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Far Cry 5: Announce Trailer

Hey guys,

Looks what coming in Feb, 27th, 2018?

It's Far Cry 5. The only Far Cry, that I ever played was Far Cry 2 and I didn't bother to play the rest after that. Well, I did bought the 3rd version and also Blood Dragon. But, haven't got to playing it. Far Cry 5 looks interesting though.

It's still way off till next year. I've actually re-download Far Cry 2 on steam. I might be playing that again. AMD, been promoting this game with the coming up of their Radeon RX Vega, which they promise will make Far Cry 5 games looks more realistic.

I would really love to see how it improve the game play experience. Beside, Far Cry 5, I don't see any other interesting game coming up so far. Yeah, you see lots of games coming up with most concentrating on multi players. But, I'm not into all that. I prefer story driven, adventure games. With loads of guns!

They might come up with new shooter games in 2018, who knows. Let's wait and see. Hope, you like the trailer. G…

AMD Introducing Radeon™ RX Vega

Yo guys,

You should watch this video to get a feel what AMD have come out with for the future of gaming. I'm pump up just by watching this video on what it can do to make the games we play more realistic. All the latest news point to the revival of AMD!

That of course means more competition for Intel and Nvidia. For us average gamer, the important thing is competitive prices for the best gpu and processor we can get. Personally though, I'm still waiting for a gaming laptop that include the latest gpu without compromising on performance, size and mobility.

I really like the Razer stealth. Especially, on it's size. My only hope is that one day, they can fit a gpu that's on par with the desktop version. A Razer stealth 2-in-one would also be nice. Since, it's small enough to turn into a tablet. Why not?

Anyway, watch the videos on Radeon RX Vega introduction. Enjoy!

Happy gaming!

PureVPN For total Internet Freedom Safety and Privacy!

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Hey guys,

Nowadays, lots of things been happening regarding internet privacy and safety. With constant, internet virus attack and hacking rampant all over the world. We as consumer have to take care of ourselves from stolen data and being use against us.

People keep talking about internet freedom and privacy but at the same time we are being block from doing what we want online. Block from accessing files or website from other countries. Our time online or service being limited by our network. What if we have that internet control and freedom?

That's were comes in! is a global virtual private network provider focused on quality, freedom and choice of connectivity. Its service includes a spectrum of countries where the user can connect without limitations no matter how many times you switch between multiple locations. All VPN locations have specialties that empower o…

Where to get tickets for Sports Concerts Theaters for North America?

Hey guys,

I found this great site that provide a service that you can easily buy tickets for various events like sports, concerts and even theaters. All, in one place. You can choose the seating locations and book the best date to enjoy it with friends and families.

Looking for tickets to watch your favorite NBA team?

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Half-Life (Live Action) The Freeman Chronicles: Episode 2: Part 1

Hey guys,

Are you a fan of Half-Life?

You might be interested in watching this fan-made Half Life short film that just came to my attention. This is basically the episode 2: Part 1 of The Freeman Chronicles. There's an episode 1, that already been out for some time. Click here to watch episode 1.

The first time, I watched the short film, didn't really think it captured what Half-Life was about and I'm a little lost for episode 2, too. Granted, this is not a big budget or Hollywood style movie. The effect was a little better during gordon freeman flash back.

The acting, a little awkward. Tactically, not as you would have done while shooting or running from your enemies. Other then that, we should appreciate the effort that they have put in to even create this film. So, kudos to them. And, there're gonna be a Part 2!

I'm thinking though, what if Oats Studios does the Half-Life movie?

They might do their own version but, if you want out-of-the-world kinda movie then …

Best Buy One Day Sale only!

Hey guys,

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Guild Wars 2 Gameplay - Aftershock gaming pc GTX 1060 3GB

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Hey guys,

If you're a fan of MMO and you've never heard of Guild Wars then, might be interested in looking at Guild Wars 2. I admit, I myself just tried playing the Free version today. If you're interested to check it out then Click here to signup.

Frankly, it's not much different from any other MMO and Guild Wars probably a few of them that are still able to 'stick' around since 2012. The routine might be the same as others but what I like about mmo and rpg is the beautiful graphics and scenery.

