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Happy happy happy happy joy joy!
Happy happy happy happy joy joy!
Happy happy happy happy joy joy!
Happy happy happy happy joy joy!
Happy happy happy happy joy joy!
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Happy happy happy happy joy joy!
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Happyyy joyyyyyyy happpyyyy joyyy!

Happy happy happy happy joy joy!
Happy happy happy happy joy joy!
Happy happy happy happy joy joy!
Happy happy happy happy joy joy!
Happy happy happy happy joy joy!
Happy happy happy happy joy joy!
Happy happy happy happy joy joy!
Happy happy happy happy joy joy!
Happy happy happy happy joy joy!

But please don't ever forget the unfortunate!

Help make earth a happy place and
a happy place will be waiting for you
in heaven!

Wishing all a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2007!!

Peace out for year 2006!

*sing* *sik* Should all acquitance be forgot ...
..... ...

Saddam Hussein hanged!

For eons wise man has urged the leader of a country to be just to his people. Help the poor. Build his country and make it prosperous. Don't be greedy of his wealth and power.

Saddam death by hanging is a stark reminder to every government in the world that's what will happen to you if you ignore the warning. I see the african nation and their so-called leaders and I see chaos, death, it's people suffering but it's leader live in lavish government building eating their bountiful while the children in their own doorstep die of hunger.

They forget if the people can't get justice on earth then after death GOD will give them justice.

Anyway, here's the link if you wish to read more about the Saddam hanging >>

Click here ..

Oh Yeah, Happyyyyy NNeeeeeewwww Yyyyeeeaaaarrrr!!

Merry Xmas & Happy Holiday

Wishing you a Merry Xmas and a Happy Holiday to all!

Oh yeah, come end of this week it's going to be a brand New Year 2007!

Wow, 2006 past just like a dream. Talking about dream, I haven't achieve mine this year. So, hoping for the best this coming year.

In the year 2007 I have two objectives. That is to promote my new Traffic Exchange: and 2nd is to make more money with it!

Well, I guess that's my resolution for the year ahead. What about you? Planning to do something new? Something interesting? Something meaningful?

We all have our plan but remember only GOD knows what happen next. So, don't take things for granted and take care always. Shit happens but when it does make sure you're ready for it. What most can we do? Just clean the shit up! Hehe!

Talking about shitty stuff, I think it's time for me to go.

Have a good day and good luck with whatever you people are doing!


3 days of rainning

Wow! It's been rainning since last sunday and I don't think it will stop, ever!

Well, maybe by January it'll be hot as hell again. But, just now while I was on a bus returning from work the reservoir overflows and it flooded the road. One of the bus, decided to go ahead to try go through the water but the engine stalled. So, we were stuck there for sometime. I didn't realize it at first as I was watching the show on the Tvmobile. My brother-in-law brought my attention to the flooded road ahead. The reservoir had overflowed and it flooded the junction. Well, I guess that's what happen when the rain won't stop!

I saw around 4 cars at the carpark almost submerged!

That's what you don't see around singapore happening alot and I've been living here all my life!

I guess the owner must be cursing he's/her tail off!

I hope your insurance will cover it guys. Haha!

Anyway, I'm finally home warm and dry. And soon, I'll be going to sleep. Not before I wat…

I'm suppose to be on a holiday right now

I'm suppose to be on a holiday right now. But, I'm not. So, instead I'm promoting my new traffic exchange at >> It's my new project online and hoping it will be a success through next year 2007!

Wow, didn't think I will live through 2006. Well, didn't think I will live through until now actually. Anyway, with the New Year comes a new wish and that my wish is peace will prevail although I highly doubt so. So, my wish for myself will be to make more money online! Hehe!

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My very own New Traffic Exchange!

It's almost 2:00 am here in singapore and I'm still barely awake. I decided to purchased a Traffic exchange scripts which the programmer installed for me and I thought it would take a couple of days before I could work on it. Designing and planning before I can promote it to the world!

But, before I could finish typing the introductions for my main site I received an email from the programmer that my website was already online and ready for me to work on.

Well, that was fast I thought to myself.

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Anyway, have a look at my new site at >>


James Kim Cnet Editor found deceased

At first I thought it was just another headline written on but then I realized it was real. James Kim a cnet editor who sometime I watch his vid for latest tech updates etc. are found dead after searches. I was hoping he will be found somewhere alive enjoying himself with his family and it was all for nothing but then he's dead body are found int he wilderness.

