Friday, July 14, 2017

Papa, Why Did You Smoke? Keep your kids safe

Hey guys,

A daughter of a guy I knew from work, whatsapp me a link to this video. I'm not sure why they're making this. Maybe, for her school project or just to remind us about the problem of second hand smoke. It's just a short video but, the message is heartfelt.

If you guys know anyone who smoke, why not send them this video or share it with your family and friends. Sometime, we forget what really matters in life and think, oh, it will only happen to others. No, it can and will happen to us. The important this is to keep your kid safe!

Are you monitoring your kids when they're using the Internet?

Nowadays, people are using the internet for everything. And, anything can happen while your kids are surfing the net or socializing on social media sites. As parents, we can't always be on their side to guide them. To protect them from bad elements.

That's why by using Parental Monitoring software like PC Tattletale you can easily check up on your kids spending time online. And, guide them wherever possible. To control their playing time or to stop from watching 'bad' videos online.

It's an internet monitoring software that you can use to monitor your kids and keep them safe. It's easy to use and you can check up on them on your mobile. To check up on their daily activity. Are they being cyberbullied?

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In this day and age, we need all the help we can get. Hope you guys, like the video and spread the message. Good day!

P.S. Are you kids safe from second hand smoke?

P.P.S Do you know what your kids doing on the internet?
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