Still waiting for my Asus Eee pc!

Well, it's almost 2 weeks and I still haven't gotten my Eee pc.

Blame it on it's enormous popularity and success. Everywhere it's sold out even before you can say Eee!

Even Amazon are still waiting for it's next shipment around maybe Dec. Right now, already there are a few new colors you can choose from. Beside the main white pearl color, there's also matt black which is even more popular. Now, you can choose either blue, pink or green!

And, I'm still waiting for my first Eee!

My supplier said this week I'll definitely get it but when I press him for an actual date he didn't reply back my message. I still feel a little excited every time the thought of me finally getting my hands on the Eee. I just know, definitely I'll get it come hell or high water!

Last week, I decided to get my mom a new mobile phone using my carrier Starhub account. My contract with them will end next year but I received a promotion letter from them stated that since I'm a Hubber ( I have mobile phone, Internet access and Digital Cable contract with Starhub) now we can upgrade our account every 12 months!

That mean, instead of waiting the normal 2 years before we can re-contract and upgrade our handset, now we can do it every 12 months!

I think that's great news. So, since my mom using my old Sony Ericsson K700i phone, I decided to let her use my account to get a new handset. I chose a Nokia 6300 with 3G capability and free 256mb micro sd card which I fill up with her choice of songs and videos. It's a beautiful black color. At first, I thought of keeping it for myself and gave her my Motorola V3x instead but once I put in her sim card I relented and let her use it. Hey, it's a blessing to make your mom happy!

Okay, okay, I'm a mommy's boy!

Next, I was surfing the starhub site again the other day just browsing around when I saw that they were having a latest promotion that offers FREE Xbox 360 Pro!

Since, my Internet access contract had already expired I decided to take the plunge and re-contract again to get that Free Xbox 360 Pro. So, after filling up the online form etc. I hit checkout and now I'm waiting for their sales consultant to contact me. Well, I'm still waiting. It says in my confirmation email that they will call me the next working day. I applied last Sunday night. So, 3 days had passed and still nothing!

I waited the whole day again today for them to called. And, since they still haven't called me I decided to email their sales contact. I'm hoping for them to contact me back tomorrow. If not then I'll call in their sales no. to ask about it. I was afraid that they did call me and couldn't get through to me. Sometime, my work bring me to the basement carpark and people won't be able to contact me on my mobile. It happens a couple of time. People couldn't get through to me and thought that I gave them the wrong numbers or whatever.

So, I'm hoping that I'll be able to settle all this and get my Eee pc and my new Xbox 360 before the end of the week!

All, in all. Before the year end 2007, I've got myself a new mobile phone, laptop and a console game. Can't wait to play some cool games on them!

Definitely, the year end with a BANG for me!

Of course, I can't say for some others out there. Whose, country are in turmoil. What with war, suicide bombers or natural calamity like hurricane or whatever. That's life. You're either up there or you're down there in hell.

Just have to be happy and thankful with what you have.

Okay, then. Until, my next post. Peace.

P.S. Check out this forum for Eee pc user at >>

You might recognize my nick over there. Hehe!

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