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Good bye 2010, Welcome 2011!

Good bye 2010, welcome 2011!

Happy New Year 2011 and success to all!


And happy birthday to my mom, celebrating her birthday today!!


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iPhone Developer program - Create iPhone & iPad games app!

iPhone Developer Program - Cocoa Touch Programming!

Hi guys,

Read up this latest article on Forbes - Apple App Store Analysis: Here’s The Difference Between The iPad And The iPhone. Click here for the main article.

Once, you finish reading it, right at the bottom of the page will be links to related post on Apple's products the iPhone, iTouch, iPad etc.

If you've read the article you will see how popular the iPhone and iPad are right now. And, I haven't even mention the iTouch or mac desktops and laptops. If you're an investors then buy Apple stocks. No, I'm not a financial advisor. I'm just looking at Apples products and their loyal customer base as a whole right now and it's certainly looking rosy. Apple is cooking something right now and every year they are updating and producing new products line. Bumpy, harvest ahead in the New Year!

That's why, I'm also encouraging you guys to visit Matt's website if you're interested in publishing you…

I dream, I went to the moon. A motivational dream?

Hey guys,

I just had the weirdest dream, ever!

I dreamt with my own ship I fly off to the moon!

Together, with an old friend of mine, I pilot the ship up to the sky. Well, I was a little afraid, so I didn't manage to get past through our atmosphere at first. I tried a second time. I thought, I've failed again but finally, the clouds began to thin and I was off to the moon!

When, we finally reach and landed on the moon, another weird thing that I noticed is that the moon is already populated by a bunch of human caretakers. I also noticed that they are all Singaporeans!!

On the moon, we didn't have to worry about breathing as the atmosphere are like earth. With, all the trees and houses. Oh yeah, and a few weird ornaments.

Kind to think of it, I feel like a tourist there. We even had a kind of a craft that we control using booster rocket to move front and backwards.

After awhile of looking around, I finally wake up from my dreamzz..

Weird, huh!??

Up till now, I'm still w…

Italian fashion brands, diamond jewelers and discount fragrance online!

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Hi ladies..and gents..

So, the new years is almost upon us. 2011. Gonna, be an interesting year. I think, I've said the same thing for last year. LoL. Well, every year is going to be interesting right?

For me personally, it's going to be an freaking awesome year because games like Crysis 2, Gears of War 3, F.3.A.R 3 etc. is gonna come out. Going to be totally epic!

I'm a big FPS fans so, I'm totally hype out.

Another, thing is people been hyping up about 2012. A year, which supposedly, could be the year of doom ..ooOOooo ...scary. Tell, you what. In my religion, we are told, no man can predict the end of the world. It's already predicated. The world will end when it's gonna end. Just, live your life!


Multi Millionaires without High School Diplomas?

Multi-Millionaires without High School Diplomas?

Hi guys,

The other day I posted about an article on Forbes about millionaires who some didn't even finish high school. But, I didn't know the link to that interesting article. I saw the article again in my email today, so thought I include the link here today. Click here to read the full article.

In short, it's really up to you and what you willing to do to reach that pinnacle of your dreams.

Of course, these people are in a way special and it takes somebody to reach into the multi-millionaire or even billionaire status. One, thing for sure, these guys love what they do and they make money out of it. They didn't have rich parents or degrees but they make up for it with determination and hard work. Being, at the right place at the right time is of course a plus.

If opportunity comes knock in then you had better answer it!

Anyway, if you're interested to read up on present day successful entrepreneur stories and maybe …

The Millionaire club Accelerator Program - FREE DVD!

The Millionaire club Accelerator Program - This gives access to more than 30 secret success programs and exercises that Millionaires have used to create their Millions. FREE YES Movie DVD and 7 day trial to The Millionaire Accelerator Program.

Hi guys..

I know, I have posted about this program before but I think it's important for me to let you know that the offer for a FREE DVD are still available.

This program are for those serious enough to want to learn the ways to start their own business or maybe you already have a business and want some help or insight to improve it further. Maybe, improve its operation capability, marketing and promoting, ways in expanding your business world wide etc.

There's so much you can learn from networking with others that are already successful or on the way to earn their first millions.

If you think you have an idea to start your own business and not sure how to get it started from the grounds up then, why not ask from those millionaire guy…

Becoming a Millionaire - Are You Repelling Your Prosperity?

