore is the day the world will end and ceased to exist!

Too tired and sleepy today

Feeling sleepy and tired today. Been heck of a day at work. More crap then ever!

Anyway, how's you day been? I'm feeling kind of restless and bored too nowadays. I don't know why. I was thinking maybe there haven't been any soccer match much this past few weeks. I'm always looking forward to saturday and sunday night (singapore time zone) to watch soccer. If there wasn't any soccer match what else can I do? The tv shows nowadays are so boring I find myself channel surfing most of the time!

It's also been raining and raining and more raining!

Today, I was lucky to reach home when suddenly there was a heavy downpour. Gosh! What the hell is wrong with the weather? Rainy season? I don't remember our country having rainy season? Are there?

Well, enough ranting. I'm logging off soon. Need a well deserve sleep!

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I'm going downloading crazy maniac!

First of all, Happy Eidul-Adha to all the muslim all over the world!

This past weeks, ever since I bought myself a sony Ericsson K700i cell phone I've been fidling with it testing out it's video recording and taking pictures. In fact, now, I can just take any pictures any time of the day using my cell phone and using the infra red to send to my laptop and then post it on my blog. I can also listen to the Fm radio and sms or mms at the same time. How cool is that?

Today, though, I can't stop myself from downloading all the games available for my cell phone. I need help before I spend all my money buying games!

To make matter worse, it's so easy and quick for me to buy those games from Sony Ericsson ( Singapore ) and cheap too!

But, I also got my eye on the new Treo 700w out now in the US. It's not available yet for singapore or asia? I don't know. I didn't read any update on that. But, usually, I heard that it will take some time before the products would actua…

So much rain!

It rain and rain this past few days. As you can see the rain pouring outside of my home. It subsided for awhile before pousing heavily again. What a bummer!

Lucky for me I'm nice and cosy at home. If not, I'll be cursing and cursing till it stop. But, the thing is we need rain or there'll be no water for us to survive. Isn't it ironic?

That's life I guess. You can't have it both ways. While I'm typing this, the rain water just splash into my room. If it get too wet, I'll have to close the window. Sigh!

*Sing* Rain rain go away, come again another day!

*Sing* Rain rain go away johnny wanna come out and play!

*Sign* Rain rain go away, come again another day!

*Sign* Rain rain go away, I'm so sleepy I'll sleep the whole day!

Cheerio matey!

P.S. By the way, I took this picture quickly using my Sony K700i new phone that I just bought. I know it's kind of small but I put the resolution to low so that it'll load fast online. Anyway, after taking the pic…

Just finished packing all my stuff

I received a good news in my inbox today. Someone, just joined a web hosting service I was promoting online. If you're looking for a web hosting service with all the bells and whistle and added to that a business opportunity that you can earn monthly residual income why not visit the site at >>

I also just finished packing up all my stuff into boxes e.g. cloth, scanner, printer and a whole lot of other stuff I didn't know I have!

So far, I used 5 bix boxes and 2 small one. All my cupboards are cleared. Phew!

Now, all I have to do is wait for the keys to my new house and move out as soon as possible. I think by March I'll be settled down and back to the daily routine of sleep, work, play, shit etc. That's what we are eh? A creature of habits!

So, this New Year, it's kind of a new beginning for me. I pray for a better future!

I guess, that's it for now. Cheers!

Oh yeah, EPL ( English premier league ) fans out there. Did you watch t…

New Smartphone Treo 700w

I spend the whole day yesterday fiddling with my new cellphone ( sony K700i). I went to sony main site to check out what I can do with it. Download a couple of new games, surf the net, watch some video streamings. It's surprisingly good!

I just love this phone!

Incidently, there's a new Smartphone Treo 700w coming out. Woah.. you should check it out. I already like what Treo 650 can do and this new product is a sure win. Although, I haven't really check the specs. If you're interested click here for more info.


Going to take a bath!

I bought a Sony Ericsson K700i yesterday!

Well, after I've asked again and they still don't have any more stock of the Sony Z520i, I decided to take my second choice cellphone K700i. The funny thing, when I look at the picture online or on the brochure, it doesn't look like much. But, when I see the real thing and check out the features ( which I already online ) I was pleasantly surprise.

