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I'm bored!!

I'm pretty bored with my life right now. It isn't going anywhere and I'm not really know where I'm going even. But right now, I'm watching Lukas singing Nirvana Lithium and hell music do make me happy. Does it so for you too?

I guess, the thing is I don't have something to aim for anymore like when I was younger. There's so much I wanted to do or wanted to be. Sometime, I just look at myself in the mirror and wonders the future. I know my past, but like the rest of us, I'm still blank what I'm going to do or heading in the future.

In any case, I'm watching the rest of the show SuperNova!


Finally, I'm back online!

I haven't been able to get online for almost a week and know it's not that I've been away on holiday or too busy with work but because of the same stupid problem I'm haven't with my cable modem. Add to that my stupid laptop went kaput on me till today. I'm using my desktop right now to type this post. So, I've been busy the whole day setting up and updating the files inside this desktop. There's a whole lot of links I need to go to and bookmark. Thought, I drop by a post in case any of you wondering why I haven't update my blog this week.

There had been a couple of time that I had wanted to post online. I was thinking of recording my thoughts on my Treo so that I can refer to it when I manage to get online but heh heh I was lazy. Maybe, if I can get around to it then I can always listen to it and post.

By the way, I've been watching the news about the fight ( I don't know if you could consider it a war) between Lebanon (Hezbollah) and Israel …

Chelsea Vs. Liverpool - Charity Shield

Stupid cable modem. Couldn't get online for 3 days!

I need to get a new modem. Anyway, tonight there will be a match between Liverpool and Chelsea. A prelude to the EPL (English Premier League) if you will. Both the team are only recently doing training and preparing for the EPL. But, Liverpool has started early because of the Champions League qualifier. Chelsea FC on the other hand has only just came back from the US for friendlies.

Reading the newspaper today, I think it would be a close game. Both Liverpool and Chelsea has added new players to their team but of course Chelsea with Abramovich money has gotten goood albeit expensive players like shevchenko and Ballack. Both the type of player that I really like!

Ballack plays midfield while Shevchenko as an out and out striker. If you're a footballing fan I'm pretty sure there's no introducing them. They are some of the best player in the world and only big money or big dreams will you get them to join your team!

I made it to 34 today..

Yes, finally I reach the age of 34 today. Technically, it should be at 5:30 pm but everyone been calling me at 12 midnight singing and wishing me a happy birthday. You might be wondering why I'm posting this when I should be celebrating my birthday eating out or whatever. Well, actually, I'm supposed to eat out but I guess I'm too lazy to even do that.

Yep, I'm a lazy dude. What can I say. Nothing really interest me anymore. There's no buzz for me to go out to the world. I'll rather stay in my 'cave' and enjoy the little quiet I have. Maybe, I'm getting old. Or maybe I don't have the zest for life anymore. I don't know. It's just that I see things in a different way. I'm just like a traveller of life. Where this earth is just a temporary haven for me. I'm waiting for better things ahead. Not in this life that's for sure. I don't know if you'll understand what I'm talking about. Like I say, I see things in a differe…

It's my birthday tomorrow

Yep, it's my birthday tomorrow but I don't know if I should be happy or sad. Why? Well, I don't exactly know why or what to think, say or do with the rest of my life. With all the thing that's going on right now. You wonder about what's the future going to be like. The thing is I don't really care about the rest of the fuck up world. Or maybe I do care but I'm just at the sideline looking. That's about it. The next coming years will be pretty interesting.

There's so much happening in the world right now with dangerous desease mutating, wars, children dying without knowing why or for what?

Yeah, the world is really fuck up right now but one thing for sure, don't blame others or GOD for that matter but ourselves. Yes, just look at ourselves in the mirror and tell me that you don't see a selfish human being that only care for their own survival. Forget about the rest mo(*&fu*8er).
That's the attitude for the rest of us. You know, I know, e…

Jenson Button win his first Grand Prix in Hungary

Just finish watching F1 Hungarian Grand Prix won by Jenson Button of all people!

The whole race the first place has been changing hands a couple of time. First it was Kimi Raikonen blazing through the pack with speed and determination. But, then it happened. His car gave him problem and he's out of the race again after leading the pack. Boy! He must be the cursed of all the drivers. He just can't finish the race!

I wonder if he's ever going to be an F1 champion!

Then it was Alonso turn. He took over the first place from Raikonen and showed his class to hold the first place almost 3/4 of the race but after a pit stop his car suddenly gave him problem with a suspect tyre nut coming off!

So, an angry Alonso had to give up the race and up step Jenson Button on his way to his first podium place ever in F1. Everyone was wondering if he could finish the race without any problem besetting the other drivers. Where was Michael Schumacher in all this? Well, the 7 time F1 champion saw hi…

20 things I can do with my Treo 600

First off, I know there's Treo 650, 700w, 700p and the upcoming Treos for the European market. But, right now I have a 600 and heck there's no latest news updates on upcoming Treo for the Asia regions. So, here's the 20 things I can do with it:

1. My first and foremost is that it's a smartphone that means I can use it to make and receive calls.. duh!

2. I love to listen to music so with my Treo I can listen to my mp3s anywhere and everywhere. Note: You need an SD card.

3. I also subscribe to for the latest tech news, politics, sports etc.

4. As I said its a smartphone that means there's calender, to-do list, schedules, alarm and all the works.

5. I can use it to surf the net.

6. I can use it to records memos or jot it down.

7. I can use it to read microsoft office files .doc, excels and edit it too.

8. I can hotsync it with my laptop for latest file updates.

9. I like playing games on my Treo whenever I feel bored or theres time to kill!

10. I can read Adobe .pd…

2 points that make me laugh on the crisis in Lebanon

1. Okay, the first point that makes me laugh is when "President Bush" wanted Hezbollah (branded terrorist when all they wanted was the Israelist to get lost from the Lebanese land?) to disarmed. Disarmed? What a joke, you think the Hezbollah want to disarmed and let Israel have their way? HelloOooo... the Israelist have tanks, trained soldiers, war plane etc standard military and Hezbollah are just a bunch of civilians (men) trained in guerilla fighting because they don't have conventional military hardwares. But, the good thing is that Hezbollah still hanging in there because their sprit or rather hatred is strong.

Let's see,.. how long has it been on the crisis between them and Palestine? How much longer will the war (joke) continue?

2. The 2nd point that makes me wanna laugh is that Israel says they will only stop the incursion and "obey" the cease fire when they completely destroyed Hezbollah which if you didn't know yet was formed because of the same…

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