Ron Paul: War with Iran has already been decided by the Financial Elite

Ron Paul: War with Iran has already been decided by the Financial Elite

Heard a lot about Ron Paul. On this video, I think his talk makes a lot of sense. Not sure why they say the main media doesn't support him etc.

Somebody out there are afraid of the truth coming out!

Although, I think Israel have something to do with it.

All this talk of war with Iran. Like Ron say it's just like the propaganda for war in Iraq. The U.S. top brass are trying to drum support from the other middle east alliance. But, war with Iran is just like going into parallel war with China and Russia.

I think this war is pretty dangerous then the war with Afghanistan and Iraq. With the economy in Europe seems like it's going down the toilet. Also, just like in the middle east protest, it's also starting in Africa. Can you see the pattern here?

The world is going bonkers and it's getting worse. The U.S. are adding fuel to the fire with unnecessary wars and the rest of the world is going to suffer for it. It's getting worse and worse!

All I can say is be-warned. The catalyst for world war 3 is just around the corner. It's just like the prophecy for end of the world scenario. And, step by step it's coming true.

Good day and be prepared for the worst!

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