Well just shows when it's time to go it's really time to go. When all seems well it's not really is and things happen beyond our control. His family was found alive and well. I guess that's good. I can't help but feel a little sad though for this family trajedy.

Click here for more info..

:( : ( : ( : (

Is staying home safer?

Have you notice how un-safe it is nowadays to go out?

Whenever I check my yahoo email, I always read the latest news headlines first. The problem is I half expected bad things to be happening around the globe everyday. If I don't see any natural disaster or people being bomb and killed the day then my mind immediately thoughts something will crop out maybe later!

I don't think there's anymore good news in this world. Accident's happen everyday. Just today a 140 year old bridge collapse in india killing the coach bus passengers. I don't know about you but I won't be visiting India any day soon or any other countries for that matter. Okay maybe my neighbour country Malaysia this month. But as far as I'm concern I won't go out of my house unless I have to.

My argument is the lesser time you spend outside the minimal crap things will happen to you. The other day a person was killed when she was crossing the bloody road!

I know, shit happens but the world aren&…

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I'm a simpleton

Okay, everyday I tried to think of something to write on my blog for the day. Something of interest to me. But, I keep forgetting about it when I'm on my pc. I've thought of recording my thoughts on my Treo or maybe wrote a note so that I'll remember it when I'm at home. Too lazy!

Anyway, I think I'm a simple man. I like things to be simple. To be straightforward. I don't like going around a circle just to get things done. Whenever I look around I see people do things in a longwinded way. Sometime it works I guess. But, it irritates me. It also irritate me when things don't go my way. Also, I hate it when people ask me to do stupid things especially at work. Don't you just hate it? To me if it's not important then it's not important!

Why do people always make us do things that we don't want to do in life? Have you ever wonder about that? I have always like to do the things that I want to do and not what others want me to do. Most of the time, …

Bruce lee - The Greatest Martial Artist of All time

Don't get set into one form, adapt it and build your own, and let it grow, be like water." - Bruce Lee (1940-1973)

Bruce lee is way cool martial artist. Read this short article for more info if you don't know who the hell Bruce lee is!

Click here >>

Show me the real "Faith"

Nowadays, I see some muslims parade showing banner or terrorist threatening the "non-muslims" to join Islam. To me this just shows how ignorant and downgrading of Islam has been.

Islam use to be the real deal. Every muslim are proud to be a muslim and they prefer to stay out of the limelight and just concentrate on improving their life and better their faith. But, today Islam are all over the news and to add matter worse it's for the wrong reason.

Want to know what a real muslim is? A real muslim is a simple man who prefer to be alone with GOD always. It's like being in a desert alone far away from the hustle bustle of the pretensious world. The world is like a mirage on the desert that's a mirror of the reality. To others the desert may be empty but to the open eyes it's a blessing. A quiet blessing where life shows you the harshness to those who doesn't show respect to it.

Imagine a man alone praying to GOD. A man alone facing towards the Kaabah. Where the…

Pecinta Wanita

Where's the Music - MTV !??

Where's the bloody music!

That's what I want to know from MTV. All they show all day is crap that's got nothing to do with music but all to do with crappy, brainless, selfish, moral-less teenage or whatever crap they tried to pass on as a show!

Everytime, I switch on to the MTV channels I don't see music videos which I thought MTV aka Music Television? Should be showing but crap, crap and more craps. Please I'm not interested about groupies 20 something who crap about others, have crap as a brain and worrying about crappy things. Just show me the music or maybe there just aren't any anymore!

Where's all the musician gone to?

If you ask me, I don't know the answer to that. When I look around they aint any music or real musician anymore. All you see nowadays is reality tv shows that's just a waste of your time. Doesn't really show anything but shows how crappy people are nowadays. See, I already know life crap and everywhere you hear and see crap. So … - Paypal User Only Safelist

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Chemistry Joke

I was surfing through sites when I saw a link to a chemistry jokes section. Click here if you're up for some chemist jokes or you can read a copy below..

- - - - - - - -

Chemists Joke

Who said chemistry is boring?

The following is an actual question given on a University of Washington chemistry mid-term:

Q: Is hell exothermic (gives off heat) ot endothermic (absorbs heat)? Support your answer with proof.

