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Alienware m14x - Need for Speed Undercover Gameplay

Alienware m14x - Need for Speed Undercover Gameplay

Yo guys,

Check it out. I upload to youtube my latest gameplay of need for speed: undercover on my m14x. I set it all on high. My old computer couldn't play this. Even if it can, I'll have to set the graphics on low. This time round I'm setting it all on high.

Anyway, just to show you what the m14x can do. Pretty cool.


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m14x - My very own unboxing finally!

m14x - My very own unboxing finally!

Yo guys,

Here's my very own m14x un-boxing video taken together with my nephews. They were eager to come over my place and do the un-boxing together with me. I think they're the one doing the un-boxing and not me! LoL!

Enjoy the vid!

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m14x - skyrim gameplay

m14x - skyrim gameplay

Supp guys,

Since I bought my new m14x, I decided to buy and download Skyrim from steam. I'm glad I did. The game is super cool and I could play it on my laptop without any glitch. I hate when I bought a game and it lags.

Yeah, most of the games I've been playing (on my m14x), it's mostly set on medium. But, as long as the game runs smoothly and the game still looks good then I'm okay. If I really want a better gaming rig then I might as well build my own or buy a better pc.

The m14x is slightly bigger and better (specs-wise) then the m11x which I was thinking of getting too but I finally decided on the m14x.

Anyway, check out the video above for my skyrim adventure gameplay.

Happy gaming!

P.S. More videos at my Youtube Channel >>

m14x - blur racing game gameplay

m14x - blur racing game gameplay

Supp guys,

Bought myself an m14x the other day. It's damn awesome and now I can play all my fav game that I download on my pc but can't play it!

Anyway, bought this game and record via free

I can't still play Dirt 2 for some stupid reason and I don't know why the dev aren't doing anything about it. I tried updating my nvidia drivers and windows updates to no evail. I bought Dirt 3 for my ps3 though.

Check out some of the shots I took of my m14x. Love the design!

A nice charcoal black rubber-ish finish touch.

Alien eyes?

Alien head logo at the top cover.

2 usb port, ethernet, laptop lock and dvd player/writer.

Dvd player. The m11x doesn't have a dvd drive.

Love the keyboard too which I'm touch typing on right now.

Nice keyboard. The keys are well layout for gaming and typing.

The touch pad are nice and smooth. The buttons are responsive.

My keyboard set to green color. Are you green with envy yet? LoL!

You can custo…

Ron Paul: War with Iran has already been decided by the Financial Elite

Ron Paul: War with Iran has already been decided by the Financial Elite

Heard a lot about Ron Paul. On this video, I think his talk makes a lot of sense. Not sure why they say the main media doesn't support him etc.

Somebody out there are afraid of the truth coming out!
Although, I think Israel have something to do with it.
All this talk of war with Iran. Like Ron say it's just like the propaganda for war in Iraq. The U.S. top brass are trying to drum support from the other middle east alliance. But, war with Iran is just like going into parallel war with China and Russia.
I think this war is pretty dangerous then the war with Afghanistan and Iraq. With the economy in Europe seems like it's going down the toilet. Also, just like in the middle east protest, it's also starting in Africa. Can you see the pattern here?
The world is going bonkers and it's getting worse. The U.S. are adding fuel to the fire with unnecessary wars and the rest of the world is going to suffer for…

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