Wednesday, June 21, 2017

I am setsuna unboxing and test gameplay

Hey guys,

I went to see a guy whose re-selling, "I am setsuna". He said, he already finished playing the whole game. Since, he's selling it cheaper then on the shelves. I make an appointment with him to meet at the train station.

I've made an re-unboxing video and quick test gameplay of the game. He sold me the japan version but since the nintendo switch is region free, when you play it, it's in english. I like this type of japan rpg. It's the old type of turn base combat style but also tactical and fun!

Like I've said before, my region aren't many game on sale here yet. And, they're pretty much expensive in the $80 region. I don't mind paying it for Monster Hunter XX or Xenoblade 2 as it's a console level game. But, still. If i can find anything cheaper online.

I understand why they're selling it so expensive but, it's like only the kids with rich parents can afford entertainment. The rest of us, have to work our butts off and even then, don't even have the time to enjoy it.

Anyway, I'm rambling off topics. Check out the vid and more at my Please subscribe if you haven't.

Oh, I've just started playing RIFT again after a long while. Since, like i forgot my old password. Such a hassle to play again. But, i manage to reset a new password and looks like I'm back where I was before. Which seems kinda cool. I'm only re-playing the Free version. You can download it via Steam. That's it for today!

Happy gaming!

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