Saturday, December 18, 2010

Singapores answer to Mark Zuckerberg!

Hi guys,

The other day, I posted about a site that offers an iphone app development tutorial online. If you're interested just click here for more info on that.

I also said about some kid that create a game for the iPhone. Well, I didn't remember who that kid was but interestingly, yesterday, they posted a story about him on a yahoo post blog. You can read about it here.

You, can join up with the discussion there if you're interested.

They, also talk about some other kids that kind of programmer prodigy or something.

Programming apps or games for the iPhone are all the rage now. If a kid can create a simple doodle game and be popular and successful then why not you?

Of course, the kid has his father to thanks for as he's a programmer too. So, I guess, he has good genes! LoL!

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Oh yeah, update on me beta testing the game. It was freaking irritating with all the bugs. It keep crashing up even before I start playing!

But, after some bug reporting and dabbling with the settings, finally got to played it until 4am yesterday. Check out my twitter page for latest updates!

Doing, the quest is kinda pretty addicting. Haha!

I tried to log in to the server to play again but had some problem with the server. I'll try to play it again later. I've got only till Monday to beta test it. Bummer!

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Have a great weekends!

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