I love a damn good story and fight. I love doing quest and venturing into new world or places. That's why I never would get tired of playing rpgs and mmos. The genre have exploded exponentially since the hey days and their graphics are getting better.

Our pc or laptop graphic cards have become cheaper and that improve our experience in playing games. I think, that's part of the reasons for the …

Insane Redout gameplay - Aftershock gaming pc gtx 1060

Yo guys,

Check out my Redout, insane racing video gameplay!

I was bored. I thought, I'll play Redout. Haven't played it for awhile. But, this game is fast and furious!

I remembered, someone private message me on youtube, recommending to play a beta version of this same type of wipeout-ish game a couple years back. I didn't really think much of the game at that time because, c'mon, this genre isn't anything new.

I do believe, this is that same game, the finished product. I have totally forgotten about it. I got this game as a free gift when buying my Aftershock gaming pc. I was given a choice of either two games. As, I was a racing game fan, I chose Redout.

Redout, is a totally cool, immersive, fast racing game. If you haven't played it yet then check it out on steam. There's actually a free demo version that you can download right now. You might want to check the spec if it's suitable for your gaming rig though.

I don't know why, even with GTX 1060…

England vs Netherlands - Soccer Brazil World Cup 2014! - Classic football shirts on sale!

Classic World Cup Football Shirts

Hey guys,

I manage to get to the Brazil world cup 2014 final with England team. So, i decided to record it. The game can be found on my new game section. It's funny but also fun to play. If you like playing soccer game then you might find this up your alley.

Check out my game section. Click here!

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Don't forget to watch the game. Enjoy!

Happy gaming!

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Games & Tech New Online games section

Hey guys,

Just a little update on Games & Tech site. We're putting up a game section where you can play online games right on your browser or phone. If you didn't know yet, our site can be access via your phone too. It's totally Free and a little distraction from work won't hurt right?

As long as your boss not watching. :p

You can click on the page link above to go straight to our game section. You can always press CTRL + D to bookmark that section for quick access. I myself like to indulge on simple silly games once awhile. As I've said before, the games can also be played on your phone. Try it out!

Also, I've added a way for you guys to subscribe to our site mailing list by filling up your email at the top left corner of the page. You'll be updated with our latest blog post about products promotion and my personal views on things or events etc.

I'm also been re-doing the layout and background change. Hope, you guys like the new look. I've alre…

Is al-Jassasa a bigfoot?

Hey guys,

The other day, I posted a video on my theory, asking can an Alien build a spaceship?
My reason was, because of the body form of the so-called 'Greys' and their movement, I find it hard to believe they can build anything. You need an Alien that looks like the 'engineers' in the covenant movie to build a spaceship that can travel the stars. You can talk about advance civilizations. But, without some kind of a human form, I don't think so.
Anyway, I'm also into all the Bigfoot theories. A few years ago, I read this section of the narrated hadith about how a group of men went to an island and found a 'thing' that have hairs all over it's body. And, called itself 'al-jassasa'. I was wondering, are they talking about bigfoot?
You might find below narration and interesting read about a possible Bigfoot and the Beast:

Narrate to me a hadith which yo…

Razer Having a 44% Off Kraken Mobile!

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Hey guys,

Razer are having a 4-Day Only Exclusive Deal: 44% Off Kraken Mobile. They just announced a 4-day only exclusive offer!

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So, what are you waiting for?

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Happy gaming!

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Free Stream music - song - journey to mars - electronic dance hip hop

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Hey guys,

Check out my, Free music stream site. Have a quick look!

You can also check out other musician offering their free music streaming. You can visit their site on your phone too. You will find a good collections of new, original music. If you're a musician yourself, you can also upload your music totally free of charge.

I've just created a new song entitled: Journey to mars. Have a listen. I've already uploaded the song on my indie sound site and youtube video. Tell me what you think. I used, MIXVIBES Cross DJ Software and played around with the samplings provided.

Pretty cool and simple to use!

Get your MIXVIBES Cross DJ Software Click Here!

The software are also available for android and iphone. But, I personally prefer the pc version rather than the phone or tablet version. As most of my files and video editing software are on my pc. If you're into music and thinking of …

Medal of Honor Pacific assault - U.S. Marine Corps Drill instructor is God!

