Thursday, December 30, 2010

I dream, I went to the moon. A motivational dream?

Hey guys,

I just had the weirdest dream, ever!

I dreamt with my own ship I fly off to the moon!

Together, with an old friend of mine, I pilot the ship up to the sky. Well, I was a little afraid, so I didn't manage to get past through our atmosphere at first. I tried a second time. I thought, I've failed again but finally, the clouds began to thin and I was off to the moon!

When, we finally reach and landed on the moon, another weird thing that I noticed is that the moon is already populated by a bunch of human caretakers. I also noticed that they are all Singaporeans!!

On the moon, we didn't have to worry about breathing as the atmosphere are like earth. With, all the trees and houses. Oh yeah, and a few weird ornaments.

Kind to think of it, I feel like a tourist there. We even had a kind of a craft that we control using booster rocket to move front and backwards.

After awhile of looking around, I finally wake up from my dreamzz..

Weird, huh!??

Up till now, I'm still wondering, why the heck did I had that dream?

I've never thought or dream of going to the moon. But, yesterday, I did watch a show called Top Gear. A show about cars and on this particular show, the guys were given task to drive through the African salt desert to the country border.

On reaching their final destination, they get to see a beautiful red moon. At first, I thought it was the Sun but it's actually the moon that turns red because of the dusty African plane.

Furthermore, the friend that I went with was my old schoolmate, that I haven't met for some time. He came over my place maybe a couple of months back. But, I haven't seen him since.

A friend of mine told me that maybe because, I'm going to meet an old friend soon. Well, to me, I thought it's kind of a metaphor for me. Maybe, finally, I'm reaching my own dream too?

We all have dreams don't we?

What is your dream? Do you dream of being successful? Dream of getting that job or that post?

Sometime, in life we give up too easily. But, maybe, it's not meant to be?

When should we give up?

Should we give up?

Ahh is so un-predictable. Guess, if life is predictable then where's the fun right?

In any case, if you want to learn how to kiss your excuses good bye then check out Rene book. I think it's a good motivational book for us. We've all read of a rag to riches kinda book. Sometime, a little bit of push is all that we needed to succeed in life.

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Keep your dream alive!

Update: My friend just ask me to go to Yahoo news. It's an article about people thinking a spaceship could be on the way to earth in 2012. UFO, aliens? Told you, 2011-2012 gonna be interesting! LoL!

Freaking coincidence, that I had that weird dream?

Read the article here!

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