Randy Gage - Are You Repelling Your Prosperity?

Click video to visit Randy main Prosperity TV YouTube Chanel to watch more videos and subscribe!

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Get paid to answer surveys, opinion outpost?

Get paid to answer surveys, opinion outpost?

Hello guys or moms?

Just a quick post..

Been surfing around and found this cool site that let you get paid to answer surveys.

All you need to do is fill up the form for more info. If you're interested then you might be interested to take a look. You could do it part time or full time. All, in the comfort of your home. Work at home mom (or dad?) type kinda job. Get paid for completing survey!

It's worth to take a look.

Jessica House
Founder - Paid Surveys Group

Click here for more info..

Good luck!

My Beta Game Tester, Video Game Tester update..

My beta game tester, video game tester update..

Supp guys..

Just a bit of updates from me on my beta game tester experience in the last few days. Well, actually, it's 4 days, starting from Friday night through Monday, my timezone.

If you have been following on my twitter updates then you'll know what I've been doing all through the weekends. If not, then I'll tell you ..haha. I've been playing an mmorpg beta game!

I've been chosen to test out their game and it's been freaking awesome!

I downloaded their beta game last week, one day before we were able to get connected to their server and test out their game. I can't immediately play it after installing on my computer. Also, as my timezone is different from them I had to guess what the actual date and time was. My timezone is a day earlier then them!

I was a bit impatient to start playing their game but the waiting was definitely worth it!

Once, I got connected, I was able to choose and create my charac…

Like my new blog design? Gd bye 2010, welcome 2011!


So, how ya like my new blog design?

I didn't actually want to change it at first. But, I was thinking about it. I was just taking a look at the new templates, that blogger might have. Specifically, at something to do with gaming. I realized, that most of the time, I'm talking about new games that I just bought or am excited about. So, when I saw this design, it pretty much comes close with what I have in mind. They don't really have templates for gaming. So, I start tinkering with it. With, the blog title, descriptions, color, links etc.

After, awhile, I finally decide with this new look. What do ya think? Huh? Huh? LoL!

I still like my old mountain view template. I like the view of nature. It's pretty refreshing. But, I guess, it's time for a change. It's almost 2011 anyway. In 2 weeks time!

2010, been kinda good for me. Bought, a lot of new games, renovate a bit of my old house. Interact, with new people via facebook, tagged and now twitter. All, th…

Singapores answer to Mark Zuckerberg!

Hi guys,

The other day, I posted about a site that offers an iphone app development tutorial online. If you're interested just click here for more info on that.

I also said about some kid that create a game for the iPhone. Well, I didn't remember who that kid was but interestingly, yesterday, they posted a story about him on a yahoo post blog. You can read about it here.

You, can join up with the discussion there if you're interested.

They, also talk about some other kids that kind of programmer prodigy or something.

Programming apps or games for the iPhone are all the rage now. If a kid can create a simple doodle game and be popular and successful then why not you?

Of course, the kid has his father to thanks for as he's a programmer too. So, I guess, he has good genes! LoL!

Anyway, to develop iPhone apps, you do need some programming knowledge and if you're interested on taking up a iphone developer training course online, learning iphone sdk development at your …

Yes! Finally, I get to become a Beta Gaming Testers!

Learn How To Become A Beta Gaming Testers!

Finally, a piece of good news.

I'm approved to become a game tester!

Well, this few days I was feeling kinda bored. I was hoping some kind of good news or rather some interesting things to do.

Okay, I could go out and go to the beach or something. I've been thinking of that. But, I'm kind of a lazy 'homy' person. And, been sometime, since I've been to the beach. Ha!

Anyway, finally. I got an email from a game publisher that I was chosen to beta test their game. A few  weeks before, I've already given up hope and forgotten about it. Heck, nothing seems to be going for me. So, I was browsing through my emails and reading one of it. I was actually going to delete it!

Then, I realized that, my application had actually been approved and I was able to go to their site and download the beta game!

I almost jump out of joy!

Okay, okay. Maybe, it's not really a big deal to you but I love new stuff and games. And, to be a…

iPhone Development Online Course!

iPhone development online course. Learn about iphone sdk development, how to make iPhone and iPad software. You get videos, hands-on exercises, source code and more each week. Plus a private social network and Matt's eBook!