Play it on a Razer Blade Gaming Laptop.  Click Here!

Hey guys,

I downloaded, Medal of Honor Pacific Assault, today and played awhile with it. I'm not sure if I had played this game before but the drill instructor God speech was really funny. How in the hell they can come out with this story is beyond me.

I wonder if any of you guys ever heard of this story during your recruit days. I was a recruit once and we did have a young tough drill instructor that got demoted because he went too far during training. Drill instructor in the old days are more experienced!

Playing this 'old' game on my new gaming pc with gtx 1060 was really smooth and the graphics look great. I didn't do any frame rate test but, all i know is I can play this game settings on very high. Not that they have any ultra settings anyway.

As usual, you can't use the xbox controller to play the game. So, the movement is by using mouse and ASWD. I totally, forget how it feel like to use the mouse and key…

Young children groomed on live streaming app Periscope - BBC News

Hello parents,

Are your children safe online?

This revelation from a BBC News broadcast will show you why you need to monitor their usage of the internet online. This is actually nothing new. It's also not new that parents tend to leave their kid alone or let them do whatever they want online without any kind of supervision.

There are a lot of monitoring software you can use to monitor your children without the need to constantly be beside them when using the internet. It also won't seem to be so intrusive. With software like PC Tattletale, you can discreetly monitor for their safety.

PC Tattletale, are having a sale right now until midnight July 22, 2017. You can basically install their remote monitoring software on 3 pc for one price!

Click here for more info!

Don't forget to watch the BBC News updates. Take care and be safe!

P.S. PC Tattletale on sale till midnight July 22, 2017.

P.P.S. Keep your children safe!

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protect your kid!

Aftershock Gaming Pc GTX 1060 - DOOM Gameplay and Wallpaper!

Hey guys,

I've been wanting to buy DOOM which came out in 2016 but had second thought about it. Since, Steam as always having sale this week, and also offering Free to play till this Sunday, I thought, why the hell not.

I haven't played any kind of Doom version for a long time. It's been maybe, 20 years?

Wait. I just remembered, that I bought an iPhone version of Doom before. Anyway, I did tried the trial version. But, it was pretty short and I was quite impress with the graphics and gameplay. When they first demo the game, one thing that I loved was the weapons.

I just started playing the game today, and I only got the ray gun pistol and the shotgun. I realized that the ray gun pistol was pretty useful to shoot the monster head from afar. It's like having a sharpshooter. But, when the stronger monster came out, I changed to my more powerful shotgun.

In the game, I got a little lost even with the map provided. Everything, look the same and it's all Mars red. While…

RIFT Beta PC Demo Gameplay Video List 2011

Check out Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns (Ultimate) Click Here

Yo guys,

Back then, I had the chance to try out RIFT beta. I believe this was in 2011. I can't really remember on what system I was playing on. But, judging by the graphics, I was playing probably all set to low settings. I think, later on, I bought the m14x and manage to play on high settings.

It was really fun playing Rift till way in the wee morning and I almost played every day. Those other beta players compared the game with WoW. But, I think it's a bit different. It was still in beta but even with my low settings, I was really impressed with the smooth gameplay.

I love going about looking for adventures and finding new places or fighting with demons. I don't really like playing pvp or joining group. There were load of quest and loots to gather and sometime, I took too many quest that I didn't manage to finish them.

RIFT have grown big right now and you can still join for free via steam. I don't re…

UNBOXING Razer Blackwidow X chroma keyboard

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Yo guys,

I've always wanted to get myself a Razer gaming keyboard. So, i decided to get a Razer Blackwidow X Tournament Edition chroma keyboard. Boy, am i loving it. It's the latest chroma keyboard by Razer and I'm actually typing on it right now. It feels really good to type on.

It's a bit tad heavy. But, compact and fit just nice on my table. I really like that you're able to individually choose what color you want for every key of the keyboard. You can choose green for your directional button, Red for your escape buttons and even Yellow for the Razer logo.

Check out my Razer color chroma settings. Pretty cool!

There are a lot of pattern you can choose from like wave, starlight, spectrum cycling etc. Of course, you can also set it up that the color automatically link to programs and games.

While playing diablo III, i set it up to turn Red. You can create your own profile and link to programs. You have to download Razer…

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