Opposition would ruin Singapore in 5 years?

Okay, I'm not really into politics. Even for a small country state like Singapore, which you can count the number of political parties with your fingers. Since, like I can remember, the only Party that ever has been in power is the P.A.P - People's Action Party. I haven't even vote once in my life!

I don't exactly know why. Well, maybe because, I used to work for the government. And, also, even after resigning from my post, I won't need to vote because, I think the P.A.P already won my constituency without even a wimp from the opposition candidates. Because, let's face it. If it ain't broke why fix it right?

The P.A.P and the now Mentor Minister Lee Kuan Yew,84 years of age, are what makes Singapore now. And, today's headline he stated that the Opposition party would ruin Singapore within 5 years. I tend to agree with him. Because as much as we want to criticize his comments, who would dare to disagree with him (okay maybe the opposition party)?

Just look at the Opposition party and their candidates. Judging by their looks and appearance, I just can't think they can do a better job then the P.A.P. Worse, after listening to the way and what they were talking about it seems all that they are interested about is bad-mouthing P.A.P. C'mon! I'm sure there's more other important stuff to talk about right?

The ordinary Singaporean, are not interested in which political party you are from. Our main interest? What's in it for us!

If you can show us that our children educations, our jobs, our very livelihood can be improve further then what the P.A.P have done all these years then, heck, game on!

What's funny is that some of this so-called Oppositions are going in and out of courts for spouting rubbish against the P.A.P where they should have been busying winning the people's heart. I mean, how can they prove their worth by wasting time in and out of courts?

They should be doing the grounds work. Meeting the people, talking to them. Listening to their problems and doing the best that they can do to help. Let's face it, the people are the one that would be voting for you. They need to know you, they need to meet you. They need to see what kind of people you are. You have to show them that you are the man or the woman to lead the people. If you're busy bad-mouthing other Oppositions what will the common people think of you?

They would say and think that you're an idiot and they'll just go about their daily lives. Let's face it, we're too busy working to put food on our table to care about what you're saying about the other party. Don't be an idiot and just go about laying the grounds work!

Also, I think the Oppositions party should change their image and also recruits good professionals and not just disgruntled candidates who in one way or another just happen to hate the P.A.P!

If you look at the P.A.P party. You'll know that this people are good professionals. They have 'nice' faces, good character and also good professionals. They are not the disgruntled type. Their motto is the people comes first. Unlike, some other politicians in other countries. Who are only interested in buying nice cars, nice house, nice jobs whereas the people suffers. What kind of politicians are these?

No wonder, since I can remember, people keep shouting the words "politician pigs!". There's even song written about these kind of politicians. Where all they care about is their own family and self. They keep all the money for themselves. Buy, expensive cars, jeweleries for their wife and children. What's worse is that even their children are not any better then their father. No wonder, people keep saying that rich people kids are so fuck up!

There's no freaking humility expected of them.

I remembered reading about a brave Islamic religious leader who 1000 years ago would always hold and stop the King's horse when passing through the market and shout to him to treat the people right. Take care of the people. Take care and feed the poor. Take care of the country. Do good. Help the orphans and the widows etc.

That's what it's all about. Now, I know if Saddam would have listen to this religious man teachings, I'm pretty sure he won't be hang like a dog!

Hey, I believe all the country leaders should listen to him.

Right, that's all I have to say for today. In this current world of selfishness, people should start to look into themselves and think what have they done for their own country. What have they done for the people. What have they done for each other. Instead of thinking about their own bloody self. It's time to help each other. It's time to do nice for each other. It's time for humility. It's time for moral value. It's time for change...

Have a nice day!

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