Can Alien build a Spaceship?

As promised, the other day. I told you readers, if any, that I'm going to talk about aliens!

Ha ha. I know, what's with the question?

Well, I like reading about UFOs and stuff. I also like watching movies about aliens phenomena or whatever. One question that pop up in my mind watching all the movies is that how did or can they build such big/small spaceships in the first place?

Just look at the aliens in all those movies. Look at their physics. Look at their fingers. If any. They are very much different physically then us. Personally, I have problem holding tools and putting wires together with my hands. I can get cramped just holding the newspaper to read!

So, how in the world can these aliens build any freaking thing, you wonder. And, can they even type in a keyboard or something to create complex codes for their computerized system?

MIT for aliens anyone?

Here's a joke, do alien blog? Ha ha!

Okay, okay!

I know, if they exist, in a sense they would have to follow the universal laws. We all live in the same universe right? They would have also known or have to learn about mathematical calculations (calculation of moons circling their planet for example), about the universe, about gravity, about engineering and so on. Because, our universe is govern by laws that already exist or set. Personally, I believe GOD set those laws. If not, the universe would be in total chaos! But, that's another matter. So, in a sense everything works the same way anywhere out there in the universe right now.

If any aliens wants to conquer us, and come to our solar system, they have got to have the intelligent, the skill, the technology, the physicality to build freaking BIG spaceships and weapons of mass destruction. They would have to know about the law of the atoms, they would have to learn about oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and whatever gas there is out there. They might not have the same physical characteristics as us as the world they live in might be totally different. Certainly, their physical traits would have been something that allow them to become builders of houses and machines. How can they build spaceships without all these knowledge and abilities?

So, all this is very complicated. If you're wondering why there's no sign of alien that can be found until now, then maybe there aren't any or they're too far away or that they are not as intelligent as us. Maybe, they don't have the physical form to build anything much less a spaceship. They might be in a form of an animal. Maybe in the form of worms, fungus, bacteria or whatever is out there. I think the environment that surround them would have help in their creation or evolution into lifeforms. Into thinking beings?

But, in spite of that. I believe in this universe that we're living in, there's nothing impossible. We can't close our mind to the possibility of life out there beside earth. Who knows right?

Life always find a way to exist in any kind of environments (National Geographic.. he he). Maybe, there's a kind of animal that's floating around up there outside earth. Maybe, there's something living inside the Sun. Life exist in such unexpected places. Because, we can't close our mind to any kind of possibility. The problem or questions would ultimately come back to us. It will show why we are here. Why are we able to live and cope in this world. Why do we even exist?

Yeah, there's a master plan to all of this. What's that? Maybe, you should think about that for yourself eh?

You might enlightened yourself.

Good day!

P.S. Learn about interesting stuff on National Geographic, History, Animal Planets and Discovery Channels etc. It might broaden your horizon and open your eyes to a whole new world. Yeah, me like.

P.P.S. Alien out there, time to show yourself!

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