Four killed in Pakistan Mosque bombing

News Headlines: Four Killed in Pakistan Mosque Bombing.

So, here is the news again today. It's not really anything new right?

It's either they bomb the westerners, the so-called un-believers and now they even killed their own fellow Muslims. I don't care if you're a sunni or shiite or whatever. A fellow Muslim is like your own brother or sisters. If you can't or won't respect your own brother in Islam then what's there left for Islam?

But, that's how far Muslims have degraded themselves. Once, Muslims and Islam were regarded in high esteems. Now, the 'enemy' laugh at out own stupidity.

What prompted me to write this post is because today's news headline really hit it home to me. That now, even a mosque, a supposedly save haven for Muslims, are not safe anymore. What will the last prophet Muhammad -peace be upon him- say to all this?

Well, actually, he already knows. He already prophesied that in the future there will be billions of Muslims all over the world. Like the sand at the beach. But, we will be weaker then the first generations of Islam during the prophet time. You know, compared to the prophet time and now. There's more Muslims right now then 1000s years ago. But, what are we doing? We are destroying Islam with our own bare hands!

We are slowly hacking away at the strong base of Islam that the prophet have painstakingly build. The prophet and his small followers suffered for 13 years in Mecca before the people of Medina offered themselves to him. That's where Islam flourished for the next 10 years the prophet stayed. The hijrah or the journey from obscurity to greatness. The change that is needed. The change that forever changed the world!

Muslims of the prophet time, unlike now, doesn't kill each other. Are not separated by tribal or sectarians. Are not separated from the rich and poor. Young or old. Tall or short. Remember, Medina? The first Muslim state. How the prophet unite the people. He make them strong by uniting with marriage and brotherhood. The Muslims there fought for each other. That's how they grew. That's how they make Islam strong. That's how they achieve peace with each other. Islam is what ties the people. Of course, they had a good leader in the prophet. He's not just a simple man. He's the last prophet with guidance from ALLAH s.w.t, send through the angel Jibril a.s.

What happened when he died (job is done - remember that Muhammad s.a.w is just a man and every man dies. Only God lives forever)? All, those who hate Islam or hypocrites within Islam 'killed' it from the inside. And, sometime, the Muslims themselves are gullible in believing other un-sanctified doctrines and break from the original traditional Islam. They think, they're much clever then the prophet. What's work then surely work now right?

Who are we to think we're better then the last prophet? Messenger of God?

You know, Islam is not difficult. The fundamental is you believe in God, believe in Islam, believe in the last prophet, Muhammad (pbuh). Isn't that simple enough?

How do you know how strong Islam is?

Look at how the WORLD or countries tried to stop the woman of Islam from wearing the head scarf?

It's something simple. It's nice. It's beautiful. It's respect. It's to protect the woman. But, no. People, just hate it. Because, it's symbolized Islam. It's a symbol of how strong-willed the woman of Islam is. That they will protect it with their life. That's sacrifice for you. Will you ever sacrificed yourself for the purity symbol of a Muslim woman head scarf or purdah or whatever you want to called it?

They're not just protecting their rights to follow their religion and to wear the head scarf. But, they're protecting the dignity of Islam. The dignity of the woman of Islam. Just, let them wear the head scarf. Simple isn't it? What's the big deal? It's not a weapon, is it? How can a simple head scarf command such respect from the world? How can the world be afraid of a simple little scarf? Why do many people all over the world fight for a simple head scarf? That's Islam for you. Every minor thing can make a BIG difference.

You know, Islam is pure. Islam is simple. Islam is the savior of the universe. Don't dirtied it with your politics, wealth, guns or whatever you're fighting for. Fight, for your own soul. Worry, about how you can better your prayers. Worry about if God will ever accept your cry for forgiveness, for your sins. Big or small. Worry, about if you will ever get to smell the goodness of heaven.

Don't dirtied it with your blood money. Your fight for worthless land. God, will give you whatever you want in heaven. You want land? You want wealth? You want a big house? You want beautiful gardens? Beautiful woman? Then better yourself, better your heart and better your soul. Don't lose yourself in this mirage of a world. It's just a temporary abode. Soon, you will die. Everything dies. The universe will die. Then the journey to everlasting bliss will start. The end will be beautiful if you just open your eyes and see the truth. The facts. God, gave you eyes so that you can see. So, that you can judge for yourself. So, that you can better yourself. Better your soul. Don't fight for worthless worldly things. Don't fight for things worthless in this world because it won't last. Nobody, lives forever. Everybody, had their chances. So, take it. And, use it wisely.

The day, when the mosque is safe for every man and woman who wants to use it for prayers and protection. Which also includes for the un-believers seeking protection in it. Then, you will know the true religion is back. The beautiful Islam is back to where it once were. Right now, though? It ain't happening yet.

Close your eyes and sit in the corner of your room quietly and think about what I'm saying here.

Good day and may you find peace in which you seek.

P.S. For your info the mosque pic isn't the mosque bomb in Pakistan. It's one of the safest mosque you can find in Singapore or any other part of the world. I think, Singapore is one of those country where you can pray in peace and where politics and religion doesn't mix. Come to Singapore and see for yourself! It's a nice, green country!

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