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Well, I'm not into all this build-your-own-pc and tweak stuff. Too lazy, no money and it's freaking too time consuming. I'll rather surf and read stuff on the Net. But, to those of you nerds/nerdettes or techie out there, is a haven!

I first heard about the site via video podcast. I like the show. It's a tech show about techie stuff and games review etc. You can go download the podcast via iTunes to your ipod. Check it out!

Another great show that I love watching is video podcast. The show is hosted by John C. Dvorak with his partner in crime Sebastian Rupley. They usually have two guest which contributes to the show on general tech news, latest gadgets or whatever gets them cranky. Pretty, funny stuff. You can go to the website to download the latest shows or you can download it via iTunes of course!

That's it from me. Later!

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Why does break up hurts?

Okay. I just got to get this out of my chest. A month ago, a friend gave me a woman mobile contact number. Heh, you know the drill right?

I just got discharged from the hospital after four days being warded for a spine slip disc. And, I've got 45 days of MC. So, what's a guy to do right?

So, through the days, I chat up with the woman via sms. Yeah, same ol same ol. She was friendly, able to take my crude jokes etc. It's been some time since I last chat or talk with any woman intimately. My friend actually given me a couple of numbers before but all the woman seems disinterested. I don't know why. I guess, it's hard to find a woman to talk to nowadays eh? Or maybe, it's me?

So, when this woman named "Linda" actually bothered to even 'entertained' me, I was kind of happy. Everyday, every minute, every hours, I check my phone if she had send me a message. Even, my nephews noticed it. And, they joked to me about it. The only problem is I wanted to me…

iPhone 3G on sale tomorrow!

Yay! iPhone 3G will be on sale starting tomorrow on 11th July!

Okay, Singapore isn't among the lucky few countries that's got the opportunity to sell it en-mass. But, it'll be sooner rather then later. News, is that Singtel will be selling it in September. There's no exact date announced but you can actually, already pre-order it online via their site.

I'm still thinking if I want to do that. I'm also wondering should I get the 8Gb or the 16Gb version of the iPhone?

If you know Apple, I'm pretty sure they'll keep updating and improving the iPhone and rolling it out for sale almost every year!

So, since the 8Gb version is a little cheaper, you can buy it and if and when the new version comes out, you'll have no qualm to trade in for a new one. I guess, you can do that with a 16Gb iPhone too. But, the thing is that, I like to install a whole lot of stuff in it. I like to surf up and learn what I can do with the iPhone. I like to put in apps, games, music,…

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