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SITEX 2007: The Full Coverage by Hardwarezone

SITEX 2007, IT show in Singapore. Showcasing the latest gadgets on earth right now!

Check it out >>

Coverage done by


How fast 'n easy to surf with Eee pc?

I check up with my supplier about my Eee pc and he confirmed 'again' that I'll get it either tomorrow Friday or on Saturday. Great! In the mean time, check out this cool video.

How fast and easy it is to get set-up and surfing within 6 mins from the time you unboxed your new Asus Eee pc? Click "Play" to find out!

Still waiting for my Asus Eee pc!

Well, it's almost 2 weeks and I still haven't gotten my Eee pc.

Blame it on it's enormous popularity and success. Everywhere it's sold out even before you can say Eee!

Even Amazon are still waiting for it's next shipment around maybe Dec. Right now, already there are a few new colors you can choose from. Beside the main white pearl color, there's also matt black which is even more popular. Now, you can choose either blue, pink or green!

And, I'm still waiting for my first Eee!

My supplier said this week I'll definitely get it but when I press him for an actual date he didn't reply back my message. I still feel a little excited every time the thought of me finally getting my hands on the Eee. I just know, definitely I'll get it come hell or high water!

Last week, I decided to get my mom a new mobile phone using my carrier Starhub account. My contract with them will end next year but I received a promotion letter from them stated that since I'm a H…

England out of European Cup!

Football: Careless Carson leaves McClaren facing the sack
LONDON : As Scott Carson picked the ball out of the net after his horrendous blunder gifted Croatia the lead, Steve McClaren stood ashen-faced on the touchline...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Well, England have only themselves to blame. All that hype for nothing. But, I don't know why, with the players they have, they can't at least get a draw?

I guess tactically, McClaren isn't good enough. At least Sven would have done better with the team.

Bahh.. I won't say much on this matter. Click the link above for full story.

Arggg, why me!

Great, just great!

I was hoping there wasn't going to be any hiccup in this purchase but it did!

Today, my supplier said that the Eee pc stock will arrive late Tue/wed next week!

He was totally sorry about it. So, I told him that since I already waited this long another week or so won't hurt, right?

Argg ..but it did. Well, a bit. I was so hype up that I'm gonna get to play with my very own Eee pc this sat-sun but, this has to happen!

Sigh. I guess I'll just have to wait. The problem is that I see the date almost coincide with SITEX 2007 Singapore. An IT show going on at Suntec 29 Nov - 2 Dec. Maybe, they'll be on sale there. I was planning to go to the show to check out what's new or on offer.

Patience is a virtue or so they say. In my case though, patience is running a bit thin. I didn't know trying to buy a product is so NOT easy!

That just show how popular the Asus Eee pc are. Almost all the online store are out of stock!

Even Amazon having problem keeping …

Yes! I'll get my very own Eee pc this Fri-Sat !!

Finally!! I'll get my very own Asus Eee pc 701, 4Gb, White pearl, English Linux either this Friday or Saturday!

After surfing the net and joining some forum especially my favorite at , I finally manage to get a hold of someone that would order for me via Taiwan. And he promises that I'll get it by this Friday evening or Saturday morning. I'll be posting about it when I got it in my hand! Hurray for me!

Okay, I know, I sound like a geek. But, I haven't get excited about anything for awhile since I bought my first 80Gb iPod. So, now, I've got a new toy to play with. I plan to carry it around to work or when visiting my dad in Johor (a state in Malaysia).

What, I'm truly excited to test is the wifi that's built in. If I could surf at Starbuck or anywhere that's got free wifi connection then it'll be great!

Now, I can surf anytime and anywhere!

The Eee pc is pretty small and pretty slick. Also, it's affordable. I'll maybe give it to my ne…

It's a nice Sunday morning

I wake up this morning, feeling kind of happy and chirpy. My nephews are here and it's a joy to see them running around, making noises, watching my Tv and playing Playstation game on my other pc. And then, I fire-up my Firefox and what is the first thing that I see in the News?

Look below >>

UN panel gives dire warming forecast
Bangladeshi cyclone kills at least 1,723
Abuse risk seen worse as families change
Parents ordered to court for kids' shots
Palestinians demand halt to Israeli settlement expansion
Study: Groundwater lost to rising seas greater than thought

Now, just when I thought, that life is bliss. Well, yeah. On my part of the world that is. There's always something wrong happening at the other end of the world isn't it?

I think that's the cycle of life. It's a balance. On every each person that is happy right now? There will be someone else out there that's suffering at this very instance. They will be saying to themselves, "Life …

Play Playstation games on your pc?


Yesterday night, out of curiosity, I Google-d "play playstation game on your pc". There was a couple of links but I decided to check out WiKiAnswers. After reading for a while, I decided to try it out. I've a whole lot of old playstation games that can't be played on my playstation anymore (I fried it looong time ago).

