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Can Alien build a Spaceship?

As promised, the other day. I told you readers, if any, that I'm going to talk about aliens!

Ha ha. I know, what's with the question?

Well, I like reading about UFOs and stuff. I also like watching movies about aliens phenomena or whatever. One question that pop up in my mind watching all the movies is that how did or can they build such big/small spaceships in the first place?

Just look at the aliens in all those movies. Look at their physics. Look at their fingers. If any. They are very much different physically then us. Personally, I have problem holding tools and putting wires together with my hands. I can get cramped just holding the newspaper to read!

So, how in the world can these aliens build any freaking thing, you wonder. And, can they even type in a keyboard or something to create complex codes for their computerized system?

MIT for aliens anyone?

Here's a joke, do alien blog? Ha ha!

Okay, okay!

I know, if they exist, in a sense they would have to follow the universal l…

Opposition would ruin Singapore in 5 years?

Okay, I'm not really into politics. Even for a small country state like Singapore, which you can count the number of political parties with your fingers. Since, like I can remember, the only Party that ever has been in power is the P.A.P - People's Action Party. I haven't even vote once in my life!

I don't exactly know why. Well, maybe because, I used to work for the government. And, also, even after resigning from my post, I won't need to vote because, I think the P.A.P already won my constituency without even a wimp from the opposition candidates. Because, let's face it. If it ain't broke why fix it right?

The P.A.P and the now Mentor Minister Lee Kuan Yew,84 years of age, are what makes Singapore now. And, today's headline he stated that the Opposition party would ruin Singapore within 5 years. I tend to agree with him. Because as much as we want to criticize his comments, who would dare to disagree with him (okay maybe the opposition party)?

Just look …

Derek Gehl - Promotion project

So, today. I was thinking of writing about aliens and stuff but, there's a promotion going on for you net-preneur out there. Check out this link and see for yourself. The offer is up for only another week, so don't wait. If you're thinking about starting your own online or internet business, trust me, you'll need all the tools and help that you can get. If not, you'll be wasting your time for years and years without any real profit.

If you're looking for a real 'guru' in making money online then, Derek Gehl, is the man.

Anyway, he's latest project offers a overwhelming set of DVDs, home-study course, tips and tools that would really help you in finding niche market, setting up of an online business site, payment service etc.

You'll have to check it out yourself if you're really interested in learning how to make money online. Of course, this isn't the only products he have to offer. You can click the links on this blog sidebar under "I…

Four killed in Pakistan Mosque bombing

News Headlines:Four Killed in Pakistan Mosque Bombing.

So, here is the news again today. It's not really anything new right?

It's either they bomb the westerners, the so-called un-believers and now they even killed their own fellow Muslims. I don't care if you're a sunni or shiite or whatever. A fellow Muslim is like your own brother or sisters. If you can't or won't respect your own brother in Islam then what's there left for Islam?

But, that's how far Muslims have degraded themselves. Once, Muslims and Islam were regarded in high esteems. Now, the 'enemy' laugh at out own stupidity.

What prompted me to write this post is because today's news headline really hit it home to me. That now, even a mosque, a supposedly save haven for Muslims, are not safe anymore. What will the last prophet Muhammad -peace be upon him- say to all this?

Well, actually, he already knows. He already prophesied that in the future there will be billions of Muslims all ove…

iPhone usage statistics - iPhone 3G 2008

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Hey guys,

Yeah. Right now, I'm into iPhone next. Just like before, when I was interested with the cheap laptop by Asus Eee pc. Which, of course I still have it with me. It's a little darling of mine. It's light, it's simple and I can bring it to work everyday without worrying about the weight. Even the charger is small just like a mobile phone charger. Best of all is the price!

Aaaanywaaayyy. Now, I'm so crazy for the iPhone!

Yeah, I'm already crazy about it when it was first introduced to the world by Steve Jobs. But, as I (not really) and everyone else in this planet been praying for, the 3G iPhone is finally here!

