Friday, November 16, 2007

Play Playstation games on your pc?


Yesterday night, out of curiosity, I Google-d "play playstation game on your pc". There was a couple of links but I decided to check out WiKiAnswers. After reading for a while, I decided to try it out. I've a whole lot of old playstation games that can't be played on my playstation anymore (I fried it looong time ago).

I heard or read about an emulator that you can use on a pc that let you play old console games but, I didn't thought it could be this easy.

So, just for the heck of it, I followed the instructions on this WiKiAnswers. Download, a couple of software. Install, test and configurate. Then hoping for the best, I pop in a Final Doom playstation CD and voila, it works!

I was so excited to try out all the other games that I didn't sleep untill 2 a.m. yesterday!

The graphics isn't that fast or good as my playstation console but maybe, I'm using an old Pentium 3 pc. I think, if you have a P4 or the new pc or laptop version, it would certainly fly!

I think it's great that I can play my old favorite playstation games again. If I had knew, it would be this easy, I would have done it long ago. Lucky, I didn't have the heart to throw all the games out as I was thinking of maybe buy a re-used console. My nephews keep asking me to try out the old console and I have to keep repeating it to them that it was fried!

Well, I called one of my nephew just now and he sound pretty excited when I told him that he can now play the games on this pc.

I'm already planning to try the emulator on the Eee pc once I get my hand on it. But, I'll have to use the Linux version. With the spec on the Eee pc at 900mhz I think it would work great. We'll see then. If it does, then, I'll post some pictures here. Now, I can use my Eee pc for games too!

Alright then, I still have a lot of games to try out on this emulator. Some, of it load and play pretty slow, so I'm just putting aside the good one to play later.

If you have some old playstation games and your console went kaput or you want to play it on your pc then you might want to try this out. You can visit WiKiAnswers to read up for more info and instructions. Good luck!

Playstation Ruleeeezzz !!