Most of the student wrote proofs of their beliefs using Boyle's Law (gas cools off when it expands and heats up when it is compressed) or some variant answers. One student, however, wrote the following:

First we need to know how the mass of hell is changing in time. So, we need to know how the rate that souls are moving into Hell and the rate they are leaving. I thinking that we can safely assume that once a soul gets to hell it will not leave. Therefore no souls are leaving. As for how many souls are entering Hell, let's look at the different religions that exist in the world t…

The Unnecessary Wars

There's 3 Un-necessary wars happening right now.

1) The War in Iraq
2) The War in Afghanistan
3) The War between Israel vs. Palestine

What do you think?

Tell me about it..

Palestinian women shot dead in Gaza mosque

"We are very cautious about the issue of harming anyone uninvolved," a senior Israeli military source said of the mosque shootings. "I think overall the operation is very successful. We will check to see if there was something wrong."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The statement above by a "senior Israel military source" really cracks me up. It just shows how the world reacts to the plight of the Palestinian. NOTHING!

Just look at Australia right now. Wow, when a cleric of Islam comment about a woman not wanting to veil themselves for her own good and they all go ballistics as if he's killed a woman. But, when Jack Straw (Former Foreign Secretary) comment about a muslim woman wearing veil which she has the right to do whatever she wish! ( Isn't that democracy? Freedom of Speech) Nobody said anything!

Just shows you how double standards the non-muslims are!

And he even says he doesn't regret it citing that it's for the good of the British pe…

7 days after Eid Fitri

Yes, it's 7 days after we finish fasting in the month of Ramadhan. A whole lot of things happen in the month of ramadhan. There's still war in Iraq, Afghanistan and another looming with North Korea. With the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, I'm surprised that it's still going on. I'm surprised that there are still terrorist bombing and killing in Iraq. I'm surprised that Iraq is on the verge of a civil war. And frankly we should thanks the U.S. and George Bush for what's happening right now.

He opened the pandora box.

Unless someone out there do close it, I'm pretty sure through year end 2006-2007 and beyond all this senseless bombing and killing won't stop. I think the U.S. and George Bush underestimate these so-called Islamic terrorist. The terrorist I'm talking about is not just a bunch of idiots or groupies trying to take on the might of the "Super Powers". Some of them even have degrees from U.S. universities!

Another factor is tha…

Eid Mubarak !!

Happy Eid Mubarak !! Happy Eid Mubarak!!

Selamat Hari Raya !! Selamat Hari Raya !! Selamat Hari Raya !!

Selamat Hari Raya 'aidil Fitry pada semua umat Islam, muslimin dan muslimat, mukminin dan mukminat!

Wahooo Hariii Raayaaaa arrr..

6 (worthless) excuses for not saving money

I'm an advocator of saving money. I always remind people whenever possible to save as much money as possible for a rainy day or for their own retirement. Hey, you can't work forever right? Sometime, I see old people toiling away when they should be resting at home, playing with their grandsons or daughters. Even going for a holiday etc. At our golden age we should be enjoying ourselves. We work hard almost everyday and it's time to taste the fruit of our labour. That's my plan anyway. I don't want to be still working when I'm old. I'll rather enjoy my golden age doing the things I love. You should too!

So, to me, savings means a lot. I also know people keep giving me excuses about how hard it is to save. When, it should be easy. All of us can save. Even if it's a small amount. When you add it all up or when the time come to retire, you'll have enough to enjoy it for the remainder of your life. Ok, you might not get to enjoy your money if you die youn…

The week in review

I have so many things to write today.

First off, I would like to say to Jack Straw go and take his comment on the right of a muslim women to veil herself and shuff it up his own ass. What right has he to comment on the culture of others when the women has the right to do whatever she wish to follow her own religion.

First, it was the French authorities and now it's the British. I don't know what their problem is. They are so afraid of a woman with a veil. That just shows you how powerful a muslim woman is. Everybody is running scared of Islam. They will do whatever it takes to try and bring down the religion. But, no matter what Islam will always prevail through the end. Because, it's the religion of truth and the only accepted by GOD!

Don't believe me?

Islam has exist even before Muhammad the last prophet was send to the human race. He completes the line of prophets that was send by GOD.

As always, there are those who believes and those who don't. And some? Would prefe…

It's a boring boring sunday..

Yep, I spend the whole day at home doing nothing. Well, almost nothing. I spend most of my time online doing some promoting and checking out some money making programs.

