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Yo, wasuppp guys,

So, I got the idea of making this video around 3am in the morning. I, was planning to sleep after watching the Mystery Quest show on History Chanel but half-way through, I was in la-la land. So, it end up the Tv watching me instead. LoL!

After, switching off the Tv, I went back to sleep again, only to later, waking up around 3am and couldn't sleep again. Bahh ..been having problem sleeping lately. My body clock is all over the place.

By the way, heard the news bout NASA finding 'alien' life yesterday?

Ya, right. I was hoping that they might had finally, actually did. But, nope. They had to bring us on before making the announcement that the 'alien' was some kind of new bacteria that lives off arsenic they found in California's mono lake. Great.

It, actually did kinda open up all new can of worms though. Maybe, life can find a way to survive in any kind of environment or worlds!

You can read the main article here. me thinking actually. Maybe, aliens did survived and now living among us but they kept to themselves. Just, like the bacteria that we didn't know about 'till now?

Just goes to show that God's knowledge is unlimited. That knowledge is unlimited. Don't think for once that we already know everything in this world. There's always something new to learn aye?

Okay, okay. I'm rambling again.

So, anyway, the video I've made is about Game Copy Wizard. A pretty useful software, mostly for gamers who wish to backup their video games while they keep the original for safekeeping.

Here's some of the list that the game copy wizard can do:
  • backup xbox games
  • backup ps2 games
  • backup ps1 games
  • backup playstation 3 games
  • backup playstation 2 games
  • burn xbox games
  • backup nintendo games
  • copy gamecube games
  • burn gamecube games
  • burn dreamcast games
  • burning dreamcast games
  • copy dreamcast games
  • burn wii games to dvd
It is ez backup my music premium too. You can backup your original movies, music cds and so much more!

Protect your original cd's and dvd!

Frankly, I've never actually thought of backing up my games before but thinking about it, is actually a good idea since we pay so much for our original. Unless, you're just renting or borrowing from friends etc.

Ermm.. but then again, actually, it's better that your friend lend you his copied cd instead of the original right? LoL!

In, the video I used a free music sample found on It's kinda cool. Check out the site.

Also, I made this simple video using Windows Live Movie Maker. A pretty nifty free movie maker by Microsoft. I've only used it twice. But, for newbie like me, it's kinda fun!

Right, so hope you like it. Thumbs up on youtube if you like it.

So, again, click here if you're interested in a video games backup software.

Good day!

P.S. GameCopyWizard: Backup xbox 360 games, nintendo games, wii games,gamecube games, dreamcast games, ps1 games ,ps2 games , ps3 games and so much more - click here!

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