Monday, July 03, 2017

Best Fight Scenes: Steven Seagal

Hey guys,

Steven Seagal, are one of my favorite actor and marital artist. He's trained in aikido and use part of it in his movies. Since, the first movie he acted in, people been arguing about his martial art style. Is it aikido? Or some kind form of combative aikido?

He's trained in aikido. In fact, he's a certified aikido master. So, he is using aikido. But, aikido don't punch. He's kind of a pioneer in that he used aikido as part of his fights or rather movies. Aikido, main philosophy is not to engage and hurt their opponents. Just like in real fights, sometime, you use what works or when you're in certain situations.

In fact, just look around youtube watching videos of street fight. You'll realized, you can easily be knockout by a surprise hook. You don't need to even train to be a martial art master. It's wrong for you to punch first but, to win a fight, you need that element of surprise and end the fight as quickly as possible. The longer you prolong the fight, chances are you will get tired and get knockout yourself.

Misconception about martial art is that you're rigid in using what you learn in your own arts. Whereas you see many kind of martial arts and fighting style. Basically, there's no one rule all. In the old days, masters create kata and such according to what they experienced and study in practical and theoretical. And, that's also why you have various people sometime going to dojo or 'testing' fighting with other schools. From that they can learn and improve.

Just like in anything you do, you don't just stick to one way of thinking. You learn from others and others learn from you. Remind you of Bruce lee ways of thinking and jeet kun do. Bruce lee is not just a practitioner, but he's a thinker. He's an improver and a learner. He never say, he's better then anyone else. Because, he knows there's always something better out there.

The best fighter out there is the one that learn from others and in that way he can become a better fighter. In theory and practical. You never stop learning. If you think, you're already a master just because you have black belt degree or dan then you haven't become one. It's a life long learning. That's why you have people in the old days staying in temple or become a hermit. They're constantly learning and thinking and practicing until the day they die. :p