Hi guys,

I'm not a developer, programmer or anything like that. Although, I'm interested in anything tech, but, I guess, I'm not smart enough to become a software programmer. I wish, I was though. I love games and thought of learning creating my own games. But, it's not easy as it looks. You, can hire somebody to create the kind of games you want, that's if you're an investor with loads of money!

In any case, creating games or apps for the iPhone, iPad, iTouch is all the rage now. I've heard of kids creating games for the popular iPhone!

That's why I'm posting about it today.

A lot of Software Developers are leaving their cubes behind to sell their own apps!

If you're a software developer bored of working 9-5 and you thin…

Leopard Kittens vid by National Geographic!

Leopard Kittens Vid by National Geographic!

Thought, I'll share this cute leopard kittens vid!

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It's his way of saying an early 'happy holidays' and to prepare you for your new years resolution with stealth!

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Note to self: Instant noodles cup + 2 types of ice-creams in 1 cup + cheese fries with mustard and melted cheese= diarrhea!

Hello guys,

So yesterday, I ate a slice of bread with peanut butter toppings and a glass of hot coffee. That was my brunch!

Didn't ate anything after that 'till before dinner. That's, when I saw the instant cup of noodles on the table and thought, maybe, I eat that. Then, I had the cravings for some ice-creams. So, I ate two scoops of different kind of ice-creams in a cup. I also, ate two slice of bread with different ice-creams toppings for each of them. LoL!

Well, I thought I was done eating but my sis bought me the cheese fries with mustard, melted cheese on and I ate that gleefully too.

After, awhile, my…

How to Get 1 Million Free Website Visitors in 60 Days.

X-Factor Traffic:Learn How to Get 1 Million Free Website Visitors in 60 Days by using our web traffic generator. Increase targeted website traffic to your sites. Get guaranteed website visitors!

It's 1:25am and I'm still wide awake.

Well, tomorrow is Sunday. Sooo... got nothing on tomorrow. I guess, I'll sleep later after I finish writing and posting this blog.

You know, since the birth of the Internet, its been growing and I'm pretty sure it's gonna keep growing. In spite of the technological advance of servers, hardware, software and what have you, I still think there's still much to be explored.

Okay, I've written before that I like watching History Chanel and one of the shows is about human and tech. I, can't remember the exact name of the show but I'll update it later, once I remember it. No, it's not "Food Tech". LoL!

Oh, okay. It's "Modern Marvel". I look it up at

I love that freaking Chanel!

It have a lot of …

GameCopyWizard: Backup xbox, nintendo, wii, gamecube, dreamcast, ps1, ps2, ps3!

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Yo, wasuppp guys,

So, I got the idea of making this video around 3am in the morning. I, was planning to sleep after watching the Mystery Quest show on History Chanel but half-way through, I was in la-la land. So, it end up the Tv watching me instead. LoL!

After, switching off the Tv, I went back to sleep again, only to later, waking up around 3am and couldn't sleep again. Bahh ..been having problem sleeping lately. My body clock is all over the place.

By the way, heard the news bout NASA finding 'alien' life yesterday?

Ya, right. I was hoping that they might had finally, actually did. But, nope. They had to brin…

What a load of BS from!

What a load of BS frm!So, I just receive email from them accusing me of tag spamming and only putting up blog to post links to other website.

HelloOOoo... that's what I freaking do, I blog about stuff I'm interested in and at the same time recommending those interested to check out websites. And, of course I need to put tag that are relevants to what I'm posting about and could help me let people find my blog on search engines. WTF!

It's really up to my visitors to choose if they want to read or click the link that I provided. It's a blog for phreak sake. I write and post what I want. Of course, as long as it's not racist or whatever then I'll admit but is there something wrong with promoting stuff and making money at the same time?

Aren't they making money off us too?

What's the big deal?

That's what happen when idiots run a bureacratic corporation.

With all the ads on some of the blog hosting website. People would have thought I'm the on…

How I could live off $100k for 20 years!

Saving Money through Power Shopping:How to Immediately Save 40-70% on Your Grocery Bill. Saving money with coupons. Get coupons for groceries! The ultimate guide to couponing and grocery savings.

