iPhone 3G on sale tomorrow!

Yay! iPhone 3G will be on sale starting tomorrow on 11th July!

Okay, Singapore isn't among the lucky few countries that's got the opportunity to sell it en-mass. But, it'll be sooner rather then later. News, is that Singtel will be selling it in September. There's no exact date announced but you can actually, already pre-order it online via their site.

I'm still thinking if I want to do that. I'm also wondering should I get the 8Gb or the 16Gb version of the iPhone?

If you know Apple, I'm pretty sure they'll keep updating and improving the iPhone and rolling it out for sale almost every year!

So, since the 8Gb version is a little cheaper, you can buy it and if and when the new version comes out, you'll have no qualm to trade in for a new one. I guess, you can do that with a 16Gb iPhone too. But, the thing is that, I like to install a whole lot of stuff in it. I like to surf up and learn what I can do with the iPhone. I like to put in apps, games, music, videos, podcast etc. That's why I'm wondering if getting a 16Gb version is the best options. Although, if I have a lot of stuff in it, and I had paid for it, I don't think I'll want to just trade in the iPhone and lose all the stuff that I had collected. But, then again. If the next-gen iPhone offers better speed, space or whatever Apple planning to upgrade. Why not right?

The thing with all this tech gadget is that they don't really last long. Maybe, a couple of years. Just look at the Pcs and laptops that I've (you've) had through the years. It all died on me when I freaking least expected it to!

If I had saved up all those money, heck, I would have enough savings in my bank account right now to enjoy a two weeks vacation in Langkawi! LoL!

Well, I can't wait to get my grubby hands on it. I'll definitely blog about it here. Heh!

Anyway, these few days, I've been busy downloading stuff for my ipod. Yeah, the 'old' 5th gen video ipod. It's still working fine for me and I bring it to work everyday. Now, I've manage to install games into it and I'm freaking happy about it. The game is so much fun. Now, I can listen to my fav musics and also play games. Hurray!

Okay, the games isn't as flashy and hardcore like the FPS for my xbox. But, the puzzle games is interesting and quite addictive. You can play while on the bus, during lunch breaks or any free time you have. You can check out the games via iTunes or look it up via Yahoo! or Google.

I found a great website for your 5th Gen ipod here. Hey, thanks me later!

It got a whole lot of tutorials, tips and trick for your ipod. Check it out won't cha!

Right. By the way, I realized today that Singapore is already on the iTunes accepted list. But, all the apps, games etc. are only for iPhone and iTouch. Yeah, I know. I thought, I could buy music and games for my ipod but they left it out. I don't freakin no why. You might want to ask Steve Jobs about that.

Anyway, that's my updates for today. Good day and look out for news on the new 3G iPhone all over the world tomorrow! Woohooo!!

Peace out...

P.S. Steve Jobs, if you read this. Please sponsor me a Macbook and an iPhone. I can't freaking afford it! Also, I'll be an Apple fanboys for life! Haha! If not? Bahhhh ...hamburg!

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