Saturday, July 08, 2017

Creep by Radiohead - cover by me

Yo guys,

I know, my blog supposed to be about Games & Tech. But, I also like to sing. Not, that I'm any good. But, just for the fun of it. One of my favorite song is Creep by Radiohead. Been listening to it since the 80s or was it the 90s?

I played the backup guitar karaoke on YouTube and sing, record using my iPhone 7+ memo. lol. I don't use a mic as I don't have one. Since, I recorded it on my iPhone, I just export it via iMovie. Edit some pictures I had on my iPhone. Voila!

Most of my unboxing videos and gameplay are recorded using my iPhone. I don't have a dedicated camera. I might be looking for one in the future. I'll do my research on what works best. Anyway, for now, my iPhone is the best solution for my video recording and editing.

I think, when I was using iPhone 6 and 6+, iMovie used to hangup on me. And, I'll have to re-do again editing my videos. It was exasperating. Now, even my iPhone 7+ do hangup too when working on some videos. But, at least, I didn't have to re-do as, I just normally closed the apps and re-start.

iPhone 7+ is a good phone. I have been using it for almost a year and a half and seldom, or almost never give me any problem. I hope the iPhone 8 will be better. And, I'm also hoping they'll include iMovie with more themes and special effects for it.

I think, because of the better camera on iPhone, a lot of people are already used to using their iPhone for taking pictures and video recording. Remember, how Samsung had a camera phone? That was a cool camera phone but, I think because of the design and being heavy doesn't help.

The iPhone have a good design and also have improved on their camera. You carry and use it everyday. It got a good user interfaced and you can use it for multimedia. I used to see only one or two person watching videos on the bus. Nowadays, they're everywhere!

I think, the iPhone are the one that make people addicted to their phone. When it first came out, in the U.S. the rest of us on the other part of earth had to wait. But, once it came, everyone in my country seems to be using it. Even the aunts had one. It used to be unique, now it's not.

Steve Jobs have really left a mark for Apple and the rest of the world. The iPhone will be his legacy.

Anyway, hope you like the video. Enjoy!

Final Cut Pro X - Video editing software