Sunday, July 16, 2017

Can Aliens build spaceship?

Hey guys,

I believe, I have talk about this subject couple of years back on my blog (click here to read old post). People been talking about aliens visiting and most of them describe the alien that look like the greys. The only problem is that, looking at their physical form, I wonder if they can actually build anything that can even fly!?

They are mostly describe as tall or lanky with big head, big eyes and small slit as a mouth. They also seem to have long arms and legs. And, also have long fingers. If you think about their physical form and movement, you'll be wondering can this thing build anything?

You'll imagine them to be clumsy and slow. Before, anybody or any aliens thinking of flying off in a spaceship, they have to start somewhere and they have to build vehicles to go anywhere. For me, I can't see these grey aliens building anything.

To build a spaceship, you need to do a whole lot of things and thinking to do. I don't disagree that the aliens might be million time smarter then us, they have to be. We human, still haven't build any kind of vehicle that can bring us to mars and back. We have been to the moon, conspiracy theories might think not.

They need to be able to build computers, and wiring and coding. Okay, I know maybe some of these Aliens have ways either then using their physical form to build anything. But, can you imagine the works that need to be done to put things together?

Unless, they look like the 'engineers' in the covenant movie, then I'll agree. They are big and they have body form that almost look like us. But, if you're talking about the greys then I don't believe they're the one that's paying us a visit.

That's my thought on this subject matter. If you have any comments. Feel free to comment below!

Good day!