Friday, December 31, 2010

iPhone Developer program - Create iPhone & iPad games app!

iPhone Developer Program - Cocoa Touch Programming!

Hi guys,

Read up this latest article on Forbes - Apple App Store Analysis: Here’s The Difference Between The iPad And The iPhone. Click here for the main article.

Once, you finish reading it, right at the bottom of the page will be links to related post on Apple's products the iPhone, iTouch, iPad etc.

If you've read the article you will see how popular the iPhone and iPad are right now. And, I haven't even mention the iTouch or mac desktops and laptops. If you're an investors then buy Apple stocks. No, I'm not a financial advisor. I'm just looking at Apples products and their loyal customer base as a whole right now and it's certainly looking rosy. Apple is cooking something right now and every year they are updating and producing new products line. Bumpy, harvest ahead in the New Year!

That's why, I'm also encouraging you guys to visit Matt's website if you're interested in publishing your own games, app or learn cocoa touch programming etc. Matt's got his own indy company set-up and been publishing and teaching about iphone sdk development on seminars all over U.S.

Now, he has his own iPhone Developer program online tutorial course set-up for those interested to take up iPhone developer training.

You do need some level of programming and have to signup to Apples agreement package. But, other then that it's all up to you. It's an online tutorial course and everything set-up for you to learn everything about creating app and games. Your games could be on iPhone, iPad, iTouch and even on Mac desktop and laptops!

There are many popular games right now at the app store created by indy company and some programmer actually quit their day job after earning US$1000s on their single apps alone!

Heck, I've even 'donate' my face as a zombie on one of those earlier iPhone FPS games!

I think it's called zombie mangled or something. I've post about it before. Just, search for the article on my blog search. LoL!

Okay, I've saved you the trouble. I found it here. A little ugly though. Nice, for zombies!

For more info on Matt's iPhone developer program, visit his site.

Well, it's 31st Dec here and the time is 3:22 am. Soon, it'll be 2011. I certainly, hope for an eventful coming year. Maybe, it's gonna be the same. Whose, looking for a change?

Anyway, have a great day and a Happy New Year 2011!

Oh yeah, read my earlier post about UFO coming in 2012!

Also, check out Top paid and Free apps on the App Store right now!

Good day, or night!

P.S. Check out Matt's iPhone Developer Program, cocoa touch programming - Click here for more info!
P.P.S check out Top paid and Free apps on the App Store right now!

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