It can play and record short video, take pictures, listen to mp3s and even have Fm radio which is surprising good and clear. I can transfer file to and fro between my phone and my laptop via infra red. The phone also has bluetooth that I can use to transfer file between my friend's who have bluetooth too. The only drawback is it's internal memory of only 41mb. But, so far so good. As long as I can install as many games as possible!

It also came with a standard earpiece that you'll have to use to listen to the radio as it acts as an antenna. But, it's better to use the earpiece to listen to the music and you can eve…

Getting myself a new cellphone today (hopefully)

I'm planning to get myself a new handphone today. I've been eyeing the Sony Ericsson Z520i. I know, I know. To compare it with other phone it might not measure much. But, looking at all the package and my budget. I think, it will suits me fine. Anyway, I can always change to another cellphone if I want to. I just want to try this one out. It's pretty cool to me. It has Infrared and bluetooth. Easy for me to transfer any file via infrared since my laptop have one. And this handphone package comes with a free bluetooth headset.

It can play mp3, mpeg4, midi, 3gpp etc. So, it has the complete package. The only drawback is its internal memory of 16mb. Kind of a bummer. Since, you can't expand it. But, I thought to myself, I don't think I will be putting much on it so, it should be more then enough. The only thing I'm using it for is normally to play games, sms and makes call. I might play around with the video recording capability but that's about it. Anyway, it…

Moving house by Feb-March

Well, today, I had to sign a lot of freaking form which I didn't really read. Because, there's no time to read it through!

The HDB ( Housing Development Board ) officer roughly explain to me what's all the signing about and then we proceed to sign. It was really a bit blurry as it was the first time I had to sign so many form just to sell and buy a house. I don't remember having to sign so many forms buying the current house I'm living it. I guess, the rules has change. Which, always does!

So, who says you have to follow the rules?

Rules are made to be broken. Doh!

Anyway, I think by next month Feb-march the dust will settled down. I'll have to get use to the new albeit smaller house and room. But, I know, we always get comfortable once we're used to the change. Who knows, the change is for the better?

For one thing, I don't have to worry about my CPF contribution to pay the house as it's all paid full. So, I only have to worry about the monthly bills wh…

Just a quick post

Tomorrow, I'll be going to the HDB ( Housing Development Board ) for my first appointment with the buyer of my house and also the owner of the house that I'm buying. My agent will be there too. I guess, I'll know by tomorrow what'll happen next.

Okay, got to go. Football Focus is on!


Oh, yeah. Looking for a new web hosting service this New year?

Check this hosting service out at >>

Tomorrow start of new school day in 2006!

Yes, tomorrow, the first school day of 2006 will start. My nephews has just gone home after a month long stay at my home or rather my room ( they hang around my room to play game on my laptop, watch tv, borrowed my mp3 player etc!). As you can imagine it's a BIG phew! For me. Finally, I'll have some quiet and peace for myself again.

But, I think this couple of months will be a little busy for me as I still need to settle moving to a new house. I'm also worry about my internet connection. Wonder, if I have to install the cable just to get my broadband connection. Geez!

I hope all will soon be well and done as quick as possible. But, I guess, I shouldn't worry about it. It's not as if I'm in a hurry and I won't expect everything to be inch perfect. There's bound to be some problem in the way. But, heck. That's life!

No matter what happen, it's part of life. If life is so perfect there won't be any need for heaven!

Anyway, Bart simpson is showing.…

Happy New Year 2006!

Happy New Year 2006 to all!

I just came back from a 3 day stay with my father in JB ( Johor Bahru) today. If you were wondering why I didn't update this blog since then. I had a nice time there with my sister and her family. One thing for sure, we ate and ate every day!

And of course, we bought and bought too!

Well, I didn't really buy anything for myself. As, there's really nothing I wanted to buy anyway. I didn't change that much RM (Ringgit Malaysia). Only, my sister bought some stuff for her kids. Her husband buy some Vcd's. It's not as if I have never been to JB or Malaysia. Occasionally, I sleep over at my father's place and just hang out. Just wanting a change of scenery. One thing for sure, even though I'm a malay. Malaysian way of life is still different from us in singapore. I guess, that's why we never get tired of visiting malaysia. It's something different we wanted to see and feel.

For example, sometime the way we talk and understand i…

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