Monday, November 19, 2007

Yes! I'll get my very own Eee pc this Fri-Sat !!

Finally!! I'll get my very own Asus Eee pc 701, 4Gb, White pearl, English Linux either this Friday or Saturday!

After surfing the net and joining some forum especially my favorite at , I finally manage to get a hold of someone that would order for me via Taiwan. And he promises that I'll get it by this Friday evening or Saturday morning. I'll be posting about it when I got it in my hand! Hurray for me!

Okay, I know, I sound like a geek. But, I haven't get excited about anything for awhile since I bought my first 80Gb iPod. So, now, I've got a new toy to play with. I plan to carry it around to work or when visiting my dad in Johor (a state in Malaysia).

What, I'm truly excited to test is the wifi that's built in. If I could surf at Starbuck or anywhere that's got free wifi connection then it'll be great!

Now, I can surf anytime and anywhere!

The Eee pc is pretty small and pretty slick. Also, it's affordable. I'll maybe give it to my nephews to play with once I'm tired of it or want to get an 8gb black model version. We'll see. For now though, I'm just happy to be getting my hand on it. Can't wait!

There's so much I'm planning to do with it. I want to test it's video, music, games, software capabilities and so much more. I have watch a lot of demo on Youtube etc. So, I'm just curious how it works. I'm also curious if my SD card will work with it. I certainly have videos and music on it. I use my SD card on my old Treo 600. I wonder if it'll work. Well, I'll soon be able to find out if it's compatible.

Okay, then. Counting down days to getting my Eee!

4 more days...

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