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Apple Ipod (5th gen update, 80GB Black)

I'm itching to go to the shop tomorrow to buy the new Apple Ipod 5th gen update, 80GB black (cool). It looks so cool and imagine a 80GB of music space?

I check out the games section and wow the game and sounds look pretty cool too. And did I said that they have 80GB of space? How many games can I download? A whoOOOooooole lot!

Hours of music and games!

Oh yeah, you can also of course download movies via Itunes 7. They doesn't really have good review so, I'm not really interested in that. Maybe, if they have music videos that could be better.

You can also upload your favourite pictures to your Ipod and view it or show off to friends and family members.

For an online review of the products you can click here. You can also watch a video review over at the site.

You can also visit Apple official site at >>

Well, I'm off to watch my soccer match.

C yer!

Rudra - Aham Brahmasmi

I've been heaving headache the whole day. Could be, not having enough sleep or been sleeping late this past week. E.g. it's already 12am and I'm still typing this!

I already took a couple of extra panadols + children panadols ( couldn't find anymore panadols left). But, still feel a slight headache right now.

Anyway, I was surfing and came accross this video clips of a Death Metal band from singapore. I've heard their album before but this was the first time I ever seen their faces. That after 7-10 years the last time I heard them?

Pretty cool vid >> Enjoy!

Al-Quran for your IPOD

I was looking for a site that have a certain surah of the Al-Quran in Mp3 format (which I want to download to my mobile phone) and I discover this website. Haven't really gone through it, but I sought of like it, especially the site design.

If you're interested to take a look here's the link >>

You know even the animal kingdom have laws. So, man need it or we won't be much different then the animals. Religion is a very much important part of our life. I know some of you might beg to differ. But, then again everyone entitled to their point of view. It's not important to me what you think about religion really because that's your problem! Hah!

For me, I know there's more to life then the daily grind we call life. Hah!

Anyway >>

In 1930, Pickthall said, "... The Qur'an cannot be translated. ...The book is here rendered almost literally and every effort has been made to choose befitting language. But the result is not …

Ferrari have a new Hero

Kimi Raikonen start the new F1 season in Ferrari new design car with style today in Melbourne, Australia.

After Schumacher retired, Kimi Raikonen was snap up by Ferrari and I was actually elated they did that as Kimi is a good driver albeit with bad luck when he was with McLaren.

And to prove how good and to show that he made a good decision by living the McLaren team and joining Ferrari in the off season. He won the race today.

Way to go!

Will he become the F1 champion by the end of the season?

We'll see!

I'm confident he will.

I received an email from gameloft telling about a new way of reviewing game and installing on your mobile phone.

So, I decided to give it a try.

To my dismay, after paying I can't seem to install the game on my mobile. I don't know how the stupid thing work. It's suppose to be simple but, what de heck. It looks straightforward enough. I had emailed their support and after 2 days of 2 emails I still can't install the game that I bought.

I was ready to buy more games but if I can't still download the game then I won't be bothered.

I already bought a few games through other mobile game site.

Of course, I'll have to wait what their support can help me with. As, I've already paid for the game.


Randy's Rants

I thought, I'll put up this Newsletter I subscribe here. As it touch on my
country Singapore and Neighbour Malaysia. Pretty interesting
read. If you have the time that is, as it's rather long..

There's a link to subscribe way down below .. if you like it!

Randy's Rants

Romance in the Air…Clarity in KL

Dear fauzi,

Remember when the airlines placed a little cloth mat on the top
of each seat for sanitary reasons, and actually changed them
after each flight, so you didn’t pick up the dandruff and
cooties from the last slob?

Can you recall when “flight attendants” were “stewardesses,”
they had perky personalities, wore elegant uniforms, and we all
thought they had the coolest jobs in the world?

Think back to when the seat in front of you didn’t press against
your knees, or cause you mortal danger if the passenger in that
seat actually re…

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That's what I've been doing all this while anyway. I got to visit sites and blogs and sometime I post comment because they got me interested to post my views. If you read a comment by a certain "Bloghead", that's me!

Anyway, if you have visited and read my blog before you would have know that I have my very own Traffic exchange at

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