I was too lazy to go out. The stupid thing is that even there's nothing to watch on my cable Tv!

I did watch the F1 championship race in Japan. Hoping that Michael Schumacher will win the title in this race. He was doing well untill it happen. His engine blew up. Ferrari, what the hell happen!

After that, I just switch off the tv. There's no freaking anything interesting to watch! Why!!??

Even, the starmovies channel was showing all the boring, stupid, sappy movies you can think of. Where's all the horror, martial art or actions movies?

I hate all the niceties, stupid lame crying movies. It's only good for making me sleepy!

Well the good thing is that it's another 2 weeks and the fasting month of ramadhan will be over. Although, some people would like it if ramadhan will stay forever. It's the time wh…

Treo 750v arriving in Asia.. Finally!

Yes, Finally!

The new Treo 750v is coming to Asia. Actually, I kind of knew they would sell the Treo 750v to asia when I saw the version sold in Europe. As the other version of Treos are mainly for US which use EDVO etc. In asia we don't have that. So, they have to create a different kind to cater to our market.

I can't really type too much right now as I'm going out soon. Just wanted to update my blog for this week as you know we muslims are doing our fasting in this year Ramadan.

I keep telling people around me that Ramadan is a special month and you can feel the difference if you look around you. The weather a bit cooler and nice.

Ooops that's all I can type right now, I'm late!

To all muslims out there, be cool and enjoy your fast!

Salaam, peace out!

Picasa test pic post


1st Ramadan

Today, is the 1st of Ramadan. For my country anyway. For some part of the middle east and some others they started earlier. We follow our different timezone. Fasting is tough. Not being able to eat is not that really important but drinking is. But, hey I've been fasting since I can remember eon ago and the month of Ramadan is a bit special. You can feel it. You know it. If you're a muslim you'll know.

I'm quite puzzle though by what's happening or what's been done by muslim terrorist. It's the month of ramadan and still they show no respect or knowledge about Islam. They still plan and execute suicide bombs and killing fellow muslims. I'm wondering if they are really muslim. I'm wondering if they know what Islam is?

Ramadan. A holy month. A resting month for our body and soul. Our body are being rest. Our stomach been working hard digesting the food we eat. It's time they are given a rest. Our ears, mouth, hands and legs are being rested. Our hear…

Cnet Video - CNET reviews

I just love watching Cnet Video section. If you don't know yet, Cnet now have a whole new video section that you can watch just like watching tv. You can choose to watch any videos in their library anytime, anywhere. Everyday, I go to to read up on latest product updates etc. It's pretty cool.

Here's a whole ray of video reviews on the latest Palm Treo 750v, Motorola Krzr K1, Motorola Rizr, Nokia N93, Motorola Razr V3i ...

Click here to visit.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

On another note, I think its good that Iran and Iraq are embracing and working together on security, economic etc. It's about time they put the past behind and look forward to a better future. The people on both countries deserve better. They want jobs, security, better life, better infrastructure and so much more like other countries around the world.

I don't understand why people at the top can't get their act together instead of fighting each other for power fight for the b…

I'm online again!

Finally! I'm back online again after almost 2 weeks of harrowing, hair pulling trying to get on the internet again.

Last saturday, I went to Plaza Singapura shopping mall to go to Starhub shop and change my Cable analog set-top to a digital. At the same time I decided to also buy or upgrade my old modem. I was already eager to go straight home to set it all up so that I can try it all. But, it didn't work the first time round. I was fed up as I spend the whole sunday in my room tinkering with the set-top box and also with the modem as both of them doesn't seem to work.

My almost blistered my thumbs and fingers screwing and unscrewing the cable wondering why it didnt work. I spend the whole sunday and monday trying to figure out what the hell was wrong. Even call the technical support but it only makes me more confuse. I was ready to throw in the towel and ask them to send someone to check it up and set it up for me. Which I have to pay by the way. I had already burned $99.23…

I'm bored!!

I'm pretty bored with my life right now. It isn't going anywhere and I'm not really know where I'm going even. But right now, I'm watching Lukas singing Nirvana Lithium and hell music do make me happy. Does it so for you too?

I guess, the thing is I don't have something to aim for anymore like when I was younger. There's so much I wanted to do or wanted to be. Sometime, I just look at myself in the mirror and wonders the future. I know my past, but like the rest of us, I'm still blank what I'm going to do or heading in the future.

