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Yah! My Mom is back!

Yay! My mom back!

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Finally, my mom is back from the hospital. She's still of course a little weak but she'll regain her strength back. I'm just glad she's okay after all that she's gone through. Life, will be a little normal after this experience.

By, the way. I like this video from "Bullet for my valentine". Their music sounds cool though. A little bit of metal, pop, death, grunge ..way cool dude. Check out the video!

My mom out of ICU

Well, just came back today after spending the whole day at the Tan Tock Seng Hospital visiting my mom. She didn't have any problem last night and the doc finally gave the green light for her to return to the normal ward. I'm just relieved that she's finally okay. Although, she's a little weak. Not yet strong to walk on her own.

Me and my sister are hoping that she'll be able to return home by tomorrow afternoon. For the moment, she'll stay at my sis place so that she can be took care of. I'm a little tired and think I'll sleep early today. Tomorrow is work day.

Hoping for the good news tomorrow.

For now, good night!

My mom transfered to ICU

Well, update on my mom today is that this morning she complained of breathlessness and was transfered to the ICU (intensive care unit) for further care and observation. We had to take turn to visit her at the ICU as only a few people are allowed in. She is getting better though and the doctor said that if she pull through the night without any more trouble then she would be transfer back to the normal ward. That means if all goes well she could be discharge soon.

This few days was a little chaotic for me. What with work and later going to the hospital to visit my mom for a couple of hours before finally going home. For me, it had happened before when I was young and my mom was admitted to the hospital because of her bursting appendix. I didn't really know what to expect before but now, I just prepared myself mentally for the worse. In my mind, I already thought of what I need or have to do if anything bad happen to my mom. I think if you know what you're doing and you know one …

My mom hospitalized.

So, like my mom was hospitalized today. She's still in the hospital today, resting. I think she need it. She's having respiratory problem and the doctor decided that she should stay for the night at least to be observed.

Her blood taken and given some kind of oxygen mask a couple of time. When, I left her she's looking a little better and I think maybe tomorrow she'll be able to return home. Well, that's good. I'm not sure what's her problem is. She hadn't this problem before. Maybe, she's getting old. Maybe, I'm getting old too as I actually had some chest pain (lungs) too. It hurts a little to breathe but right now, it seems to be gone. I've had this chest pain a couple of time but I didn't go to see a doctor. I haven't seen a doctor for like ages. All this while, I didn't really had some bad sickness that I should go to see a doctor about. Come to think of it, that's really good. I've had friends who had cancer, tumor o…

Rhapsody of dreamz..

Yesterday, after picking up my nephews on the way home from work. I decided to wait for my mom to get home from work at a playground nearby. Of course, my nephews agreed. Children, what else do they want but to run around, jumping and shouting as if it's the last thing they'll do?

Anyway, I remembered that I brought along my Asus Eee pc so I thought I'll try to check out if I can surf to the internet catching any free wifi around.

To my surprise, I find that there is some free wifi connection that I can use. I'm not sure where it's from but hey, if I can surf, why not?

The signal is quite strong and I manage to go to and (just to check out if I can access the site).

Even my nephew manage to go to Hotmail windows Live and check her email. Pretty nifty. I just wonder why I can't use the wifi access from my home as it's only a couple of blocks away. Hmm.. think think. I know, I can set-up my own wireless network but I'm not sure about this …

Indonesian mosques to get superfast broadband

So like, i was browsing through and the title post above interest me. So, i read part of it and decide to read the comments. Lo and behold! The comments made by some of these people really makes me had a hearty laugh.

It started normal enough with people feeling envy about the cheap broadband you'll get through the mosques but ended up people arguing about races, religions and terrorist etc.

I guess, with all that's going on right now in the world today. You can't really run away from the hot topics that are on the news almost everyday!

And, the last i check. They already had 123 post!

So, why not visit the site and read up the post. Warning though, it ain't pretty and children needs parental guidance, the least!

Click here to visit

Good day or night, or afternoon or whatever!

I'm getting married!

Yup, ...nope. Just kidding! Me not getting married. It's April Fools day today, you dum dum!

No funny?

Sour grapeeeesss!

So, you cute ladies out there. Don't worry, I'm still single n available!

Come get some!

Woohoooo... maybe, it's almost midnight and end of April 1st. So, I'll better go or I'll be posting more rubbish here today.

Have fun!

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