[HD] Steve Jobs - iPhone Introduction in 2007 (Complete)

Hey guys,

I'm just reminiscing Steve jobs presentation of the first iPhone. The day, I realized, Steve Jobs is the best marketing genius ever there is. He got an eye for tech and connecting the dots. He makes the iPhone a sexy and popular product. And, left a legacy for the world to remember. I was so excited about the iPhone as if, it's the first ever phone created on earth!

He's gone and frankly, he left a void that would never be filled again. His company still continue to thrives and incrementally improve on their products. That seems to be theirs and other company motto. I kinda understand and lets face it, why change the whole product designs and restart all over again, every 6 month?

For sure, it's not the first phone that i ever bought. I still remember my first Nokia. Then, I bought a couple of popular Sony Ericsson phone. Bought, a Treo and Blackberry of course. Beside the iPhone, I really loved the Treos and Blackberry phone. I like the phone form factor, especially the keyboard and the smart UI capabilities. But, I still came back to the iPhone in the end.

I didn't get every initiatory of the iPhone though. I bought the iPhone 3G because, that's the phone that finally came to my country. And, I even opened a second account on another network just for the sake of buying it. Later on, I sold it and got myself a Blackberry bold. I didn't get the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 version. But, then I got myself an iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 +.

Finally, now, I got myself the iPhone 7+ 125gb gold version. It's becoming my daily driver and yes, I did envy at Samsung latest phones. I did use a Samsung S3 phone before and didn't really like the android OS which kinda crash on me a lot. The most important factor that makes me love my iPhone is the iOS. It was smart of Steve Jobs to use OS X for it.

To be clear, before the iPhone, the other only Apple product I had was the iPod. I still got it today, inside my drawer. I didn't buy a mac for obvious reason of being too expensive. It's still too damn expensive today. Most of the time, for work and play, I only use the PC. Which are sometime more powerful and cheaper.

The only product, I'm willing to pay are for the iPhone with contract (subsidies). Right now, everyone excited for the coming of iPhone 8. Although, I'm sure, everyone already tired of the form factor. I'm pretty sure, judging by all the rumour, Apple wont change much. I've already downloaded the iOS 11 beta version and it's not something to really shout about.

Yeah, they've upgraded a few features but like I've said, there's nothing much to be excited about. A few weird stuff happened like after swiping away all the opened apps, I couldn't get back to the main page. And, I'm not sure why the title text seems to be too big. A lot of added stuff, which I don't really need. You can go here to download iOS 11: https://beta.apple.com/sp/betaprogram/

What I'm excited about for the upcoming iPhone 8 is the camera and what you can do with it. The camera and capabilities like slow motion are already available now for the iPhone 7. And, also I loved the free iMovie editing software. Wish, they added more creative themes. It also, seldom, if ever hang up on me. A pretty robust phone for work and play.

I might wait until I can re-contract to get the iPhone 8 or 8s by then. My iPhone 7+ are already capable enough for my daily routines of checking emails, whatsapp-ing, surfing the net and watching youtube. Good enough, to take video recording and editing to upload on Youtube. It's really like a small and compact macbook!

That's all for today and hope you enjoy watching again Steve Jobs first iPhone presentation. Thanks to Youtube and the uploader of this video. Enjoy!

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