In any case, I'm watching the rest of the show SuperNova!


Finally, I'm back online!

I haven't been able to get online for almost a week and know it's not that I've been away on holiday or too busy with work but because of the same stupid problem I'm haven't with my cable modem. Add to that my stupid laptop went kaput on me till today. I'm using my desktop right now to type this post. So, I've been busy the whole day setting up and updating the files inside this desktop. There's a whole lot of links I need to go to and bookmark. Thought, I drop by a post in case any of you wondering why I haven't update my blog this week.

There had been a couple of time that I had wanted to post online. I was thinking of recording my thoughts on my Treo so that I can refer to it when I manage to get online but heh heh I was lazy. Maybe, if I can get around to it then I can always listen to it and post.

By the way, I've been watching the news about the fight ( I don't know if you could consider it a war) between Lebanon (Hezbollah) and Israel …

Chelsea Vs. Liverpool - Charity Shield

Stupid cable modem. Couldn't get online for 3 days!

I need to get a new modem. Anyway, tonight there will be a match between Liverpool and Chelsea. A prelude to the EPL (English Premier League) if you will. Both the team are only recently doing training and preparing for the EPL. But, Liverpool has started early because of the Champions League qualifier. Chelsea FC on the other hand has only just came back from the US for friendlies.

Reading the newspaper today, I think it would be a close game. Both Liverpool and Chelsea has added new players to their team but of course Chelsea with Abramovich money has gotten goood albeit expensive players like shevchenko and Ballack. Both the type of player that I really like!

Ballack plays midfield while Shevchenko as an out and out striker. If you're a footballing fan I'm pretty sure there's no introducing them. They are some of the best player in the world and only big money or big dreams will you get them to join your team!

I made it to 34 today..

Yes, finally I reach the age of 34 today. Technically, it should be at 5:30 pm but everyone been calling me at 12 midnight singing and wishing me a happy birthday. You might be wondering why I'm posting this when I should be celebrating my birthday eating out or whatever. Well, actually, I'm supposed to eat out but I guess I'm too lazy to even do that.

Yep, I'm a lazy dude. What can I say. Nothing really interest me anymore. There's no buzz for me to go out to the world. I'll rather stay in my 'cave' and enjoy the little quiet I have. Maybe, I'm getting old. Or maybe I don't have the zest for life anymore. I don't know. It's just that I see things in a different way. I'm just like a traveller of life. Where this earth is just a temporary haven for me. I'm waiting for better things ahead. Not in this life that's for sure. I don't know if you'll understand what I'm talking about. Like I say, I see things in a differe…

It's my birthday tomorrow

Yep, it's my birthday tomorrow but I don't know if I should be happy or sad. Why? Well, I don't exactly know why or what to think, say or do with the rest of my life. With all the thing that's going on right now. You wonder about what's the future going to be like. The thing is I don't really care about the rest of the fuck up world. Or maybe I do care but I'm just at the sideline looking. That's about it. The next coming years will be pretty interesting.

There's so much happening in the world right now with dangerous desease mutating, wars, children dying without knowing why or for what?

Yeah, the world is really fuck up right now but one thing for sure, don't blame others or GOD for that matter but ourselves. Yes, just look at ourselves in the mirror and tell me that you don't see a selfish human being that only care for their own survival. Forget about the rest mo(*&fu*8er).
That's the attitude for the rest of us. You know, I know, e…

Jenson Button win his first Grand Prix in Hungary

Just finish watching F1 Hungarian Grand Prix won by Jenson Button of all people!

The whole race the first place has been changing hands a couple of time. First it was Kimi Raikonen blazing through the pack with speed and determination. But, then it happened. His car gave him problem and he's out of the race again after leading the pack. Boy! He must be the cursed of all the drivers. He just can't finish the race!

I wonder if he's ever going to be an F1 champion!

Then it was Alonso turn. He took over the first place from Raikonen and showed his class to hold the first place almost 3/4 of the race but after a pit stop his car suddenly gave him problem with a suspect tyre nut coming off!

