Monday, June 09, 2008

Super-Fcking FAT singaporean kids

So, after talking about games all this while which you can't blame me since I got my Xbox 360. He he. What?

Anyway, I read this article on Entitled: Singaporean Youth - World class experts or super-brats.

I think, it's more super-brats then super-experts. I've been noticing it for quiet awhile in Singaporean kids nowadays. Some, simply have no moral obligation to each other. They eat too much, play games too much, watch tv too much and think they're kings and queens. Just look around you and you wonder what's to become of Singapore in the future.

I blame it on the parents mostly. Singaporean parents, most of the time have to work and they like to leave their kids to maid. And, I'm not really blaming the maid as the maid only do what they are told to do. To them, they have to work to earn their keeps and support the family back home. So, what will or can they teach Singapore kids? Love? Advice to study hard or whatever? That's the parents responsibility!

I can give you a lot of example about fcking pampered fat Singaporean kids. Okay, not all of them are fat. But, they have no humility, manners or discipline. They like to talk loudly, rowdy, play music loud on their mobile phone in bus. Don't bother to offer their sit to old people etc. etc.

I can tell you one thing. These kids have never been shout at, spank, canned or slap even once!

It's not because they're good kids. It's because parents nowadays don't really care. They're too tired or too busy with their work. What I think they really need is to spend their holidays in Thailand or any Asean countries and see for themselves how better off they are. Learn humility. Learn that the world isn't really perfect. Learn about how other kids in other part of the world struggled to survive.

When, I was in Thailand doing my NS (national service), there were kids who would come up to us, asking or beg for food. They didn't actually say anything to me. I don't think I would understand anyway. Of course they have pride. But, you know what they wanted. Well, of course, I gave them some army rations that I had. I wanted to give them all of the food that I have but my bud remind me to save some for myself. I didn't really care, as I pitied them more.

I have even seen families that sit together in a house that doesn't have doors, windows or even walls!

I don't think you can even call it a house!

And, I know they're not lazy or stupid or anything. They just needed help. I don't know what the government of Thailand are doing for these people.

That's how poor these people are. So, we have to be thankful with what we have. We always like to take things for granted and think that the world is a perfect place. That the world is beautiful. That everything is beautiful. The truth is that, it's all a lie!

It's all a mirage!

Don't be a fool. The world is full of injustice. Just look at what's happening in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and even in Asean countries like Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and even India and China.

I've been saying this again and again. The world is going bonkers. In spite of what you think, it has not been any better from decades ago. All I can say is, take care of your family, take care of your children and teach them humility, sincerity, discipline and education. They're the future and if you teach them right, the world might just be a little better. Think about it.

Good day!

P.S. Stop the injustice in the world!