Towards Understanding secret of the Prophetic Kingdom

You know, I surf and do research via the Internet and sometime I come across websites or book on sales branding Islam as a dangerous occult, terrorist organization or what have you. If that were true, I would have been hiding somewhere training myself or planning suicide bombing. As, I'm a muslim, people would think I'm that. But, the reality is, I'm not. I'm just a typical guy, you'll meet and talk on the street.

I go see a movie, I go to starbuck, KFC or any other normal thing that others do. So, why are there still people out there still insist that Islam is a terrorist organization if there's 'normal' people like me in it?

I have to admit that, it's not surprising as in this world, you choose which side you want to be in. You can be in the camp of thoughts that think Islam is a dangerous religion but there will be another camp on the other side that think it isn't. So, which camp are you from?

(Note: If someone accuse you of something that you didn't do wouldn't you be angry yourself?)

Or maybe, you just don't know or don't care!

For me though, I'm not really interested in what you think what Islam is. There are some people out there that only have one view of Islam. It doesn't matter though. It's their problem and sometime you can't force people to believe in your view of things. We think what we want.

Anyway, life is simple if you keep it simple. That's my motto.

The world though, or life might not be so simple as you might want to think. There's so many secrets to life that if you dig deep enough you might find that it isn't so.

For example, some scientist wish to prove that God doesn't exist with their research and theory but what they only prove most of the time is that it's the other way round!

As if God doesn't know that some men would try to do that. Of course, for everything you do God has already prepared an answer for you to find. The irony thing is you are in a way helping God to prove that He actually exist instead!

See, how wise God is. It's like playing chess with God. The only problem is you'll never ever win! For every move you make or plan God already has the answer. And no matter what you do or try to do you'll always end up being checkmate! Duh!

Most of the time, man doesn't realize this. Just because God doesn't show himself doesn't mean He doesn't exist. There's a lot of ways you can know that God exist. In fact if you keep looking, keep studying, keep doing research you'll find Him. You will, if you look hard enough. Just by looking at yourself in the mirror you will see a miracle. You will realize that you're a miracle from a speck of sperm, you've grown to become a man or a woman. And then you study, work, get married and have children. The cycle continues. If that isn't a miracle then I'm not sure if you appreciate being born a human rather then an animal. Animal live by instinct but men live with a conscience. We can differentiate right from wrong. We can think. We have free will. We can choose. We can choose to believe if God exist. Do you want to forsake what God has given you?

See, how God has given you so much. But, to turn your back on Him. Then you'll only have yourself to blame. Stop pushing the blame on God. Most or rather all of the rubbish that's happening right now is all mankind doing. Did God ask you to go to war and kill each other for land, women, wealth? Of course not, stupid!

Earth is big enough for all of us. We create boundaries, not God!

We can share but we didn't. We can live together in peace but we choose not. One thing is for sure, we're all bloody stupid fools!

Enough said. God, give you brain so why not use it to think about what I have posted here today.

At the meantime, you might be interested to visit this site at >>

Could be an interesting reading.

Well, it's almost 1 am in the morning. Time to sleep and ponder...

P.S. Sufism is a man who prefers to live alone with God rather then living with
the poverty that man created for himself

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