So, an angry Alonso had to give up the race and up step Jenson Button on his way to his first podium place ever in F1. Everyone was wondering if he could finish the race without any problem besetting the other drivers. Where was Michael Schumacher in all this? Well, the 7 time F1 champion saw hi…

20 things I can do with my Treo 600

First off, I know there's Treo 650, 700w, 700p and the upcoming Treos for the European market. But, right now I have a 600 and heck there's no latest news updates on upcoming Treo for the Asia regions. So, here's the 20 things I can do with it:

1. My first and foremost is that it's a smartphone that means I can use it to make and receive calls.. duh!

2. I love to listen to music so with my Treo I can listen to my mp3s anywhere and everywhere. Note: You need an SD card.

3. I also subscribe to for the latest tech news, politics, sports etc.

4. As I said its a smartphone that means there's calender, to-do list, schedules, alarm and all the works.

5. I can use it to surf the net.

6. I can use it to records memos or jot it down.

7. I can use it to read microsoft office files .doc, excels and edit it too.

8. I can hotsync it with my laptop for latest file updates.

9. I like playing games on my Treo whenever I feel bored or theres time to kill!

10. I can read Adobe .pd…

2 points that make me laugh on the crisis in Lebanon

1. Okay, the first point that makes me laugh is when "President Bush" wanted Hezbollah (branded terrorist when all they wanted was the Israelist to get lost from the Lebanese land?) to disarmed. Disarmed? What a joke, you think the Hezbollah want to disarmed and let Israel have their way? HelloOooo... the Israelist have tanks, trained soldiers, war plane etc standard military and Hezbollah are just a bunch of civilians (men) trained in guerilla fighting because they don't have conventional military hardwares. But, the good thing is that Hezbollah still hanging in there because their sprit or rather hatred is strong.

Let's see,.. how long has it been on the crisis between them and Palestine? How much longer will the war (joke) continue?

2. The 2nd point that makes me wanna laugh is that Israel says they will only stop the incursion and "obey" the cease fire when they completely destroyed Hezbollah which if you didn't know yet was formed because of the same…

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All hell would break loose.. will it?

Middle east crisis? What middle east crisis?

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If you're an online marketer then you know safelist is another safe way for you to blast your ads where you won't be accuse of spamming as everyone who sign-up for the safelist need to double opt in which is a standard nowadays. Here's two site you might want to take a look:…

North Korea: Collapse from within

I don't know what these people at the top want. Don't they want peace and prosperity? And I'm not just talking about North Korea but that includes country such as Myanmar who are under military rule. I don't know how they can sleep at night with their country under turmoil. Okay, maybe they are living a better life then the common people way down below them. That's maybe one of the reason why they never want to change!

I'm pretty sure they must have envied the other asian countries in their region who although not as developed as the westerners but where the people have the freedom to improve their own livelihood, study, travel and so much more.

Don't they want a better infrastructure, a well organized, beautiful and peaceful country?

A country that is in-tuned with the rest of the world?

I think they are coup up in their own lost world where being in power is the only thing that will ensure their survival and good living. There's so much the world can offe…

Behind a Crisis a push towards war

Well, I visited the site Mr Kelly urge me to visit on my comments and I read the article entitled above. Reading the article on the Washington Post, I couldn't have aggreed more.

Click here to read the article.

The Islamic radicals have always tried to push the American and Israel to go to 'war' with them. They did it and now american soldiers are fighting and dying in Iraq, Afghanistan which is what they want. But that is ofcourse not enough?

They want an all out war. They want a prolong war. They want an exhaustive war. The longer the war, the better. Hey, for these terrorist it's their way of life. They don't have anything other then get to go in combat fighting the "infidels", the "aggressor" etc. These fighters didn't joined the terrorist because they are forced to or it's because of their country call-up service. They did it because they believe an injustice have been done. They believe in a better life. They believe the world would b…

New Middle East war brewing

Right now, the Israel are bent on attacking ie: bombing Palestine, Lebanon (hizbollah) and Syria. Just to get back their kidnapped soldiers. And for that as always the civilian are considered as collateral. Do they care if children are killed? I don't think so. Their only care is their own people. The survival of Israel. The middle east and terrorist are hell bend on the annihilataion of Israel from the face of the earth.

It all started because Israel wanted a land of their own even though if it mean killing and stealing the land of the palestine. And Israel with the help of American being so bold and killing and stealing in broad daylight and noone seems to want to do anything about it. I wonder why? I bet you know why. I bet the idiots at the top of the power chained know what its all about.

For me there's more then meet the eye and someone out there knows the answer to these imposing questions. Will the middle east crisis ever end? One thing for sure, just look towards Israel…

3GP, Download 3GP Music Videos

Yesterday, I found this cool website while searching through Google or was it Yahoo?

