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Homeland Stupidity: Security policies that put..

I read an interesting article at about security policies in the U.S.

You might be interested in it. Here's the link below >>

Good day!

Towards Understanding secret of the Prophetic Kingdom

You know, I surf and do research via the Internet and sometime I come across websites or book on sales branding Islam as a dangerous occult, terrorist organization or what have you. If that were true, I would have been hiding somewhere training myself or planning suicide bombing. As, I'm a muslim, people would think I'm that. But, the reality is, I'm not. I'm just a typical guy, you'll meet and talk on the street.

I go see a movie, I go to starbuck, KFC or any other normal thing that others do. So, why are there still people out there still insist that Islam is a terrorist organization if there's 'normal' people like me in it?

I have to admit that, it's not surprising as in this world, you choose which side you want to be in. You can be in the camp of thoughts that think Islam is a dangerous religion but there will be another camp on the other side that think it isn't. So, which camp are you from?

(Note: If someone accuse you of something that you …

Jose quits Chelsea!

I'm feeling sad and disappointed with Jose for quitting Chelsea so abruptly. When I first heard the news in the morning I thought that they had made a mistake or somehow that is was all joke. Well, it's a cruel joke alright.

After some poor results in the EPL and the Champion League somehow, something happen and Jose is out of Chelsea FC. All Chelsea fans are really sad and disappointed. Add to that there will be a big game at the weekend with Manchester United.

Avram Grant took over from Jose and really I'm pointing my finger at him for the reason that Jose finally decided to quit. Abramovich the Chelsea billionaire owner wanted too much too soon. He should know better then to meddle in the footballing side of the business. He should just let Jose do his job.

I always thought that Jose would leave someday but didn't really think it would be so early in the season at that. I respected the way Jose took Chelsea to the top 4 consistently and sadly enough in this day of age…

France itching for War?

If France, think poking at Iran ass is a fun way to provoke for a fight then it certainly work. I think now Iran would realize that it should get nuclear just in case, France decide to rally the other European nation to follow U.S. path like it did on Iraq.

As if, the mess in Iraq made by Bush isn't enough.

I don't know what's wrong with French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner when he said that to the media without thinking the repercussion of his words.

Iran has repeatedly denied that it's aiming to build a nuclear weapon plant so why don't the world stop at that and stop poking their nosy nose at Iran domestic affairs.

Let me tell you an example of why France should shut up and mind it's own business.

I have this personal experience of getting into a fight with somebody when I was a little boy. When, I mean little I mean little.

This big guy at school thought that since I was little he could beat me in a fight. Heh, he didn't really know I have a violent tende…

Blog - Tech Gadget Addicts

Yesterday, I sign up to free blog service.

I decided to try it out. It's a pretty simple set-up with all the basic blogging tools. You only have 50mb of space but I guess it should be kind of enough.

I don't intend to blog that much there but I guess if I like to talk anything about tech stuff once awhile I might blog there. Heh, I guess a little exposure for my main blog here should be good enough right? caters to the Asian regional area unlike their big sister at base in the U.S.

I visited both of this site almost everyday for the latest tech, gadget news. It's my main source of information. I like to watch and read about products that I might be interested to buy or just for drooling purposes. Well, I can't buy all of the stuff right (money no enough!) ?

Before, I bought my current ipod I had done research on the product from Apple main site, and Cnet Asia. Also, through other sites I found via Google. I like to read up on …

Happy Ramadhan to all Muslims!

I want to wish every Muslim a happy Ramadhan!

For non-muslim you can read about the Ramadan by visiting wikipedia >>

Happy fasting!

My Virus week

Finally, today. I think I manage to delete a couple of viruses, spy ware from my pc. For a week, I've been grappling with this problem. I scanned with AVG spy ware and virus free software. It took me almost a week of keeping at it.

I don't know how I got it. Could be my nephew inadvertently downloading it or my brother. Of course, nobody admit it. But, slowly I manage to find all these pesky virus and deleted it. Argg.. my life been a mess this week. I couldn't do all the 'normal' surfing. Everyday, I "On" my pc and keep scanning to find the stupid virus who seems to be able to escape the scan.

Today, my friend was supposed to borrow me his Norton Anti-virus software but he didn't reply my call and somehow today, the virus seems to have been found and deleted. I'll have to wait and see how it goes. So far, so good though.

My advice to you guys is to download AVG free anti-virus software. The good part is that it's free and also you'll be able…

Bin Laden talking nonsense

MohammadFauziT... - Owning My Own Life! 500 Posts, last published on Sep 6, 2007

Hey, I saw that I already posted 500 post at my blogger Dashboard. So, today, this would be my 501 post!

Wow! 500 post. Didn't really think much about it until today. Seems like it's been a long long time since the first day I started my own blog. I think blogging really suits me. I have been writing things for a while since I was in School. Mostly, personal 'creative' stuff of course. But, blogging really gave me the avenue for an outlet of my personal thinking about life as a general.

And share it with the world out there!

I like it. I also have a lot to say. My favorite topics is religion, tech gadget, soccer, philosophy on life and a whole lot of other craps you might not be interested. But, hey who cares?

I think blogging is therapeutic for me. Sometime, I read something I don't like or agree with and where else can I talk about it but in my own blog?

For instance, today I read about O…

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