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Michael jackson - The king of pop is dead!

Michael Jackson, the king of pop is Dead!
Embedded video from CNN Video

So, I was on the bus when I saw the morning news. I can't quite see the words flashing on the bus tv but I thought it said "Michael jackson is back". It actually says he's dead. No wonder, they keep showing and talking about him. Anyway, my colleague told me about it at work. Somehow, it just doesn't seem surprising. As, you know, people die everyday. But, I guess, this is Michael Jackson.

I grew up listening to his music. Although, I don't think I'm a better dancer then him but hey, who doesn't know Michael Jackson right?

The whole world knows him and like his music. Although, his last years, the only thing people talked about was how paranoid, confused and weird he is. Somehow, we knew he could have created more good music but instead all we read about him on the news, TV and magazines is negative. The man deserves more. But, I guess, he had a long and illustrious music that will st…

iPhone OS 3.0 is Now Live!


Check out the news on my fav site at

I'm, already downloaded the 3.0 update software via iTunes and now it's syncing.

Can't wait to test out the new features. I'm feeling excited all over again. It's as if I'm buying a new iPhone for myself! Ha ha!

Only few products can really cite me up. I don't know why. I really wish I could buy the latest new iPhone 3G S(speed). But, I'm only 1 year through the current contract. Bummer!

Unless, my Singtel carrier offer a special re-contract/upgrade or whatever. The latest 3rd gen is said to be faster, longer battery life with video capture and editing capabilities. You can even mms like the other 'normal' phone!

Geez! Well, I guess if I wait another year for my contract to finish, a new 4th gen iPhone will be out then? Hmmm ...the thought of the latest iphone from Apple makes me drool with puppy eyes. Haha!

C'mon already, sync up faster!

P.S. Learn how to create your own iphone…

Somebody almost died in my arms..

Yesterday, I had a harrowing time at a bus-stop near my work place.

As, usual, I went to the food market opposites my work place to the Atm to draw some money. I was suppose to give it to my bro-in-low brother. As, I returned to the bus-stop and went up the staircase, I notice both of them weren't there. I thought, maybe, they had already taken the bus home. But, when I turn to look around I saw my bro-in-law holding his brother head who was laying motion-less on the ground. My bro-in-law called out to me for help.

I was a little surprised and walk straight to him and ask him what had happened. Apparently, his brother had suddenly fainted and collapsed. An off duty nurse was already there helping out. I think, my bro-in-law brother is lucky that the nurse alighted from the bus at the right time. She, told him to put the body sideways laying on his left shoulders. From, what I've learned before, the body position help the breathing and if there's vomiting involved then it wou…

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