Anyway, I didn't realize it at first that I had found a goldmine of the latest and hot music videos in 3gp format that I can watch on my Treo. I was already saying to myself wouldn't it be great if I can watch MTV on my Treo or mobile phone?

Heck, I actually search everywhere until yesterday. Boy, I didn't waste anytime in downloading the music videos that I like. I'm like a kid in a candy store!

I downloaded a couple of videos and tried it on my Treo and it works! Wayyy coool!

So now, instead of just listening to the latest music, I can now watch it!

Here's the site below at >>

Oh yeah, did I already told you it's totally Free?

I'm going back there to look for more .. hmm wonder if they have Fort Minor..


What kind of worker do you like?

Q: So, what kind of worker would you like in your organization?

A: The kind that WANT to work rather then the one that HAVE to work of course!

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

A worker who want to work for you will come to work early and earnestly.

A worker who have to work for you will come to work right on time and haphazardly.

It's a loss to an organization to lose a good worker that initially want to work for you but because he felt that his work is not appreciated he goes to find a new company that will. The new company will grow and be more successful while his old company will slowly rot to nothingness.

I have personally seen with my own eyes how a successful company went from earnings of $30 to $40,000 per month to only $3 -4000 per month. From 20 -30 workers to two workers!

And why is that? Because, the company never took care of the business and his workers. Let me itirate this. A company will only prosper if they have good worker that WANT to work for them. If they have workers that…

France Vs Portugal

See? I told you so!

Everybody was betting on Germany to win their match againts Italy but in the end it's Italy that finally won!

Now it's the match between France and Portugal. Which team do you think that will win? Well, for me I choose France but I know Portugal can win it. It all depends on the game tonight or rather morning Singapore time 03:00am.

So by tomorrow we'll all know which team will be in the final.

That's it for now. Olee ole ole ole olee!

Germany vs Italy, France vs Portugal

If you're into soccer and watching the World Cup, you'll know that by this Friday which two team made it to the final. Everyday is saying it's going to be Germany vs France. But I'm not so sure it's going to be them. Portugal and Italy could win their respective match. Who knows. As they always say the ball is round. You'll never predict what's going to happen in the next seconds!

I don't know if I'm going to watch the match up this two days. This world cup, I haven't watch much of it as most of the time I'm half-way to dream zone...

As you know in Asia the time is way off and it's normally 11pm or 3am in the morning. And the next day we still have to go to work!

Anyway, the team that I really supported: Brazil and England are already out of the running for the World cup so for me in a way the World cup is already over. But hey, I think the last 4 teams are good too. I'm rooting for Germany as they look promising in their own homeground…


I went to watch the movie Superman Return today and I think it's a great movie!

I didn't really want to watch it at first because I thought judging by the trailer that it's not good enough compared to the one acted by the late Christopher Reeve. I had always thought noone will be able to act the part beside him but surprisingly Brandon Routh look, act and filled the void left by him. And hell the movie doesn't suckz too!

I love the scripts, love the action, love the actors and actresses and just freaking loves every bit of Superman Returns. If you haven't seen it yet? You should, go now!

Here's the official site at >>

Loads of info and goodies for the fans world wide!

I think even Christopher Reeve will be smiling..

Atom or RSS feed me

Great, just great!

I spilled my guts writing a post and this stupid laptop hang up on me!

So, before it hang up again here's something I found out what I and other pda owner can do and that is read my blog on their pda!

Please select one of the following RSS feeds found at

Owning My own Life!
"Life is hard, don't make it harder" -fauzi


You can also add me via as they can add my site automatically too!

So, if you like reading my blog (for whatever reason) on your pda? Add me! Add me!

Have fun!

Here I am, re-typing this post as my laptop hang-up on me a moment ago. Stupid laptop. Okay, as I was saying earlier; I've been busy-ing myself downloading, installing and dabbling with my 2nd hand Treo 600 which I bought last month ( I think ). I didn't realize how much you can do with it. It's freaking great!

Although, I would love to get my hand on a Treo 700p or 700w whichever I can get my hand on first. If you already have any of palm products you might want to visit this site at >> for tons of downloads free or otherwise.

I already downloaded a whole lot and my Treo memory is getting smaller and smaller by the day. Now, I know why people keep complaining about Palm on providing a miniscule memory or 32mb. Now, I'm left with only 7mb!