So,'s 6am in the morning and I wanted to continue sleeping. But, heck, I sure need to pee. So, I drag my sleepy ass to the toilet and settled my business there and went back straight to bed after that.

I rest my head on my comfy pillow and lo and behold, my brain can't seem to fall asleep again. Stupid brain..

Suddenly, my brain felt like doing some calculating. Hmmm.. so, if my monthly budgets which include basics and personal utilities bills amount to $400 x 12 mth x 20 yrs = $96000. And, I still have $4000 to spare.

Then again, I realized that, I had make a mistake. Cause, I had rounded up $400 x 12 = $4800 to $5000. You see, I was thinking bout the extra $200 which I had calculated $200 x 12mth x 20 yrs = $48,000.

So, ermm.. the amount that I actually needed would have been $9…

How To Build Your Own Gaming Computer for $1000!

So, I'm kind of interested in building my own computer since the first time I realized that you can actually build one yourself, instead of buying from vendors. My friend even volunteered to do it for me but that was like almost 15 years ago!That was the time when windows 3.1 just came out with new Pc!

Recently, I've thought of upgrading my (actually my nephew pc) Dell core 2 duo computer. I need more space as my seemingly tiny 80gb is running out of space. Also, a better graphics card to run the latest games!

I've been researching online and that's where I came across this site that's selling a comprehensive eBook on how to build a high-performance gaming computer for under $1000 (I'm pretty sure it's US$1000).

Click here - To Learn How To Build A Gaming Computer For Under $1000 now!
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Automate Auto Traffic Monopoly - Web Traffic Generator

Automate Auto Traffic Monopoly - Web Traffic Generator

Supp peeps,

So, yesterday, I post about SEO products that could help you
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There are a lot of good SEO analysis software out there
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It's a latest updated version of his software.


SEO Elite: Web Traffic Generator!

SEO Elite: Web Traffic Generator!

Hi guys,

If you have a website or blogs then you know getting visitors is important.

First thing first, don't even think of buying targeted traffic. I did it before and didn't get my money worth. Instead, get a good seo software that can help you promote your site or blogs online.

Why bother setting it all up and getting nobody to visit it?

It'll be worse if you have a business online and definitely it's more important then ever. But, if you have a specific products or services then you know getting targeted website visitors is the more important.

That is why you need an SEO tools, search engine optimization software web traffic generator. It would help you to optimize your site for search engines like Google. This seo tool will help you create a website that are search engine friendly so that when people type in a certain keywords that are relevant to your site then it would show up.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops!


Got COD:Black Ops today!

Had a bit of gameplay and I really love it!

It's a pretty interesting game play. I'm not sure why some guys don't like it. I think it's awesome!

Some, complained about the graphics but I bought the PS3 version and it looks fine to me.

I know the last couple of COD were made by Infinity Wards but for me, I think, Treyarch did reasonably well too. Okay, maybe the style a bit different. But, it's still Call of Duty and I have played Medal of Honor and Battlefield Combat 2 and I love 'em all!

You can choose to play the single player campaign, multiplayer and even defense against the zombies!

For the zombies game mode you can play up to 4 people offline. It's a blast to play with your friends or family members.

I actually thought of buying the Special editions which include the control car and medal but thought against it ha ha. It was pretty tempting but heck it'll cost around SGD$240!

Here's some more pics below:

All, in a…

The 12 most annoying types of Facebookers

Embedded video from CNN Video

Someone, shared it on my Facebook. Kind, of interesting so I re-post the vids here. This could be you! LoL!

Facebook tablets?

I just thought of a Facebook tablet.

If there's rumor about a Facebook mobile phone, why not then a Facebook tablet?

Isn't that better?

With 500 million users. A Facebook tablet would not be a surprise?

As, we all know, there's a lot of tablet coming out right now. And, I've been asking, can all these tablet actually let me play Facebook flash games?

Personally, I haven't tried it out myself. But, I have bought netbooks and these mini computer can't even let me play simple flash games on Facebook. It's kind of silly if you only bought these kind of computer only to surf?

If, I just want to check up updates on Facebook, I can use my mobile phone. It's easier and faster. I don't carry my netbook everywhere I go. Okay, some of you netbook users are maybe students but really, most of us all do Facebook right?

Don't you guys play the games on Facebook, like me?

That's what bothers me. Tablets, are almost like a netbook. One, good thing about them…

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