Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Diablo III Necromancer first gameplay on Aftershock pc Gtx 1060

Hey guys,

Necromancer class are already playable today on Diablo III. I bought it at 3am in the morning and tried it out. What I can say, is it's truly gruesome and fun!

So far, I'm happy with the abilities accept that I wish the necromancer could fly!

I mean, since you're already given it kinda of wings. At least give an ability to fly up and maybe clasp it's wing with arrows coming out. Now, that would be awesome. Imagine, flying around in the field instead of just walking around. And, what's with the pet? It's basically doing nothing accept collecting coins. I may be wrong in that it will turn into a monster or something later on?

Granted, I've just played awhile and will be continuing playing it later. I'm looking forward to new adventures and new map. I think there's a new storyline somewhere? I must admit, I'm a little excited with the new necromancer class. It looks totally awesome after a long while of playing diablo III on and off.

Well then, get it if you haven't. Enjoy!

Happy gaming!

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