Multi Millionaires without High School Diplomas?

Multi-Millionaires without High School Diplomas?

Hi guys,

The other day I posted about an article on Forbes about millionaires who some didn't even finish high school. But, I didn't know the link to that interesting article. I saw the article again in my email today, so thought I include the link here today. Click here to read the full article.

In short, it's really up to you and what you willing to do to reach that pinnacle of your dreams.

Of course, these people are in a way special and it takes somebody to reach into the multi-millionaire or even billionaire status. One, thing for sure, these guys love what they do and they make money out of it. They didn't have rich parents or degrees but they make up for it with determination and hard work. Being, at the right place at the right time is of course a plus.

If opportunity comes knock in then you had better answer it!

Anyway, if you're interested to read up on present day successful entrepreneur stories and maybe want to become one yourself, then check out this site.

You will have all the help and guidance to reach your own dream of becoming a millionaire.

Remember, you don't need high school diplomas, degrees or whatever to succeed in life. Okay, doesn't mean you should drop out of school right now. We still need professional doctors, programmers, scientist, teachers, lawyers (One of the way you can be millionaires with professional degrees by being the best of the best in your field) etc.

Different, people have different purpose in life. If you think, your purpose in life is being successful with your own business then check out the Millionaire Club. Did you know most people beside, from winning the lottery, become Millionaires from starting their own business.

You might also want to check out some of these Career opportunities:
  • Start your own indie company. Create iPod, iPhone, iTouch, iPad games, app and publish it on the iTunes store. Even a kid could program a popular simple doodle game. Learn all about iPhone Sdk Development, iPhone development program etc. iPhone developer tutorial online. Click here to check out Matt's site for more info!
  • Discover how a kid earned $600k with a stupid app he made for the iPhone! Click here for more info.
  • If you're into games and want to learn how to become a professional beta game tester then check out this guy website. Start from the grounds up. No holds barred info on the real world beta game testing. Click here to check out Tony's site!
  • Become a Certified Internet Marketing specialist and earn lucrative consulting fees to help your client start up their own business online. By the time you graduate, you'll already have your own professional website with visitors. Click here to check out this online course today!
  • Write your own book. Tell, your own successful story to the world or not so successful story. If you need motivation then read this guy book. From rag to riches story. Be inspired, and kiss your excuses goodbye. Click here to visit Rene site for more info!

You can also check out more on my eCareer section (at the top of this blog). I learned from Brian Tracy (his newsletter and books) that you can be successful by being the best of the best in your own field.

Where people go to you because you're the best in finding solutions to their problems aka problem solver. You can also used this knowledge to create product of your own.

Find a market that need a solution, find that solution and create a product specific to that solution. This way, you'll have a product with ready made customers all jumping to get your product (solution to their problem).

Guys, the world is your oyster. The list above are some of the ways you could take to at least earn a good living. For more great money making ideas then definitely check out the Millionaire club.

The Millionaire club is not only for budding entrepreneurs but if you already have a business and looking to expand it or on how to improve it and increase sales then why not do some brain storm or maybe JVs (joint venture) with other Millionaires?

Join the Millionaire club Today!

Well, that's all for today then.

Good day and to your success!

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