Aftershock gaming pc GTX 1060 3GB Dirt Rally Gameplay

Hey guys,

Check out my Dirt Rally gameplay on my Aftershock custom build gaming rig. I'm using GTX 1060 3GB NVIDIA graphic card. Had this baby, for awhile now, and I'm really happy with it. Frankly, this is the first time I've ever had a gaming PC.

I'm mostly interested in gaming laptop. Yeah, I've thought of building my own, but I guess, I'm too lazy. Like I've said, I'm mostly interested in gaming laptop. The smaller they are, the cooler it is. I wanted to get the m11x when it came out. But, it took a while to reach my country.

I couldn't get the m11x. By the time, I'm not sure why, Alienware didn't want to produce it anymore. So, I got myself the next best thing, an m14x. Check out my Alienware m14x unboxing here and some of the games I've played on it on my channel.

Anyway, this post is also kinda review of Filmore Wondershare video editing software for pc windows 10 version. I had downloaded the free trial version the other day. I was looking for a good video editing software, something like Microsoft Movie editor or Apple iMovie.

Most of my youtube videos, I've used my iPhone to record. That's why I prefer using Apple iMovie. It took me awhile to learn some of it's feature. But, it's free and it's already on my iPhone. Although, I wish it have more creative design.

I really like Microsoft and Apple totally Free movie editor and am already accustomed to using it. Although, both of the software used to hang up on me a lot. Maybe, because my pc was an old, low-end pc with basically only 2gb ram.

Now, the problem is you can't use Apple iMovie for pc and there's no more free version of Microsoft Movie editor. I'm not sure why that is. So, lately, I've been looking around and downloading some of the free movie editor and decided to download and try Filmora wondershare movie editor.

I was hoping it'll be easy to use like the old Microsoft video editor. It took me basically an hour to play around editing the Dirt Rally gameplay video. It keeps popping up asking me to purchase it. Beside that, I was beginning to get used to selecting the title, text editing and ending etc.

The user interface are unlike the Microsoft video editor. But, more like Apple iMovie. Using, timeline for cropping and checking out playing the video at the same time. I like that it offer lots of creative Title and ending design. You can choose video transitioning, elements and free music. Lots of it!

I'm using the trial version, so I'm not sure if there's more to it if you purchase the full version. You can easily click the purchase link inside the software. In all, for basic user like me, I really like it. I need to play more with it but I'll have to purchase it if I want to get rid of the watermark.

I'm kind of turn off by the watermark on my first trial video uploaded on my channel. At least, put the water mark at the bottom of my video. For goodness sake. If people really like your software, they'll buy it. With or without that watermark.

In spite of that, I might buy it as the price is 'affordable' to me and doesn't cost more than a $100. The important thing is I'm comfortable using the video editing software. I'm just a basic and casual video uploader on youtube. This software should do me just fine.

If you're interested to check out Filmora Wondershare video editing software. Click here for the main site.

By the way, play the game with an Xbox controller!

Controller Gear Xbox Pro Charging Stand (Military Green)

Happy editing!

P.S. Hyperkin X91 Retro Controller (White)

Razer Blade Stealth

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