Thursday, November 01, 2007

Discover tidbits about the world everyday

Everyday, when I open up my Firefox browser it will go straight to main site. On the main site I like to quickly scan up on interesting stories happening around the world. I especially like reading up on the latest science fact. For example, today I read up three interesting stories about black hole, ancient tree stumps and rare amphibians.

It might doesn't sound much but a little tidbits on what's happening around the world will broaden up your horizon. When we think we know everything then something new is being discovered. Just to show you that's God knowledge isn't limited. Even if you take a lifetime to learn or be an expert on something, you've only scratch the surface.

There's more to life then what you see around you right now. There's more to it. If only you open up your eyes and also listen.

Here's the links to the article if you're interested >>

1. Experts Discover rare amphibian imprints
2. US astronomers spot massive, record-setting stellar mass black holes.
3. Melting Glacier Reveals Ancient Tree Stumps

Good day!