All shops closed!

Well, all shops started closing early today. And they're going to stay closed for a couple of days!

This sunday, it will be Chinese New Year and the whole place will be quiet. Okay, somewhere out there chinese all over will be tossings foods, drinking, dancing and whatever. Having a good celebration. I even got "Ang Pow" money from my work place. Hey, I may not be chinese and celebrating chinese new year but as a singaporean we all benefits from the 4-5 days holiday!

That's what good about living in singapore, we are multi-cultural and whenever any races celebrated their day, it will be a public holiday. So, if you add it all up, you'll be having a whole lot of holidays. If you're an avid shopper, you can expect great bargains on this special occasions. Singaporean, just love to shop and shops!

It's getting darker, I think it's going to rain soon. It could very well meant good luck to the chinese.

Got to go for now, to all chinese Gong Xi Fa Choi (Where's my Ang Pow!)

To all non-chinese in singapore? Happy holiday people!


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