Arggg, why me!

Great, just great!

I was hoping there wasn't going to be any hiccup in this purchase but it did!

Today, my supplier said that the Eee pc stock will arrive late Tue/wed next week!

He was totally sorry about it. So, I told him that since I already waited this long another week or so won't hurt, right?

Argg ..but it did. Well, a bit. I was so hype up that I'm gonna get to play with my very own Eee pc this sat-sun but, this has to happen!

Sigh. I guess I'll just have to wait. The problem is that I see the date almost coincide with SITEX 2007 Singapore. An IT show going on at Suntec 29 Nov - 2 Dec. Maybe, they'll be on sale there. I was planning to go to the show to check out what's new or on offer.

Patience is a virtue or so they say. In my case though, patience is running a bit thin. I didn't know trying to buy a product is so NOT easy!

That just show how popular the Asus Eee pc are. Almost all the online store are out of stock!

Even Amazon having problem keeping up stock. It seems the Eee is a top seller over there.

Well, anyway. I'm sleepy and I'm going to bed early. I'll be waking up at 4am tomorrow as there's an European Soccer qualifier match between England vs Croatia. England needs to win if they want to go to the final. While, Croatia are already through. It's going to be an interesting match to see if England will be able to win the game as it'll then mean they are through to the final.

I just feel that England can win it. They're tough to beat at home ground. And result at the new Wembley stadium had been good the last couple of qualifiers. Of course, there's no Owen or Rooney partnering upfront. And they don't have Terry as a rock defending. Crouch is a good player and have shown he can score goals at International level. With Beckham doing the pin-point cross and lampard, gerard, joe cole giving the support from midfield, there's no reason why England can't win and win big!

On paper, England is a good team and can win this game but Croatia ain't a pushover and although they are already through. They'll be like the Israelis who against all odds beat Russia 2-0 in home soil. The Onus is on England to win it. Although, they only need a draw but they'll be attacking at the Croat to show everyone that England deserves to be in the European Final.

Enough said!

Let's see tomorrow if England will buckle at the pressure or win it with style.

Till then. Good night and enjoy the match wherever you are!

P.S. Singapore team is actually through to the third round of the World Cup qualifier after beating Palestine and Tajikistan. They'll be meeting the seeded giants of Asia like Japan, South Korea, Iran or Australia etc. Wish them all the best and do Singapore proud!

P.P.S You might also want to check up Amazon if you're interested to buy the Eee pc!

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