iPhone usage statistics - iPhone 3G 2008

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Hey guys,

Yeah. Right now, I'm into iPhone next. Just like before, when I was interested with the cheap laptop by Asus Eee pc. Which, of course I still have it with me. It's a little darling of mine. It's light, it's simple and I can bring it to work everyday without worrying about the weight. Even the charger is small just like a mobile phone charger. Best of all is the price!

Aaaanywaaayyy. Now, I'm so crazy for the iPhone!

Yeah, I'm already crazy about it when it was first introduced to the world by Steve Jobs. But, as I (not really) and everyone else in this planet been praying for, the 3G iPhone is finally here!

Well, not here yet literally, but it's going to be sold in the U.S. and some other fortunate countries starting 11 July 2008. I'm just bumped that again, my own country Singapore wasn't on that chosen country list. The earliest it will be sold here is in September. And, even that it's not sold by my tel co carrier. Great, just great!

I'm tempted to buy it from Singtel though. Well, I won't change carrier but just that I don't mind opening an account with them. I'm that desperate for the iPhone!

I'm not even sure if ever, Starhub will sell the iPhone!?

There's no freaking news from them. I can tell you one thing for sure, Singtel, will acquire new and more customers just for selling the iPhone!

Starhub will have to do the catch-up. Stock will be down. Yup, I'm sure of that.

Enough said!!

Here's an interesting article I read on Cnet Asia that shows the iPhone usage statistics. Everyone keep saying that the iPhone aren't anything new and that the technical spec they have aren't really new technology. Well?

Read the iPhone usage statistics and you'll see that the iPhone have really proven and shown what it's capable of. Yes, okay, you still can't take video and mms like other "smartphone" out there. But, it's strength for me is in using it as an internet surfing device.

As, you will see from the iPhone usage stats, people are surfing more on the iPhone than on any other smartphones out there!

In my own experience in using my mobile phones, an old treo 650, to surf the internet, I can tell you it's not very pleasing. Even though, I haven't had a hands-on surfing with the iPhone, but I just know that it's significantly better!

The fact, that it has bigger and brighter screen is one of the advantage!

One other good news is that 1000s of developers are creating nice apps and games for the iPhone. Some of them for Free!

I like it when you can use free wifi access to blog, send emails and surf!

Pretty nifty thing to have in your pocket right?

That's why I like the iPhone so much. Furthermore, when I look at the cool game demo where you control a racing game by tilting the iPhone left and right, I just feel overawed!

One thing I'm pretty sure of is that, my 3 little nephews would surely fight each other just to play with it. Iphone.. fight ...nice ...

No, I'm not an Apple fan boys. Just, that I like it because of it's coolness. And, no, I'm not really a tech nerd either!

Well, you really have to have it in your hands to really enjoy the awesomeness of this product. So, until, I have it in my own hands, I'll reserve further judgment.

In the mean time? Click here to read more on this iPhone usage statistics. To know if your country is in the select few where the iPhone 3G will be sold then go to Apple.com/iphone

Have a nice Saturday!

Note: (Article updated on Tues, 19th Sept 2017)

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