Well, not here yet literally, but it's going to be sold in the U.S. and some other fortunate countries starting 11 July 2008. I'm just bumped that again, my own country Singapore wasn't on that chosen country list. The earliest it will be sold here is in September. And, even that it's not sol…

Scolari - New Coach for Chelsea FC!

Scolari - New Coach for Chelsea FC!

Wow! Only, the billionaire Abramovich can bring someone as Scolari, current coach of Portugal to Chelsea FC. Time and again, Abramovich has done it. First, he brings in Maurenho and now Scolari. Well, the heat is certainly on. With Maurenho now coach of Inter Milan, it's going to be interesting to see them pit against each other in the Champions League. You know never know. Two highly good tactician in world football right now.

And of course, the EPL race will be pretty interesting against the big four. Chelsea came close last season in winning the EPL and Champions League. Maybe, with Scolari in charge, Chelsea can win back the EPL and Champions League. That will be nice. So, I can't wait for the EPL to start!

Right now, I think everyone is focus on the Euro 2008 Championship. Which by the way, has been fantastic so far. All the top teams like Portugal, Holland, Germany and Spain has shown what they're capable of. With quick passing and at…

3G iPhone finally here!!

Playing games on the iPhone?

So, yesterday, Steve Jobs finally announced the 3G iPhone. All the rumors were true. Now, it's more cooler and can do more stuff. Although, they still say you can't take videos or even mms. What gives? Isn't this the basic essentials that we all already expected on a 3G phone? I thought, you can at least video chat on the iPhone by now. But, who knows, that could be incorparated in 3rd or 4th generation of iPhones.

But still, if even if you offer me the 1st generation iPhone, I would like snap it up in an instant. Because, it's sooooOOoo cooool!

Ha ha. Anyway, here's a video of some games which you'll be able to play on the iPhone. It's way cool. You play by tapping or even tilt the iPhone left and right as if you're driving. Wii? Check it out, you can almost do the same on the iPhone and best of all you can play it anywhere!

Boy! Can't wait for it to reach Singapore. Though, it'll only be available via Singtel. What de …

Super-Fcking FAT singaporean kids

So, after talking about games all this while which you can't blame me since I got my Xbox 360. He he. What?

Anyway, I read this article on ChannelNewsAsia.comEntitled: Singaporean Youth - World class experts or super-brats.

I think, it's more super-brats then super-experts. I've been noticing it for quiet awhile in Singaporean kids nowadays. Some, simply have no moral obligation to each other. They eat too much, play games too much, watch tv too much and think they're kings and queens. Just look around you and you wonder what's to become of Singapore in the future.

I blame it on the parents mostly. Singaporean parents, most of the time have to work and they like to leave their kids to maid. And, I'm not really blaming the maid as the maid only do what they are told to do. To them, they have to work to earn their keeps and support the family back home. So, what will or can they teach Singapore kids? Love? Advice to study hard or whatever? That's the parents re…

Ninja Gaiden II - Gameplay vids!

Ninja Gaiden II - Gameplay Video!

So, check it out. I bought Ninja Gaiden II yesterday. And, it's pretty awesome!
Buy it if you haven't!

New (3G) iPhone is Already Here

Yeah, I saw the headline on today. Which credits it from

Apparently, something big is going to be unveiled by Steve Jobs June 9 at the Apples annual Worldwide Developers Conference. Okay, not really anything new. Rumors been going around for months about it. So, let just wait till that day eh?

I for one, can't wait for the 3G iPhone. Asia, especially Singapore would at least have to wait 'till September. Duh!

Why can't they just sell it at the same time?

Well, at least maybe, I can save up before they reach here. But, really. It's already the 2nd gen iPhone we're talking about here. Even, though the first one may sucks, at least, I'll be over it by now? Anyway, maybe it's time to get myself a new iPhone by then?

So, 3G iPhone, I'm waiting for you. Ha ha. Where art thou?

Apparently, only be sold in the U.S. market first!


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