Friday, December 17, 2010

Yes! Finally, I get to become a Beta Gaming Testers!

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Finally, a piece of good news.

I'm approved to become a game tester!

Well, this few days I was feeling kinda bored. I was hoping some kind of good news or rather some interesting things to do.

Okay, I could go out and go to the beach or something. I've been thinking of that. But, I'm kind of a lazy 'homy' person. And, been sometime, since I've been to the beach. Ha!

Anyway, finally. I got an email from a game publisher that I was chosen to beta test their game. A few  weeks before, I've already given up hope and forgotten about it. Heck, nothing seems to be going for me. So, I was browsing through my emails and reading one of it. I was actually going to delete it!

Then, I realized that, my application had actually been approved and I was able to go to their site and download the beta game!

I almost jump out of joy!

Okay, okay. Maybe, it's not really a big deal to you but I love new stuff and games. And, to be able to test out a totally new game when everyone else is just waiting for it to come out is like..oh, I don't know..the feeling of being in a gaming heaven? LoL!

I'm actually, still downloading the game and will only be able to play it tomorrow. But, I can't wait!

I've always dream of  having a beta game tester jobs. It's not really about video game tester salary. But, it's about the games. Don't you like to play out new games every other day or month?

I've read about people getting paid to beta test games. I wish, I had a job like that. Don't, we all gamers do?

I'm not really sure if I'm cut out to be that though. I kind of have a short attention span. I got tired and bored of doing things pretty fast. I've bought countless games and I seldom finish it all!

Although, since, I've got myself an xbox 360 and a PS3, I've manage to finish some of the games. My favorite kind of games are first person shooter games or FPS for short. Games, like COD, F.E.A.R, GOW, Battlefield etc.

I like strategy and rpg games too. That's, the type of game I'm going to beta test, soon!

Oh yeah, next year 2011 is going to be a heck of a year for gamers!

A lot of new shooter games coming out!

I can't freaking wait!

I've been looking at a few sites lately on the subject matter and found this site. Seems, kind of interesting. It might be of interest to you, if you're looking for a game tester career. Don't we all, huh?

I've heard of people getting paid good money just to play and test out games. Who knows, you might get lucky!

If you like a job as a beta gaming testers, then check out the site. Click here!

I've got to go now. Till, then.. happy gaming!!

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