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It's 1:25am and I'm still wide awake.

Well, tomorrow is Sunday. Sooo... got nothing on tomorrow. I guess, I'll sleep later after I finish writing and posting this blog.

You know, since the birth of the Internet, its been growing and I'm pretty sure it's gonna keep growing. In spite of the technological advance of servers, hardware, software and what have you, I still think there's still much to be explored.

Okay, I've written before that I like watching History Chanel and one of the shows is about human and tech. I, can't remember the exact name of the show but I'll update it later, once I remember it. No, it's not "Food Tech". LoL!

Oh, okay. It's "Modern Marvel". I look it up at

I love that freaking Chanel!

It have a lot of shows that I like. Although, sometime I really wish they'll find aliens or monsters like Bigfoot. Don't you? Haha!

Anyway, one of the shows they're gonna talk about on Modern Marvels is about how tech have really advance and how all of us are really affected by it. It talks about social websites like Facebook and how somebody like Justin bieber became successful by using technology. Not, that Justin is a tech genius or anything but how it had help him and others who learn to take full advantage of technology.

I still remember the first time I ever laid eyes on a computer and type something on a keyboard, I think. I was still a kid then. It had a monitor with green text and have something like a game. Well, it seems like a game to me. I only had to answer "Yes" or "No" to a question. LoL!

A guy behind me was complaining how I was hogging on it too long. I can't really remember what kind of trade show it was. I think it got something to do with the military. Maybe, that's why they had computers back then. No matter. When, I got a chance to go again, the first thing I did was to look for that damn computer and hogging on it again. That's where my love for computers and tech start. It was as if, something that's meant to be. I never felt awkward playing with it. Tech, seems natural to me.

Right. Fast forward, to the future. Now, I'm typing away on this keyboard and in awhile I'll click "Publish Post". It, would be posted online and the whole world can read my thoughts in an instant. Who, would have thought of that 30 years ago? Definitely, not me!

It seems such a short years ago. Such, nostalgic times I had with technology.

How far can we go?

I think it's still 'clunky' and we need to improve on speed and especially improve on e-commerce. Definitely, people are getting used to buying things online. And, more people are setting up their business too. It used to be that internet commerce is all about scams and spam. Remember, the Internet bubble?

Well, there's still a problem there but the environment now is better then it used to be when I actually started realizing, that e-commerce is really something that's moving forward. I've sold and make money off some products and it does pay. Although, a lot of people are having problem with getting their website on and getting real quality traffics. It's still a problem today, but I think that's part of doing business online. It's the same with a brick-and-mortar company only the overhead cost is different etc. But, you still need to find customers. That's the one thing that any kind of business will need to do.

That's where Internet marketing comes in. And, also it's here that I'm going to recommend a new product that just been put up on sale. It's called X-Factor Traffic: How to Get 1 Million Free Website Visitors In 60 Days. Want guaranteed website visitors?

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Well, I think, I'm gonna stop now. It's already 2:35am. I need my beauty sleep. LoL!

I'm, not sure what time it's now somewhere in other parts of the world. But, thinking, how I could be connected to another world beyond my world is really kinda cool. Don't you think?

So, have a great weekend!

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