Monday, December 20, 2010

Like my new blog design? Gd bye 2010, welcome 2011!


So, how ya like my new blog design?

I didn't actually want to change it at first. But, I was thinking about it. I was just taking a look at the new templates, that blogger might have. Specifically, at something to do with gaming. I realized, that most of the time, I'm talking about new games that I just bought or am excited about. So, when I saw this design, it pretty much comes close with what I have in mind. They don't really have templates for gaming. So, I start tinkering with it. With, the blog title, descriptions, color, links etc.

After, awhile, I finally decide with this new look. What do ya think? Huh? Huh? LoL!

I still like my old mountain view template. I like the view of nature. It's pretty refreshing. But, I guess, it's time for a change. It's almost 2011 anyway. In 2 weeks time!

2010, been kinda good for me. Bought, a lot of new games, renovate a bit of my old house. Interact, with new people via facebook, tagged and now twitter. All, this stuff via the internet.

The internet basically is my life. I practically live online!

I'm almost online 24hrs every day!

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I guess, with the latest technology the world become a bit smaller..

There are still some countries out there still at war, under development, or whatever. Some, of this so-called 'elected' government are only interested in power, control and their own well-being. What, they don't realize is that, the life we living in is only temporary!

All, of us will DIE one day, so why try to hold on to power, land and money?

It's what you do with your life, how you live it, that's important. Why, would you steal, kill and it's all not going to last?

Life is what you make out to be. If you want peace and stability then do something about it.

Humanity, tend to destroy itself. They, would never change. There are leaders (idiots) like the people controlling Asian, African nations, North Korea, middle east, South America and even European countries.

It's just part and parcel of life we're living in. I don't expect it to change too much for maybe another 100 years. More, calamity, suffering, war etc.

What has change, so far?

Well, if you compare past history and now then you'll realize, there's none!

Until now, pigs still can't fly and don't expect it to happen any time soon!

Anyway, comment or tick below if you like my new blog design.

Maybe, I'll change a few bit and there later on.

Till then, have a safe journey, people!

Happy coming New Year 2011!!