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If you're interested in learning coding, then check out the list of coding games below too. A great, fun way to learn for kids and adults alike!

You can also play these games on your iPhone or android phone. Just visit our site on your phone and choose to select the game section. Play, anytime and anywhere!

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  1. Classic Solitaire
  2. Tiki Solitaire
  3. Bubble Shooter HD
  4.     Free the ball 
  5. Classic Mahjong
  6. Wonderland: Chapter 11
  7. Jewel Blitz 2
  8. Hidden Object Hunt
  9. Uphill Racing 2
  10. Bike Racing 2
  11. Flappy Bird Multiplayer
  12. Pool Master Tournament

  13. Retry Again
  14. Fist of frenzy
  15. Basketball Hoops
  16. Mahjong Adventure
  17. Crazy Birds
  18. Monster Hunter
  19. Vanilla Pinball
  20. Scary Pinball
  21. River Raider
  22. Header Game
  23. Brick Breaker
  24. Dungeon Adventure
  25. Black Jack
  26. Brazil Cup
  27. Sudoku Blitz
  28. Valiant Knight
  29. Real Free Kick
  30. Block Buster
  31. 2020 Deluxe
  32. Candy Rain 4
  33. 4 Pix Word
  34. Cookie Crush 2
  35. Candy Rain 2 


FutureLearn Limited
Learn coding at your own phase and time with online class!

Are you interested in learning coding?

Play games and learn coding at the same time!

Check out these websites for more info: All links open in new window
  1. CodeMonkey teaches coding using CoffeeScript, a real programming language, to teach you to build your own games in HTML5. It’s aimed at kids, but it’s definitely fun for adults, too.
  2. CodinGame offers up games to learn more than 25 programming languages, including JavaScript, Ruby, and PHP. One of the great things about CodinGame is that you can play with friends or colleagues, and also enter international coding competitions.
  3. CSS Diner is a simple but fun way to learn CSS. There are 32 levels that will teach you the basics of how CSS selectors work. Each level gets progressively more complex, building on what you’ve learned in previous lessons.
  4. Flexbox Froggy. Learn how CSS flexbox works. It has a simple interface that teaches you the basics of how things align in flexbox while you help Froggy and his friends.
  5. Flexbox Defense is another great way to practice your flexbox skills. This time, you’ll move gun towers into position along a path to defeat oncoming waves of enemies, using the same kinds of commands as Flexbox Froggy.
  6. CodeCombat is aimed at teachers and students, but anyone can play. Learn Python, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, or the Lua game scripting language. On the beginner Dungeon level, you’ll move your Hero through the game using some basic commands according to the tutorial alongside the game.
  7. Ruby Warrior is the game for you if you want to learn Ruby. There are beginner and intermediate tracks to suit your skill level. The lessons start out easy and go from there. You’ll need to login with Facebook to save your progress.
  8. Untrusted is a meta-JavaScript adventure game that tests your JavaScript skills to solve problems. You use JavaScript to guide Dr. Eval through a machine continuum and alter his reality to move between levels. It’s a great game for practicing more complex JavaScript skills.
  9. Code Hunt teaches you coding in a unique way. To play, you identify code fragments, analyze them, modify code to match the fragments, and then capture the working code fragment. You can use it to learn Java or C#.
  10. Robocode. If you ever watched the show BattleBots, then Robocode is for you. You’ll learn programming skills by building virtual robot battle tanks in Java or .NET. Battles are then played out onscreen in real time.
  11. CheckIO and Empire of Code are both strategy games that can teach you JavaScript or Python. Empire of Code uses a space setting and you learn by defending your own base and attacking others, while CheckIO lets you improve your skills by using others’ solutions.
  12. Vim Adventures - Vim is a highly configurable text editor used by programmers. If you want to learn how to use Vim, the VIM Adventures is a great place to start! Use common VIM keyboard shortcuts to navigate your way through a Zelda-like adventure game.
  13. Cyber Dojo has practice exercises and challenges for dozens of coding languages including Ruby, JavaScript, PHP, Python, and more. Each exercise spells out a challenge to complete with an example showing what the end result should look like. It’s a great way to practice your code skills.
  14. Elevator Saga tests your JavaScript knowledge with challenges related to moving an elevator and transporting people in the most efficient manner possible. It starts out with a challenge to move 15 people in less than a minute, with challenges getting progressively harder from there.
  15. Code Wars helps you improve your skills by training in challenges with others. They offer a huge variety of languages, including JavaScript, Swift, PHP, Python, Ruby, and Haskell. You’ll have to prove your skills first with a basic test of your understanding of the language you want to practice.
  16. Flexbox Zombies Become a master of layout with flexbox. Internalize flexbox in a ridiculously unforgettable way so you can drop the cheat sheet crutch Create any layout you can imagine, without wasting time guessing or looking up syntax This is a Story Course. Each section unravels part of the plot, gives you mastery over a new flexbox concept, and presents zombie survival challenges that force you to solidify your new skills like your life depends on it.
Have fun!

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