Lucky for me, most of the software are small in size. If you choose wisely which or what kind of software you'll like to keep then it shouldn't be any problem. Oh, did I tell you that I …

Been busy.. and sleepy

Boy, have I been busy this couple of weeks.

So busy that I didn't even have the time to blog everyday. So, I decided to post something today. If you didn't know yet. It's world cup month this june till 9 july 2006. I haven't been able to watch most of the match as I can't seem to stay awake to watch the whole match!

Gone were the days when I could stay up all night to watch the "live" matches. Heck, I even ask my supervisor if I could take the night off ( working night shift during that week) to watch the World Cup final between France vs. Brazil which if you can still remember is won by the French. I was actually devastated as I thought the Brazilian with Ronaldo will walk all over the French team. And to my dismay a certain zinedine zidane scored the first goal with the header and the rest is history. I'll always remember that match!

Ronaldo was always my favourite player/striker and I suppose he still is to me. He's big, strong and skillful. All t…

Is Anti-christ among us?

If you didn't realized it yet, today's date is 6/06/06. In short, 666!

Is today the day that the anti-christ is borned? Or maybe, he's already among us?

You never know. Come to think of it, it's scary. Just look around you. With all the things that are happening around us maybe it is true. There's tsunami, earthquake, war, famine, wierd virus, desease. Whoa!

Of course, the naysayers would say it's just natural calamaty or whatever. Yep, that's the un-believer. Hey, what they believe is none of our concerns and I know would say the same thing about us. Only GOD knows and when the time come, they will know the truth.

Alright, enough of the doomsday hoopla.

Last saturday, I found a shop selling a second hand treo 600 for $230. I ask for the price to be lowered to $200 and they agreed. So, I took the chance to buy it. As, I had wanted to own one for so long (not the Treo 600 but the 650 ). I wanted to wait for the latest Treo 700p but it's taking too long to rea…

In order to do the right thing, they did the wrong thing

I was surfing through when I saw a post about the US marines going on a rampage killing innocents after they were bomb by the insurgents and one of them died. Funny, they were suppose to be there to help protect the Iraqi people whom they 'help' liberate from Sadam. And now they gone mad going into houses and shooting and killing un-armed civilians. Remind me of the Vietnam war?

What the hell would I know? War is never nice and it's either you kill or be killed. Sometime, you won't know an enemy till they pull a gun on you. I'm a supposedly train soldier but I know no matter how nothing will prepared me when I'm out there trying to protect my ass from being shot at. Also the difference with war from the past and now is that you know your enemy. This time round you don't. You have to constantly watch your back and hope you get through the day.

At the same time, you know who you are going to kill or rather see their faces before you cut them o…

Looking for a 3gp video editor

I'm watching Monaco F1 grand prix while at the same time looking for a 3gp video editor. I've got bitten by the video editing bug after playing with the SE W550i Video Dj. It's pretty cool. For now, I've manage to put text, background sound to add to the video already taken on the phone. So, the end show was cool to me at least.

Anyway, right now Alonso is at the top of the pile while Shumacher is way at the back. I don't know why as I only turn on to the "live" when they were just starting the race. Talking about good timing hehe. Monaco is pretty tight. Generally, I think, the most important part of the race is the qualification for places at the start of the race. If you start at the front, and nothing major happen like, tyre or engine problem then you're already halfway to winning the race. Of course, you need good technical driving skill, planning and strategy to win it.

Can you handle the speed?


Well, me off to keep looking for the 3gp ed…

Thank God I blogmark!

Yes, thank god I blogmark!

Here's why. Recently, my laptop went kaput on me. Then , I got a new laptop. The problem with this laptop is that it doesn't have infra-red build in. That mean, I can't bloody connect my phone with my laptop. So, today, after I finally bought myself a cheap bluetooth costing me around SGD$16 I went home eagerly to see if it works!

By the way, I bought it at Sim Lim Square. My favourite IT shopping centre!

And, after installing the software and rebooting a couple of time (it took me some time to get it work and connected) presto, it works like a charm!

Now, I can connect my sony ericsson and my laptop via bluetooth. I can send any file I want between it. So, what's that got to do with blogmarking?

You see, as I've told you before my last laptop had gone kaput on me and took all my files with it. My bookmarks, my software..freaking everything I had on it.

Since, now I can transfer any file between my laptop and my handphone again I decided to lo…

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