What an ingrate!

I just send a couple of well wishes to some 'friends' and one of them reply with a sarcasm asking me if I knew what the day meant and that I was only wasting my time and his time at work. I replied what a freaking ingrate he was and truly only wasting my time and wish he'll died at his work place since he seems to always be at work all the time!

In response, he said, I'll in turn die in front of my laptop since, I'm always at my laptop!

Well, I just had to chuckled to myself when he send me that sms. That's friends to you!

I guess, we all have our own agenda in life. Some, work hard and all day at work trying to earn a good living. Others, just won't care or rather see life as more then just working like a robot 24/7/365!

Really, think about it. Is there life beyond our 'prison' on earth!?

You can become and do anything you want in life. There's practically noone to stop you but yourself. So, be what you want to be. Do what you want to do as long as it bring you happiness for yourself and your loved ones. We are born free. So die with a contenment in your heart that you have done what you had wanted to do in your life. In short, die without regrets!


I'm sleepy, so, I'll have short nap!

Zzzzz..z z... sweet dreamzz to me..

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