Saturday, June 17, 2017

PureGlas tempered glass screen protector for Nintendo switch Installation

Supp guys,

I decided to buy the Pureglas tempered glass screen protector for my nintendo switch. I haven't install any kind of screen protector before on my iphone or whatever. But, decided to give it a try. I mean, how hard can it be right? :p

Anyway, watch the video and learrrnnnnn...haha. Now, i feel my nintendo switch is well protected. All I have to do now is wait for new games. And, hoping that I'll be able to surf on chrome browser and youtube videos in the future. There's basically no app right now for the switch. Thats kinda strange.

I just realized that the Nintendo switch didn't have any camera on it. Unlike, mine new nintendo 3ds xl. Why? Guess, people doesn't use it much. I don't use it either. I think the Nintendo Switch can be much more. It should be able to play videos and music or movies.

It's a great product that you can dock it and watch on tv 1080p. Compare it to the xbox or playstation which you can bring around with you inside your backpack or messenger pack. Talking about backpack, I want the new Nintendo switch backpack specially design for the switch. I tried look around my local area but they don't sell it. It's only available on Amazon and other online shop.

Heck, I still can't access the eShop for my region. A great product that you can't fully utilize. great.

Anyway, hope you already watch the video by now.

Happy gaming!

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