I heard or read about an emulator that you can use on a pc that let you play old console games but, I didn't thought it could be this easy.

So, just for the heck of it, I followed the instructions on this WiKiAnswers. Download, a couple of software. Install, test and configurate. Then hoping for the best, I pop in a Final Doom playstation CD and voila, it works!

I was so excited to try out all the other games that I didn't sleep untill 2 a.m. yesterday!

The graphics isn't that fast or good as my playstation console but maybe, I'm using an old Pentium 3 pc. I think, if you have a P4 or the new pc or laptop version, it would certainly … - Forum

Okay, okay. I know, I've been posting a lot about Asus Eee pc. It's just my latest fetish!

And, also, I haven't yet got my hand on it. It's like waiting for the 'durian' to drop. You wait and you wait and it's like taking forever to drop!

But, when it drop and you smell the fruit and eat it, you'll be like "whoaaa.. heaven!"

That's what I'm feeling right now. I've been going here and there hoping and wishing that somehow, I could get my hand on it. Try it and, after I'm fully satisfied? Buy it of course!

Alas that has to wait. Although, right now, buyer in the U.S. can go to,

So, while waiting for my chance to purchase it, I've been surfing around and researching all sites that have news or say about it. I found a site that also have a forum where you can talk about Eee and more eeeeee..

Pretty interesting stuff or read. Check it out. The site URL is at >>

They talk about games installed, …

Youtube video reviews of Asus Eee Pc

This is a great video review with nice music background. Enjoy!

More Asus Eee Pc video reviews here!

How would you change Asus' Eee Pc?

That's the question ask on forum.

Currently, there are 161 comments on it including mine!

After reading up on all the comments, I've come to the conclusion that I preferred that the product specs stay as it is. Why change, a good simple product that's meant for simple surfing, simple games, free office words and spreadsheets?

I mean, the main reason I like the Asus Eee pc is that it's affordable and the specs ain't that bad with that price. Of course, I would preferred it much cheaper and more memory but I think, the current form is already good enough for simple usage. My main priority is that I can use it to surf the Net on-the-go. All the pre-installed OS (linux), applications and games is a bonus.

Anyway, yesterday night, I check up at and it was on sale. I thought, that's good news as maybe, the product will arrive in Singapore soon. But, earlier in the day I check again and the Eee is already out of stock!

The next stock will be on the …

Ubuntu me

Ubuntu Me!

Around 2 weeks ago, I posted about installing and trying out Linux Ubuntu on my old laptop. I still can't freaking install on it. I guess the laptop was pretty fuck up in the first place. I've been trying to install Ubuntu on it for a couple of days and finally gave up. But today, I read about Ubuntu on Digital Life Singapore and realize that I can actually test Ubuntu without installing it on my main pc.

All this time, I thought you need to install it before you can use it. Anyway, the procedure is that after downloading and imaging the Ubuntu.iso on a cd, you can just start your pc normally with the cd inside. Just select "Start or Install Ubuntu" and it will log into a Ubuntu environment. You can then test it out like what I'm doing right now. By the way the screen shot you're seeing is taken using the pre-installed Take Screenshot application.

You can test out the videos, music, applications, play the pre-installed games or do some surfing whateve…

Eee Pc - Ultra cheap mobile laptop

It's been a couple of days and I've been checking out this totally affordable Eee Pc for some time now. I've read about it in Cnet and Asia Cnet and the more I read about it, the more I want it!

Here's a link to one of the article and forum on it at

A lot of good reviews so far. It's not like a powerful laptop with all the bell's and whistles but for simple surfing and editing it's pretty good. Best of all it's cheap!

That's why I'm interested to buy it. It'll be great to bring it to work or just for a second laptop at home. It's also great for your kids to play or school work or whatever.

Here's a link to review also with video included.

I think it's already being sold in Singapore. I'll be checking it out soon. Since, it doesn't cost much I can't wait to buy and play with it. Great!

That's it for today. It's already sunday evening and it's going to be Monday. Arggg!

Got to go. Chow!

Discover tidbits about the world everyday

Everyday, when I open up my Firefox browser it will go straight to main site. On the main site I like to quickly scan up on interesting stories happening around the world. I especially like reading up on the latest science fact. For example, today I read up three interesting stories about black hole, ancient tree stumps and rare amphibians.

It might doesn't sound much but a little tidbits on what's happening around the world will broaden up your horizon. When we think we know everything then something new is being discovered. Just to show you that's God knowledge isn't limited. Even if you take a lifetime to learn or be an expert on something, you've only scratch the surface.

There's more to life then what you see around you right now. There's more to it. If only you open up your eyes and also listen.

Here's the links to the article if you're interested >>

1. Experts Discover rare amphibian imprints
2. US astronomers spot massive, record-…

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