Keiser Report: ‘Oligarchic America’ (E1091)

Hey guys,

One of my fav youtube show is Keiser Report. And, in this episode, they're discussing about businesses like Amazon taking over other market. I understand, what people are worrying about monopolistic of certain markets and beyond. But, really, this isn't really surprising as every business owners want to be profitable right?

Of course, it would be kind of dangerous and some argue that it could stipple small businesses and creativity or whatever. We all seen science fiction movies of these happening. Corporation being more powerful and able to control our daily life and government. I don't think we can avoid that or try to avoid it. It's gonna happen.

The government agencies, i remember, someone said are just acting as a facilitator. As much as possible, they should stay away from controlling our way of life. And, big corporations that have money or reserves cash like Apple shouldn't be punish. I think they said, Apple have around $250 billions dollar in cash?

I'm betting you that, Apple might one day be able to build their own spaceship to the moon or mars or just travelling around the galaxy (pls quote me if that become true in the future). iRobot, anyone?

We already have Billionaires like elon musk, richard branson and others already planning for the next step to human travelling among the stars!

Government, don't have that much cash. They're not supposed to. Private companies are the one that supposed to have that much cash. With abundances of cash, they're able to pay for research and create better products or technology. To be able to push humans to their technology limit. If we actually have limits that is. The only limit is the wall we build surrounding ourselves.

People nowadays, are also worrying that old low-end jobs going to disappear. This aren't surprising at all as thinkers been predicting for decades. It's still haven't been happening in whole yet, but soon. Yeah, some jobs have already been automated. And, looks like Amazon is leading the way. Anyway, do you think the current and future generations going to be interested in doing that kind of dirty, low paid jobs?

That's why most of that jobs have been outsourced to third world countries or taken over by those workers coming from third world countries. Countries that (surprise-surprise) have government controlling their way of life. Their ways of thinking etc.

Almost 20 years ago, I learned from an internet marketing guru about the future of doing business on the internet and how to automate everything. To be as hands free as possible in setting up your online business. And, now 20 years later, those who automate are the one that are becoming more successful.

Don't get me wrong. People that are affected by automation have to re-train and learn new knowledge to be able to keep up. Future generations are the one benefiting from the automation and they have the capacity to learn and improve further. We are still not there yet. Our technology are still slow and as yet, we still haven't travel far beyond our little earth to colonize even the moon or mars. For the sake of humanity, we need to be able to travel beyond our galaxy to populate and expand.

That's my 2ct worth of thought. :)

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