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Note to self: Instant noodles cup + 2 types of ice-creams in 1 cup + cheese fries with mustard and melted cheese= diarrhea!

Hello guys,

So yesterday, I ate a slice of bread with peanut butter toppings and a glass of hot coffee. That was my brunch!

Didn't ate anything after that 'till before dinner. That's, when I saw the instant cup of noodles on the table and thought, maybe, I eat that. Then, I had the cravings for some ice-creams. So, I ate two scoops of different kind of ice-creams in a cup. I also, ate two slice of bread with different ice-creams toppings for each of them. LoL!

Well, I thought I was done eating but my sis bought me the cheese fries with mustard, melted cheese on and I ate that gleefully too.

After, awhile, my stomach started to feel pain. I feel as if I'm starting to get diarrhea. Eating all of that food one after another. Maybe, it's the chilli sauce?

No matter. After, that I couldn't eat anything else. I was also afraid if I eat again, I would need to spend another half-an-hour or so in the toilet!

As usual, if I got any kind of stomach problem, I'll make myself tea. Any, kind of tea I can find in my house. That's the first thing I would think of. Even, if I'm outside or at work, I'll try to make or buy one instead.

My personal opinion is that, if ever I'm feeling un-well then I'll take action as soon as possible without waiting too long. Tell, you the truth, I haven't been to seen a doctor for minor illness for decades!

I do fall sick, but, even though I feel so weak, I still won't go to see a doctor. For, high fevers, headaches and normal flu, I'll just take my trusty old panadol!

No, it's not because, I don't trust the doctor but I'm just too lazy to go and see one. LoL!

I was, hospitalized, because of operation to my broken nose. And, I've had minor slip disc to my back-bone but even then, the doctor didn't see it warrant for me to have any kind of major operations.

Anyway, normally, I'll make a big cup of tea with two tea-bag but yesterday, I just used one and re-filled it with hot water a couple of time after finishing each cup. After, awhile, my stomach started to feel a bit better and I decided to have a late rice dinner with chilli sardines!

I know, I know. I shouldn't have but I did anyway. LoL!!

So, today, after I've had my daily coffee and ate mac cheese burgers with fries for brunch, I'll make more hot tea to totally heal it.

Personally, I totally believe in my tea remedy and the benefits of drinking tea. I'll always advice everyone to do the same thing. Of course, some of them doesn't believe the health benefits of drinking tea. They'll be like uh, okay. Duh!

That, actually happen to young people!

The health benefits of drinking tea, have been research for a long time now and the Chinese have been making chinese herbal tea for decades!

Nowadays, people are talking about health benefits of tea, ultimate tea diet, medicinal herbal teas, herbal tea remedies, herbal tea weight loss, herbal tea recipes, benefits of green tea extract and so much more!

There's a totally whole drinking tea culture out there. Which, is kind of good of course. If you're into learning into the health benefits of drinking tea then you might want to take a look at this two sites that I have found that offers more reading on it.

  1. Learn all about drinking tea health benefits - Click here for more info!
  2. Learn all about medicinal herbal teas - Click here for more info!

If you're interested about herbal tea weight loss, herbal tea recipes, chinese herbal tea, medicinal herbal teas, herbal tea remedies then the second link is most probably for you.

Well, I think, I've talk too much on tea drinking today. So, I'm off for now.

Take care and happy tea drinking, ya all!

P.S. Learn all about drinking tea health benefits - Click here for more info!
Learn all about medicinal herbal teas
- Click here for more info!

Warning: Please consult with your doctor before you do anything concerning your own health. The thing I do might be okay for me. But, it may not be the case for you. So, do your own due diligence!

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