My Beta Game Tester, Video Game Tester update..

My beta game tester, video game tester update..

Supp guys..

Just a bit of updates from me on my beta game tester experience in the last few days. Well, actually, it's 4 days, starting from Friday night through Monday, my timezone.

If you have been following on my twitter updates then you'll know what I've been doing all through the weekends. If not, then I'll tell you ..haha. I've been playing an mmorpg beta game!

I've been chosen to test out their game and it's been freaking awesome!

I downloaded their beta game last week, one day before we were able to get connected to their server and test out their game. I can't immediately play it after installing on my computer. Also, as my timezone is different from them I had to guess what the actual date and time was. My timezone is a day earlier then them!

I was a bit impatient to start playing their game but the waiting was definitely worth it!

Once, I got connected, I was able to choose and create my character types, facials, hair, nose, skin colors etc. If you had play this kind of game before, it's pretty much the same. After, dabbling with all of that and also the video graphics setting, I click play!

At first, it doesn't seem much to me and my pc actually crashed even before I started to play!

So, I tried again and after the game automatically send the error report to their engineers, I manage to get in again and walk around a bit. I don't play rpg games much as I'm more interested in FPS, first person shooter games. I do play a bit of rpg but wasn't really into it. So, I had to learn as I play. I didn't bother to read their manual or instructions. LoL!

I'm the action, hands-on type of gamer. He he!

I just walk around, click some people and manage to get some quest to be done. The game was extremely buggy at first and the game freeze and crashed a lot of time. A couple of time I had to press the Ctrl+Alt+Delete keys!

It remind me of the time when I started learning to use a computer 10+ years ago. Where, constant re-starting and re-booting the system was the norm of the day. Nowadays, I seldom do that, but playing a beta game certainly bring back all that bad memory. LoL!

Past, all the buggy things and the game is visually beautiful!

I wish my graphic card was a bit better. I had to play the game in low rendering and the beautiful coastal sea and ponds became an ugly slug of grey. Yucks!

Nowadays, if you wish to play a game on a pc, you certainly need a better graphic card and core 2 duo is an absolute minimum!

In spite of that, I really like the visual of the game. The ladies on the game are definitely hot! Ha ha!

The fantasy world design is beautiful and once awhile I'll just stop playing and enjoy the scenery and ambient music playing in the background.

The quest are pretty easy to complete, once you actually know what to do, that is. I was stuck at some levels because, I didn't understand what I should actually do. Maybe, because, I don't play rpg much but heck, even with tips, I didn't know what to do. The funny thing is, I learn by also looking at other gamers play their part. LoL!

Inside, the game you can chat with other gamers and submit your feedback to the game engineers. You, can also ask for help from within the game.

I spend most of my time just trying to finish the quest and get to higher levels. I didn't finish all of the quest and only get to play half the levels available. Once, I finish the quest and levels, I could upgrade my weapons and armor etc. Even, get to ride a horse but as I didn't choose as a beastmaster I couldn't get a pet as a companion. Which, could actually help you in battle.

While doing one of the quest a lady character request to battle with me. It was pretty quick and over within seconds. I died pretty easily. Didn't understand why my armor was so weak though. She post on the chat "that was fast". And, I replied "it was my first fight". LoL!

The battle was fun and a bit exasperating sometime, cause I keep dying. It's all because, my armor wasn't good enough and along the way of battling with those goblins and monster I might have inadvertently delete my level weapons. I tried to buy a better weapons but the level was mostly at 3-4.

So, most of the time I just stayed away from the major battle attacks and wait for others to come before joining in. Nice trick to survive the battle!

I had problem finishing some of the individual quest though because of that. That's why I couldn't move on fast enough to finish the game. Also, some gamers request me to join their group to help in battle and I had to wait before able to do my own quest.

It actually become a bit obsessive for me to try and finish the game as the end days of the beta testing comes closer. As, I've told you before, I wasn't really into mmorpg but playing the game did become a bit addictive. No wonder, people keep talking about their favorite mmorpg. Famous, of them all was of course WOW by Blizzard. Well, Diablo 3 is coming out soon. I think, I've played Diablo and some others rpg in the 90s before, but I couldn't remember as it was a long time ago.

Some of the players do compare the beta game with WOW. I've tried WOW trial version but didn't really fancy it. I've also just bought Torchlight but after awhile I put it aside. I think, I'm going to play it again after finding how fun it is playing the beta rpg game.

I felt a bit tad sad to not being able to play the game again. I spend my last hours just walking about, talking to characters and do simple quest. Even, notice that I can actually make my character dance. The way he dance actually remind me of van damne in one of his movies KickBoxing!

I also, enjoyed the beautiful scenery and just enjoy looking closer ups of the babes in the game. LoL!

They didn't exactly disconnect us at the stated time but it came suddenly though. Thought, they would at least inform us on screen, that they are going to disconnect the server.

Overall, I had a great experience venturing through the fantasy worlds within the beta game. I hope to be able to play it again and definitely hope my character is still intact!

It's a nice adventure rpg game that I actually enjoyed playing.

Now, I hope to be able to find other beta game to play. Wish, there is a game tester job openings somewhere. I'm definitely interested!

In any case, if your interested in becoming a beta game tester or a video game tester then it's better you learn from a real professional. Check out this gamer site. He offers you lots more info and experience then me.

Well, that's all from me today.

Have a good day and happy gaming!

P.S. Don't forget to check out this pro gamer site if you're
interested to become a beta game tester, video game tester!

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